The Most Unfortunate Celebrity Deaths 2021: 20 Fallen Stars


The Most Unfortunate Celebrity Deaths 2021: 20 Fallen Stars

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With the ongoing pandemic, 2021 has proved to be quite tough for everyone. With 2022 just around the corner, you are probably overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

At the same time, it’s also the year that witnessed many celebrity deaths. And sadly, we all had to bid goodbye to them. 

We witnessed the death of many celebrities, including the rap legend DMX and acting legends John Lloyd and Joseph Siravo, to name a few. Fashion and creative designer Alber Elbaz, American publisher Larry Flynt and the American TV host Larry King also passed away in 2021.

Thus, without further ado, we’ve prepared a detailed list of celebrity deaths 2021. 

1. Charlie Watts

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Charlie Watts was the spectacular drummer of the band Rolling Stones. With his subtle and unique drumming, he etched his name in history as a legend. 

Watts has been a member of Rolling Stone since 1963. He joined Keith Richards, Brian Jones, and Mick Jagger to form the band. 

Charlie Watts and the band were instrumental in pushing Rock & Roll to the top in the 60s. With classics like Getting Off My Cloud, Sympathy For The Devil, and Satisfaction, the band dominated the rock scene. 

His drumming swinging had a touch of jazz. It gave Stones the groove, which made everyone go crazy. 

In 2016, he was ranked 12th in the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 100 All-Time Drummers. Charlie Watts was 80 when he died on August 24, 2021.

2. Jackie Mason

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Jackie Mason was among the greatest American comedians. His jokes and content focused on the differences between Gentiles and Jews. 

Mason was Antisemitic and called himself the Ultimate Jew. The comedian was a true Republican and was known for his pun and sometimes for his politically incorrect humor.

In the 50s, Jackie Mason was ordained a Rabbi before entering the entertainment business. 

Mason had a career that spanned a total of 6 decades. During his career, Mason won numerous awards, including an Emmy Award for voicing on The Simpsons and a Tony Award.

Jackie Mason died on July 24 this year after being hospitalized for 2 weeks.

3. Biz Markie 

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Biz Markie was renowned as the Clown Prince of Hip Hop. The rapper, beatboxer, and producer had a big presence in Hip Hop and Pop Culture as well. Biz produced music with his goofy personality. 

The Harlem-born was a member of the Juice Crew and the Queensbridge collective, which featured other rappers like Roxanne Shante, Kool G Rap, and Masta Ace. 

Markie has released 5 albums throughout his career. The rapper was famous for his song ‘Just a Friend.’ The music platform, Vh1, placed his song at the #81 spot on the list of 2000 greatest one-hit wonders of all time. 

Biz Markie perished on July 16, 2021.

4. Charles Grodin

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Charles Grodin was loved by everyone and was born in Pittsburgh. The TV and movie actor charmed the audience with his droll delivery in films such as the Beethoven movies, Midnight Run, and The Heartbreak Kid. He has played many versatile roles in other movies too. 

In the 90s, Grodin made his mark as a liberal commentator. The actor started his own talk show. 

Grodin was a frequent guest at various late-night shows, including “Late Night With David Letterman” and “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” 

Charles Grodin wrote plays and TV scripts. The famous star won an Emmy for his work on a Paul Simon special. 

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He also wrote several humorous books, including the popular book “It Would Be Nice If You Weren’t Here: My Journey Through Show Business.” 

Charles Grodin died on May 18, 2021, due to bone marrow cancer. 

5. Norman Lloyd

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Norman Lloyd started his acting career at a young age. He’s famously known for his role as Dr. Daniel Auschlander for “St. Elsewhere.”

Lloyd’s credit stretched from the 1939 US TV drama, On the Streets of New York, to 21st Century shows such as Modern Family. Needless to say, Normal Lloyd was an absolute acting legend.

Norman’s career spanned over 8 decades. Lloyd started his career in theatres and was handpicked by Hitchcock to play the villain of his most notable film, “Saboteur.” Also, Normal did many broadways and plays as well. 

Other notable movies of Norman Lloyd include Dead Poets Society, Gangs of New York, The Southerner, and Limelight.

Lloyd died at the age of 106 on May 11, 2021.

6. Lloyd Prince

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Lloyd Prince was born and raised in New Orleans. His song “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” was the #1 R&B song in 1952. The single sold over a million copies. 

