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10+ Different Types Of Pockets

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022 by inckredible

Pockets are the gift of clothes to man. The purses that are attached to the clothes, nay, sewed into them, are multipurpose utility attachments.

They bear the weight of our hands, handkerchiefs, pens, credit cards, mobile phones, keys, identity cards, cash, receipts, and at times, even trash! If pockets could talk, they would have stories to tell.

Especially on vacations, hikes, and during traveling, we realize the importance of having pockets. Some may be deep, some shallow, some seamless, some baggy, some zipped, some buttoned, some ornamental, and some non-existent.

Besides pants, they can also be featured on shirts, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, and inside other pockets too. Let us have a look at different types of pockets and how to use them. 

Patch pockets

Probably the most common pockets of all time are the patch pockets. From shirts to coats to pants to jackets to dresses to t-shirts, they are everywhere. Sometimes for a decorative purpose and other times for functional, they are also an inspiration for many other pocket derivatives. Typically, they are patched on by an external piece of fabric sewed onto the garment to form the pocket. A shirt itself can have different types of patch pockets on the chest based on the shape of the patch- round bottom, angled cut, pointed edge, or regular sport. 

Inseam pockets

While posing for pictures, we struggle to place our hands, et voila, we find those hidden pockets on the sides of our dresses. Expertly crafted and sewn into the seam on the garment, the pockets are almost invisible. But these are arguably the most functional pockets. The insides of the pocket are basically a hidden pouch that opens at the seam and can hold your phone, keys, and numerous other things. Also, at times, the external seam may serve an ornamental purpose. Present on skirts, Indian kurtas, and dresses, they are truly functional. 

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Flap pockets

Flap pockets, as the name suggests, are closed patch pockets. They can be sealed with or without buttons and can also be double-flapped. They are versatile and can be placed on shirts, t-shirts, cargo pants, shorts, jackets, or even coats. Western pockets are a variation of flap pockets that appear on shirts. They often feature snap button closures. And another form of western pocket is a sawtooth pocket with a ‘W’ shaped flap which can be seen on a lot of shirts.

Bellows pockets

Bellows pockets are a type of patch pockets with flaps and pleats. They are wide and appear like small purses attached to the garment. Also referred to as accordion pockets, they have a pleat that expands when you add things to it. Seen on coats and cargo pants, these are truly functional pockets. However, they can also be viewed as eye-catching pieces which can add aesthetic appeal to your otherwise plain outfit. When added in contrasting patterns or embroidered, they can certainly be transformed into decorative pockets.

Kangaroo pockets

Again, a type of patch pocket, kangaroo pockets are commonly seen on hoodies and sweatshirts. Usually covering the belly region of the sweatshirts, we can see why the name kangaroo pocket makes sense. Popular among the younger crowd, kangaroo pockets or hoodie pockets provide a comfortable place to warm your hands on a cool, windy day. Depending on the purpose, the pockets may be embroidered, decorated, or used for brand placement.

Jeans pockets

Jeans pockets are a phenomenon. There are at least 15 different types of pockets that can be associated with jeans. The back pockets include the carpenter, embroidered, studded, flapped, flapped with buttons, flapped with a belt, zippered, classic, oval, and slit. At the same time, the front ones could be a round, rectangular, patch-zippered front pocket, and many more. Other than the mentioned, the curved inset pocket that appears on the front of the five-pocket jeans is another common pocket type.

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Coin pockets

Have you ever wondered the purpose of the small jeans pocket just on top of the large inseam pocket? Well, it was designed to carry coins. These days, this pocket exists only as a seam at times and is added as an embellishment. But we are so used to seeing this tiny attachment on our denim that without it, the look seems incomplete.

Side seam and Slant seam pockets

The side pockets of your skirts or pajamas are side seam pockets. Sometimes visible, sometimes baggy, they can also be zippered. The pocket in front of the coin pocket of your denim is the slant or slashed seam pocket. As the name suggests, the seam is diagonal to the side seam. Growing up, we’ve all owned at least one pair of jeans with some intricate design or color on this pocket seam. Another variation of this pocket, mostly seen on women’s jackets, is a very craftily designed princess seam pocket.

Welt pockets

A cut-in pocket with one noticeable half-an-inch wide edge that almost appears only decorative and shallow, but the moment you slide into it, you are surprised it is a welt pocket. This is derived from an inset or set-in pocket fashion, where pockets are designed into garments. These are a few of the most popular pockets and can be fashioned on any garment with a few details modified. You’ll notice them on the back of cotton pants, khaki pants, and maybe chinos too. 

Slit pockets

Slit pockets are somewhat like welt pockets without a noticeable border, with or without zippers. The pocket pouch is well hidden and deep enough to carry a few of your belongings. However, when you see this pocket on the coat chest, it is also called a besom pocket. They are not sewn on but are cut into the clothing. They appear like a seam pocket with doubly piped borders. Often seen on the tuxedos, they are mostly ornamental rather than functional. 

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Inside pockets

These are the hidden pockets in the pants or in jackets to store your precious personal belongings that run the risk of falling off, getting lost, or even being stolen. Most of the time, there are a couple of such pockets in the jacket, sometimes even zippered. The inside pockets are sewn on the inside of the garment with no visible signs from the outside. Thus, they are perfect for storing valuables during traveling or on vacation.

Faux pockets

We all have brought home a pair of fine jeggings and loved its fitting. Only when we realized that the front pocket is non-existent and is only for the show have we slightly regretted our decision. Since jeggings are body-hugging, adding things into the pocket distorts the shape, and hence the closed-up pockets or the fake pockets create an illusion without compromising the beauty. Sometimes embellished with zippers or a decorative stitch and placed at different angles, straight or curved, they are deceptively fashionable.

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