20 Types Of Shoes For Women


20 Types Of Shoes For Women

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A large percentage of women are interested in what they wear and how they look. They always go for fashion items and accessories that best fit their style and suit their taste. It is no surprise that the largest fashion stores in the world today are primarily designed for women to satisfy all their needs.

In the search to find what best suits their style for formal or casual occasions, women have had to go through different trends of shoes. Over the last century, different types of shoes have emerged, deemed suitable for certain occasions. While most of these shoes were designed on three grounds – weather, comfort, and occasion, they’ve soon become an item for everyday life.

Today, some women choose a particular shoe over the other simply because it goes best with their personal style, and nothing should compromise that. There are several types of shoes provided by various manufacturers in diverse designs and forms. However, in this article, you will be looking at the 20 popular shoe options for ladies. In the end, you may be able to find out which out of them satisfies your fashion and style needs.

20 Shoe Options For Ladies

1. Pumps


Pumps are one of the popular types of shoes for women in the modern world today. It can be casual or formal, depending on the manufacturer or choice of style. Nevertheless, the shoe fits into your casual outing, office use, date-ready, or party wear.

One of the interesting things about Pumps is that they are comfortable and flexible. They are not that difficult to wear, even when raised over a few inches.

Pumps are also available in various color options that you can choose from. It is one of those colored shoes that you can use to complement any outfit with that same color.

2. Heels


Heels are also another popular type of shoes for women built to inspire confidence and elegance. Heels are classic and are used for different occasions, but mostly semi-formal and formal ones. It is almost impossible not to find one woman without a pair of heels in her wardrobe.

This shoe is identified by its varying heights, often dependent on the manufacturer and the flattering foot line. It is defined by height – high- or low-heels.

It is also a comfortable shoe even though it isn’t entirely fail-safe because it has to be worn by someone with good ankles; hence, it is not suitable for older women.

3. Wedges


Wedges are a different type of heels, only that they are best suited for casual occasions. As a matter of fact, they are almost similar to Pumps. Salvatore Ferragamo first designed Pumps in 1936 using cork and wood to be lightweight shoes for women’s use during formal ceremonies.

An arch and a ball foot identify a wedge heel, two features integrated to provide support and comfort. So, unlike heels and stilettos, you won’t feel the painful fit. They are pretty common during the spring and summer seasons because of the ease of use during those periods.

4. Casual Sneakers


Athletic women have a shoe designed specifically for the interest – the casual pair of sneakers. This shoe is to provide support to carry out athletic activities properly. It is lightweight because it is made out of a durable but light canvas material.

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Casual sneakers are also perfect for the everyday lifestyle. They go well with casual outfits, especially a pair of jeans and tees. They are designed to provide all-day comfort with in-built features like ergonomic and orthotic insoles.

This pair of sneakers comes in different colors and variations depending on the manufacturer. However, a black or white pair of sneakers is perfect with almost any outfit color.

5. Ballerina Flats


Ballerina Flats, also called Ballet Flats, are also another type of shoe for everyday use. They can also be used on some formal occasions, as long as the outfit is appropriate. This shoe type was inspired by the ballet dancers’ shoes, i.e., the foot conforming style.

While this shoe is comfortable and supportive, it isn’t appropriate for all age groups. Younger women find this shoe more into style than older women. Nevertheless, it is quite the shoe with extraordinary performance when walking or moving. Ballerina Flats are also available in a series of colors and styles.

6. Sandals


Sandals are the next set of comfortable shoes for women. This shoe is made to be flat-soled and has an exposed part for great breathability. The common feature with sandals, however, is that they have straps that keep the foot secure. The strap could come in different forms but mostly as buckles or without buckles.

Sandals have a great heat retention capacity, so you won’t feel any discomfort even after you wear them the whole day as a woman. They are also lightweight and available in various designs, depending on the manufacturer. Gladiator sandals, for instance, are the most popular sandals available.

7. Slides


Slides like Sandals are also among the most comfortable shoes on the market, quite popular among athletes. This shoe is practice-friendly, making it a great choice to use. Slides are designed to have a large strap that extends from the rear/end of the shoe to the toes. This strap is responsible for holding the feet firm to the shoe.

They are made of rubber, a material enhancing strength and durability. Hence, it is possible to use these Slides in any weather. So, it isn’t a surprise that they are used even as shower shoes amongst college students. Other slides modifications with great designs and material quality, different from the regular type, are also available to use.

8. Loafers


Ideally, Loafers were made for men, however, there are new ones specially designed for women. Loafers are also great comfortable shoes, designed as slip-ons, but they don’t come with heels. They can be worn for casual and formal occasions. Sometimes, they could be worn as house shoes.

Loafers first came in the mid-21st century, being inspired by Moccasins, a simple heel-less shoe from Native America. This shoe, however, came with lace that was used to keep it secure. On the other hand, shoemakers made Loafers to be another simple shoe like Moccasins but without lace.

9. Rain Boots


Boots are one of the best women’s shoes in the world today. While they are incredible in various ways, they exist in different forms. Rain Boots are the most useful type of boot shoes because they are great during the rainy season.

Rain Boots are waterproof shoes made of thick rubber, ensuring durability and can withstand deep waters. What makes them even incredible, in fact, is that they get dried up easily.

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They come in different types – the traditional rain boots are longer while the latest ones are designed everyday-friendly, which means they are short in length.

