Young Paul Wesley Throughout The Years (1992 – 2021)


Young Paul Wesley Throughout The Years (1992 – 2021)

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Paul Wesley is a 39-year-old American actor, model, director, and producer, born into a middle-class family in New Jersey. The artist became popular worldwide thanks to the television series The Vampire Diaries, where he played the character, Stefan Salvatore.

The actor had developed a versatile career which can be seen through photos of Paul Wesley when he was young. He enjoys working as a model, director, actor, and producer. Paul Wesley’s young photos reveal the charisma he has always had, which has allowed him to be a successful artist.

Below you can enjoy Paul Wesley’s young images up to the present day.


In the following picture, you can see Paul Wesley when he was ten years old. In this picture, you can see his expressive eyes, which have served him well in his acting career and also being the advertising image of important international brands. Wesley has always had a harmonious face, although he has also worked all his life to be a talented artist and not just an attractive man.


The following image shows Paul Wesley as a 15-year-old teenager. You can see the lively facial features that allow the actor to play a variety of characters in film and television. Wesley is expressive and also develops a body language that adapts to the needs of the character he is playing. The talented actor was already destined for the art since his vocation was evident from a young age.


In this picture, you can see an image of Paul Wesley when he was 19 years old and not yet famous. The actor was just starting his career and was already featured in TV series such as Another World and Guiding Light. Because of his youth, Wesley’s face still had childlike features that made him adorable. As he grew as an artist, the actor’s face became more defined.


This image still shows a Paul Wesley with adolescent features. However, the actor has taken advantage of his image to imprint a special character to his characters. During that time, the artist played supporting roles that prepared him for more challenging jobs. Thanks to his dedication and effort, Wesley is now an acclaimed actor who can play any character in film and television.

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In this photo, Wesley was only 20 years old, and despite his youth, he was already working in challenging roles that made him evolve as an actor. His face can manifest the most diverse emotions, feelings, thoughts, and gestures, and that helps him grow as an artist. Wesley has always taken his acting career seriously and has used the expressiveness of his face to help his characters develop diverse nuances.


In this picture, you can see Paul Wesley when he was 21 years old. During that time, he played youthful characters to which he gave the seriousness they deserved. The artist was never limited by his age, as he approached each character with great respect so that his work would be believable. This commitment to acting helped him to work uninterruptedly in film and television.


The following image shows Paul Wesley’s symmetrical face, which helps him look good in photos, TV series, and movies. During that year, the actor was beginning to be recognized for his work in the famous series CSI: Miami. The artist began to deal with the press and popularity, with which he has maintained a good relationship. Thanks to his behavior, the actor has concentrated only on his work, avoiding any scandal.


In the following image, you can see Paul Wesley when he was only 23 years old. During that time, he was starring in the movie Roll Bounce. Through this picture, we see the serene attitude on his face. Wesley was working hard in the entertainment industry and was gaining acting prestige due to his talent. However, he never let himself be dazzled by fame, fortune, or celebrity status.


In the following image, you can see Paul Wesley with mature facial features, which reflect the constant evolution of his career. During that year, the artist worked in the television series Crossing Jordan, where he was well established as an artist. His work as an actor was always of good quality, regardless of his harmonious physical appearance. Thanks to that attitude, Wesley will continue to succeed in the entertainment industry. 


In the following photo, you can see Paul Wesley in 2008. At only 26 years of age, the actor had already managed to work continuously in film and television. Wesley always knew how to keep himself balanced in front of the mass media and the admiration of the public. The actor was always more committed to his artistic work than to his fame, which generated a lot of prestige for him. 

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In the following photo, you see Paul Wesley in 2009, when he was working on The Vampire Diaries, the TV series that launched him to worldwide fame. This vampire series aired with great success until 2017, conquering audiences in all countries. Wesley focused on his work and did not let fame overwhelm or confuse him. That television series made him an international star, but his priority was always acting work.


Here you can see Wesley in 2010, at the height of the television series The Vampire Diaries. He was still working in the film, so that his artistic career was growing in all aspects. That year the movie Beneath the Blue was released, where the actor played the character, Craig Morrison. He does not want to be famous only for the series that made him famous but wants to continue exploring.


In the following photo, you can see Paul Wesley in 2011. At that time, the actor was encouraged to work in another TV series, 24, where he played the role of Stephen for four episodes. The actor has always been aware that the most important thing in an artistic career is to remain open to new possibilities. That attitude makes him gain experience as an actor, as well as various perfect techniques. 


In the following image, you can see Paul Wesley in 2012, a time when he was already established as an actor. Fame and fans of the TV series The Vampire Diaries were part of his daily life. However, the artist continued to train as an actor to keep growing. This allowed him to play various roles. Wesley will continue to improve as an actor, regardless of the latest trends.


WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 24: Actor Paul Wesley attends the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party at Pacific Design Center on February 24, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for EJAF)

The following photo shows Paul Wesley in 2013, a time during which he had to attend various events and awards because it is part of his job. The actor received several awards throughout his career due to the great commitment he puts into his work. However, the artist continued to train to take on other roles as a film and television director and producer.

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In the following photo, you can see Paul Wesley in 2014, in a confident attitude. During that year, the artist made his debut as director of the series that brought him to fame, The Vampire Diaries. He directed four episodes and received excellent reviews from the press and the general public. In this way, Wesley proved to himself and others that he could succeed in other roles beyond acting. 


In this 2016 image, you see Paul Wesley sporting a beard for the first time. This detail looks great on his face, in addition to renewing his personal style. Wesley has always worked on his aesthetic image to better interpret each character. A good actor needs an open mind to perfect his acting technique. Wesley spares no effort to evolve as an actor. 


In the following photo, you can see Paul Wesley in 2017, the time when the television series The Vampire Diaries ended. After that great success, the actor continued to work a lot in both film and television. That year he returned to serve as a director in the television series Shadowhunters, gaining more experience in the field. Wesley wants to explore himself as an integral artist, so he projects a versatile image artistically.


In the following image, you see Paul Wesley in 2020, the year of the Covid-19 pandemic. The actor had the opportunity to work on the television series Tell me a story. With the worldwide confinement, the actor was one of many whose artistic activity was negatively affected. However, Wesley continued to perfect his acting technique in order to continue to evolve. The artist has many ideas to innovate entertainment.


In the following photo, you see Paul Wesley currently. The actor has been working on several projects in recent times, and several of them are soon to be released on various platforms. Wesley is also part of the social networks because it helps him in his work and streamlines communication with fans. The artist has around 12 million followers on Instagram, evidencing how popular he is.

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