Types Of Shorts (Both For Men And Women)


Types Of Shorts (Both For Men And Women)

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Let’s face it, global warming is real, and the heat waves going through the northern hemisphere of the planet have set the summer heat at a record high.

It’s time to toss out the long pants into the closet and bring out the shorts. Let those calves and thighs breathe a little and enjoy a little cool breeze as you conquer the hot world!

Here we are, to enlighten you with the different types of shorts for men and women, which you can choose from as you beat the summer heat.

Look your best as you carry these cool, casual, smart, and chic shorts. 

Chino shorts for men

Chino shorts are perfect for your summer needs. The fabric is skin-friendly and fit-friendly and is generally flattering for most body shapes. They are comfortable and breathable too. Based on your preferences, try them on and choose the size and fit that flatter you, yet lets you move freely. Available in a variety of colors and prints, tiny funky doodled print is widespread on the shorts, but it’s best to stick to the classic colors: beige, navy blue, gray, or black.

Denim shorts for men

Denim never goes out of fashion, not even in the summer. All we do is wear it in the summer-friendly form and make a style statement. For men, the rules for denim shorts would be the same as that for cotton shorts. Find your flattering size, length, fit, and color. Experiment with different patterns and washes if you want, and pair them up with linen or printed shirts. Wear beach shoes, slippers, or basic white sneakers to complete your look.

Cargo shorts for men

Arguably the most comfortable and versatile shorts to own, cargo shorts are great for traveling. With at least six pockets to carry your essentials in, it often comes with its own belt. With a decent knee length that suits most men, it is indeed a practical pair to own. Mostly available in natural colors like beige, khaki, shades of green, and grey, these are perfect for a casual evening too. Pair them with converse shoes and a solid t-shirt for a cool look.

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Safari shorts for men

Spending time with nature has not been easy since the pandemic, but with the approaching summer and the opening of borders, we can now hope to visit the untamed in their natural habitats. Safaris offer this exchange of cultures, and safari shorts are our go-to bottom wear. Durable, easy dry, free mobility, and lightweight, they are perfect companions for travels. Available in natural greens, greys, blues, browns, and beiges, they go with neutral shirts and t-shirts seamlessly. 

Printed shorts for men

Printed shorts are trending, and it’s not just women who are enjoying this trend. Floral print, camo print, stripes, checkers, polka dots, funky designs, or graphic prints have been seen on the shorts excessively in recent times. Not just limited to boxer shorts, this trend has been seen in swimming and cotton shorts too. So long as the print is not obscenely out there, you can experiment by pairing these shorts with plain tees or bare-chested on a beach. 

Pleated shorts for men

Some may call these the shorter versions of the formal trousers and may remind some of their school uniforms. But will you look old-fashioned wearing them? Absolutely not! You can make them trendy and stand out in them by just pairing them with more fashionable shirts. Ensure that the pants are not the too-high waist and that the pleats don’t run too long. These pleated shorts can be slotted as summer formals, and if worn right, they can be truly flattering.

Linen shorts for men

100% linen or linen blend shorts scream summer like no other pair. For a perfect beach vacation or even a beach wedding, you must pack at least one pair of these. Although white is the most popular color that we see these shorts in, the natural beige, ecru, or cream looks just as fab. With the most breathable fabric out there, these shorts will let you enjoy the cool summer breeze. Look beach-perfect by pairing your linen shorts with a printed Hawaiian shirt and a pair of stylish men’s espadrilles.

Athletic shorts for men

Shorts provide the maximum freedom of movement and comfort to the wearer that full trousers simply cannot offer. So, whether it is running, jogging, cycling, swimming, or playing tennis, badminton, basketball, or football, we prefer wearing shorts. Now, based on the sport, the material, length, and fitting of the athletic shorts change. However, they have one thing in common; they are made of easy dry material and are extremely breathable. With the adjustable elastic and a draw-string at the waist, they fit perfectly.

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Paperbag waist shorts for women

Although the length of shorts is not a point of concern for women, they should be at least just above the knee. Paperbag shorts are in trend, and all different variations of those are welcome. They are worn with a big bow tie at a high waist, and they flatter your booty well. Also, the shorter and printed variants can go merrily on a beach day, whereas the plain longer ones can be worn on a casual café date.

Athletic shorts for women

Like men, sports fashion for women has hit an all-time high. With many, many women spending time on their looks, well-being, and health, their interest in gym wear and athleisure has expanded immensely. Celebrities in their athletic shorts have been papped outside of the gym profusely, and they have made this ‘gym-look’ super popular. Thus, no matter if you’re working out, running, training, playing, practicing Pilates or yoga, or even chilling at home, athletic shorts are in, and they’re gonna stay. 

High waist denim shorts for women

Denim shorts represent today’s free woman and the celebration of her body. In any color, shape, wash, or type: ripped, flared, cut, ribcage, relaxed, or biker, they look extremely chic, casual, and cool. You could stick to the basic denim colors or experiment with pastel shades too. An out-and-out American classic, denim shorts pair well with all kinds of tops, t-shirts, shirts, and tanks. For a more upper-class appearance, don’t forget to wear a longish coat and ballerinas or a sexy white shirt.

Pleated Bermuda shorts for women

These shorts are so classy that they might even be allowed in a few offices, although we advise that you check your rulebook before you take it to the office. If they are a little tapered, they go very well with coats and a formal blouse. However, the wide-legged pleated shorts have a more casual feel. With a slight variation of having A-line instead of full pleats, they diversify from the traditional and vintage looks giving you a lovely beachwear look.

Cotton shorts for women

 As you show off those toned leg muscles wearing comfortable cotton shorts, you’ll not want to take them off. Besides boosting your confidence, they’ll be like a second skin to you and flatter your curves very well. Whether you wear it on a beach, in a café, or at home, they’ll look cool and casual. Their printed, striped, and linen versions are great for a chilled-out outing or going for a drive. Pair with a sleeveless tee, or throw on a denim jacket to get that chic look.

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The knee-length or long shorts for women

Not everyone is comfortable showing off skin wearing short or mid-length shorts. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Also referred to as modest shorts, these could be preferred by tall women who have beautifully toned calf muscles or have body image issues. Available in lots of colors, fabrics, and patterns, they are sold under the names: city shorts or walking shorts. Versatile and popular, these Bermuda shorts are smart casuals and, if your office allows it, could also be professionally appropriate.

The short shorts for women

Popularly known as the short shorts, or the booty shorts, or daisy dukes, or boy shorts, or hot pants, as the different names stress, they are short. They are usually made of stretchy denim or cotton material-spandex blend to hug tightly to your bottoms. Popular amongst the rebellious teens, these shorts are meant for the celebration of your attractive figure. Giving an edgy look, these shorts can be found in high-waist or low-waist variations. Get adventurous and try this racy look for your next beach outing.

Skorts for women

Again, exclusively for women, skirt shorts are a perfect disguise for a skirt and a short. This outfit has the best of both worlds, and we love it. The look of the skirt combined with the freedom of movement of the short, skorts are best used in hikes, treks, safaris, and playing sports like tennis, badminton, and squash. They look chic and classy and can be clubbed with a variety of cute tops to give you a girl-next-door look.

Lace shorts for women

The shorts may be majorly a guy thing, but when you put lace on them, it’s as feminine as it gets. Epitomizing femininity, lace shorts look absolutely desirable on every woman. Doesn’t matter whether it is just a border or the entire short is laced; it’s going to look insanely classy. A white laced, embroidered short looks super cute when paired with a flattering blouse. Go monochromatic or contrast with the combinations and fall in love with yourself all over again.

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