10. Thigh High Boots


Another high-end type of boot shoe is the Thigh High Boots. It is an exclusive choice because it comes in different height variations – often low- or mid-thigh. However, what is significant in all Thigh-Highs is that they cover a major part of the legs.

Thigh High Boots are made using different materials – it could be suede or leather, or any other type. They are also improved with other features – often with shoe types like wedges, pumps, and stilettos. Additionally, this boot is a stylish option, and it looks great on casual outfits.

11. Combat Shoe


Another women’s boot proudly used by people in the military is the Combat Boots or Shoes. It is the perfect casual boot, only that it is more confident and comfortable. This shoe is designed to perfection with several chunky features that describe its use.

Combat Boots are also one of the best shoes with sturdy construction with materials such as leather and rubber, enhancing durability and strength. Furthermore, it comes in various magnificent colors. This pair of shoes go well with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, and a pair of jeans or leggings.

12. Calf Boots


Calf Boots are also another common type of women’s boots. The name of this boot was drawn from its height, i.e., it only gets to calf level – above the ankle but below the knee. Calf Boots are stylish and come in different forms. For instance, there are calf boots with laces and those without.

Those with laces are more secure, while those without laces are more comfortable. They are also in different heights, with the higher ones more convenient than, the lower ones. Calf Boots are also improved with features like interior lining and padded insole to provide decent comfort and great support.

13. Ankle Boots


The last type of women’s boots is the Ankle Boots. It is a popular choice only because it comes in several colors. More often than not, it has been discovered that most women go for the black color because it matches all kinds of outfits – casual or formal.

Ankle boots can also have other improvements. For instance, heels can be added to them to raise the height and give confidence. A typical example of one of the best ankle boots is the Chelsea Boots. It is a classic choice with an elastic built-in side panel for comfort and protection.

14. Canvas


Think of the combination of a pair of sneakers and a flat shoe: a canvas shoe. It is another popular choice of shoe for women because it has existed for quite some time now. Canvas is sporty shoes and even sometimes better than sneakers because they are flat-soled and comfier.

Besides knowing that you don’t have to worry about extra height, they are one of the best casual shoe options since they go perfectly well with all kinds of outfits – especially sporty ones. Likewise, Canvas shoes are available in different styles, designs, and colors.

15. Flip Flops


The most comfortable shoe any woman can ever think of is the Flip Flops. It is the perfect house shoe and sometimes the best choice for outings, depending on the design. It is designed somewhat like sandals, only exposed, ensuring good ventilation to the feet, hence, it is an ideal summer shoe.

Flip Flops are often identified by their Y strap that runs from the toe area to the rear/end of the shoe. It is a minimal shoe made of rubber material so that it is decently durable and can withstand water. Almost every woman has a flip flop.

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16. Open Toe Sandals


Another type of sandal that needs to be mentioned specifically is the Open Toe Sandals. It is another comfortable choice of sandal only that it isn’t flat-soled and with long straps.

Open Toe Sandals are identified by their unique design consisting of an open toe strap, and sometimes, another strap that connects at the back of the sandal. The whole idea of this sandal is to have the toes exposed and a major part of the legs.

This sandal is quite perfect during summer. It is great for casual and formal occasions, even when it comes in different color variations, which may determine the outfit for the day.

17. Scarpin


Women’s fashion shoes get better with Scarpin. It is a unique shoe type suitable for formal occasions because of its design. It is a short-heeled shoe with a front flat but an open-mouth design, hence, it is quite comfortable.

Scarpin shoes are perfect with different kinds of dresses but most especially work dresses. You can use them on a pair of pants, suits, or even pencil skirts.

18. Oxfords


Another men-inspired shoe is the Oxfords. Originally, Oxfords were designed to be the men’s formal or official work shoe, however, it has gone through different modifications. It has now successfully been a part of women’s shoe options.

Oxfords have a classy and pure design because of their close-lacing system. It looks smart and stylish such that it can be worn on formal wear and even some casual outfits. For instance, you can wear Oxfords on a tee or sweatshirt and a pair of faded or torn jeans.

Oxfords are also one with variations – they come in different colors and sometimes have short heels.

19. Platform


One more heeled shoe that makes it to the list of the popular women’s shoes in the world is the Platform. It is a smart shoe with high heels, making it quite the selective choice. It is only suitable for young, non-clumsy ladies.

The Platform shoe is often identified by its black suede closed-toe cover, extending to some leg parts in other variations. This shoe also has another sandal-inspired design, where it is open-toe but with straps and buckles around the leg.

One more thing to identify Platforms with is the thick sole which often ranges between 3 to 10 cm.

20. Mules


Another combo to think of is that of boots and regular shoes. The combination of both gives Mules a timeless piece to make women comfortable for some time. It is a great shoe for casual outings – for instance, grocery shopping.

Mules have a simplistic design comprising of a half-shoe and short- to mid-heels. They also come with either open-toe or closed-toe and sometimes have their front sole raised or not. They are also one of the best mummy shoes.


Truthfully, there are different types of shoes for women inspired by various manufacturers. You may be lucky to find more – different from those listed above. These shoes could either be re-modified or innovations but with the sole aim of ensuring great comfort and feet support.

While you’ve been introduced to the various shoe options available, you should carefully select what you think best suits your style or any occasion. You should pick the most comfortable shoe, easy to wear for an event or occasion, and importantly, the right size.

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