The singer’s music career halted as Prince was drafted into the US Army. After 3 years, Lloyd returned, and his single “Just Because” was #3 on the R&B charts. 

Prince started his own record label as the music taste in the 60s started to change. The singer also started a nightclub.

Later on in his life, Prince toured with various R&B artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. In 1998, Lloyd Prince was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and released his autobiography ten years later.

Lloyd Prince died at the age of 88 on May 3, 2021.

7. Olympia Dukakis

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Olympia Dukakis was born on June 20, 1931, in Massachusetts. Dukakis did her Master’s degree from Boston University. 

In 1963, Dukakis won the Obie Award for her role in Man Equals Man. 

Despite Dukakis’s success, over the first two decades of her career, she wasn’t that extraordinarily renowned. She only got small roles in movies and shows. But her life changed overnight after Dukakis got the role in Moonstruck.

Her role in Moonstruck was outstanding, which resulted in Dukakis getting the Academy Award and The Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actress. 

During the 1990s, she was nominated for 3 Emmys and also won an Oscar for Moonstruck and Steel Magnolias. Dukakis died at the age of 89.

8. Frank McRae

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Frank McRae was an NFL player turned actor.

McRae was born in Memphis. The star athlete went to Tennessee State University and started his career as a professional football player. McRae played for the Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bears. 

It was only later on that McRae found his calling in the film industry. In his 3 decades of lifetime, McRae starred in 40 movies

Since Frank McRae was a tall person, he used that and played strong, tough, powerful character roles in movies such as FIST, Big Wednesday, and Hard Times. 

At the age of 80, McRae died in Santa Monica. 

9. Alber Elbaz

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Alber Elbaz was born in Morocco but raised in Israel. Elbaz started his fashion career in New York, where he got to work for Geoffrey Beene.

Elbaz moved to Paris in 1996 and was selected and picked up by St Laurent to be in charge of the River Gauche brand. 

Alber Elbaz revived Lanvin. Earlier it was only a small men’s fashion brand, but later, when Elbaz arrived, he transformed it into a thriving women’s fashion house. His dresses were widely praised and were favored by Hollywood actresses. 

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The famous designer was rewarded with many top prizes in the fashion industry. Elbaz was also made a member of the French Legion of Honor in 2016. It’s the country’s most prestigious award.

Alber Elbaz died in Paris at the age of 56. 

10. Les McKeown

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McKeown was the former lead singer of the Bay City Rollers. The singer was a part of the band when they were at their peak. 

Bay City Rollers was formed in the 1960s, but the band found global success only after McKeown joined the band in 1973. That same year, the band’s famous song “Shang A Lang” was #2 in Britain. 

The band got the #1 spot with their song “Saturday Night.” The song even reached the Hot 100 in 1976. 

The song was originally released with a different vocalist before McKeown joined. The band later re-recorded the song again with McKeown. 

In 1978, the band and McKeown parted ways. That was followed by McKeown releasing solo albums. McKeown died at the age of 65.

11. Joseph Siravo

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Joseph Siravo was born in Washington DC and studied acting at New York University. Siravo started his acting career in the theatres.

The famous actor starred in Broadway shows such as Herb Gardner’s Conversations With My Father and J.T Roger’s Oslo. 

Siravo made his film debut in 1993, starring in Carlito’s Way. In 2015, Joseph was praised by Imperioli for his role as the mobster John Gotti in The Wannabe. According to Imperioli, Siravo was the best actor who had played the Don. 

Joseph Siravo also taught acting as a member of NYU’s graduate acting faculty and as a private tutor too. Siravo perished after a long battle against cancer at the age of 64. 

12. DMX

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DMX was an absolute legend in the Hip Hop industry. Born in Mount Vernon, New York, DMX had a rough childhood. 

Growing up in an abusive household, DMX spent time in Juveniles. During his younger days, the actor/rapper started making music. 

DMX had a raspy voice, and it didn’t take much time for him to get recognition. “And Then There Was X” hit the shelves in 1999, and yes, it went multi-platinum. 

In addition to his music career, DMX also entered the acting field. The rapper-turned-actor starred in Cradle 2, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, among others. 

DMX was open about his addiction as he battled against drugs throughout his life. The rapper died at the age of 50.

13. Richard Gilliland

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Born in Fort Worth, Gilliland has been in the acting field ever since he was young.

Richard Gilliland attended a drama school. When he came to Los Angeles, Gilliland acted on Broadway plays such as Beyond Therapy, Cops, Little Egypt, and I Remember You.

Gilliland also played a role in the famous series “Designing Women.” Richard played J.D Shackelford for 17 episodes. 

Richard Gilliland had recurring roles in many shows like Dark Skies, Desperate Housewives, and Thirtysomething. The actor also appeared as a guest star on Dexter, Criminal Minds, and Crossing Jordan. 

This famous celeb has also appeared with his wife, Jean Smart, in various stages, including Love Letters and It Had To Be You.

Gilliland died at the age of 71.

14. Jahmil French

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The Canadian Born actor, Jahmil French, was a passionate and vibrant person. Jahmil French is famously known for his role in the teen series Degrassi, a popular show in the US. 

French starred in the show in 2009. Jahmil was a new person in the industry who wanted to achieve popularity.

The actor remained in the show till 2013, and it was during that time when he received a Canadian Screen Award nomination.

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French also starred in the short Netflix series Soundtrack, a musical drama. Jahmil played the role of Dante Mendoza. The actor passed away at the young age of 29. 

15. Larry Flynt

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Larry Flynt began his career in the adult industry. Alongside his brother, Flynt launched strip clubs in Ohio. 

The actor even released a newsletter about the same, which he evolved into a Magazine. Flynt had to face many legal battles because of the magazine. 

As the owner of Strip clubs and founder of one of the most explicitly oriented adult magazines, Larry Flynt challenged the establishment regularly. Flynt was hated by feminist groups and religious rights. 

Larry Flynt was a fierce defender of free speech who died at the age of 78.

16. Christopher Plummer

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The Canadian actor was considered a national treasure by everyone. The famous celeb is best renowned for his superb acting in The Sound Of Music as Captain Von Trapp.

In 2010, Christopher was again nominated for The Last Station, and in 2018, for All The Money In The World. In 2012, Plummer won an Oscar for Film Beginners. 

Plummer had a varied career in the entertainment industry as he featured in various genre films and stages. Christopher also starred in the productions of Royal Shakespeare Company and Broadway. 

This spectacular actor passed away in 2021. 

17. Larry King

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Larry King was considered a legendary talk show host. King hosted “Larry King Live” for over 2 decades and a half. After completing 6000 episodes, King finally retired in 2010. 

King was a giant when it came to interviewing people. Throughout his life, Larry King had interviewed every American President, from Ford to Obama. 

For 63 years, King interviewed actors, musicians, and athletes across radio and digital media. 

Larry King started his career in the media as a disc jockey. King died at the age of 87. 

18. Mira Furlan

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For her appearance in the movie When Father Was Away On Business, Furlan won the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival, 1985. The movie even received an Oscar nomination. 

Mira emigrated to the US with her husband during the former Yugoslavia war. Everything was new to her. Furlan met an agent who sent her to trials of a couple of auditions, and one of them was Babylon 5. 

The beautiful actress starred in the American Sci-fi TV series. Mira was in it for all the 5 seasons from 1994-1998.

From 2004-10, Mira Furlan acted in the TV series Lost. The actress died at the age of 65.

19. Marion Ramsey 

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Ramsey was born in Pennsylvania and started her career in theatre. Marion did many Broadway shows, but her career took a huge turn when she appeared as a guest on The Jeffersons. 

Marion Ramsey also got regularly cast on Cos, Bill Cosby’s Sketch Show. The flamboyant actress is best known for her role in The Police Academy series. Marion starred in all of the 6 movies of The Police Academy. 

The glamorous celebrity was adored by everyone, and her presence always illuminated a dark room. Marion Ramsey died at the age of 73.

20. Deezer D

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Deezer D was popularly known for his role as Nurse Malik McGrath in ER. D starred in every season of the show from 1994-2004. 

The actor also starred in movies and shows such as Chris Rock Comedy CB4 and Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. 

Deezer D was also active in the music field. In 2008, he released a rap album called Delayed, But Not Denied. D died at the age of 55. 


With that, we conclude our list of Celebrity Deaths 2021. 

Even though these celebrities may have left us, we’ll always remember the incredible legacy that they have all left behind.

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