34 Best Workout Clothes Brands in 2022


34 Best Workout Clothes Brands in 2022

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Gym workout clothes are a must to get along with your activities, because regular outfits can hamper your exercise regimen.

That’s why a modern workout clothes are a better bet.

But why do we need workout clothes?

Regular clothing is meant for day-to-day activities. They come with a loose fit. Although they present comfort, they can act as obstacles during quick bodily movements.

Not just that, you won’t be able to perform exercises as desired. Your hands and legs might get entangled in loose outfits.

When that happens, you run the risk of injuries.

Such a situation can keep you from attaining optimal fitness. If so, you can’t participate in the desired sporting events.

Workout clothes for men and women overcome this issues associated with regular clothing.

They come with a perfect fit.

So, the chances of injuries stand negligible.

Even better, they don’t act as an obstacle when working out your body.

Instead, they let you streamline your exercise tenure. In addition to this, they’re light in weight and allow free movement of air throughout your body.

Plus, these clothes carry better durability to last long. For these reasons, plus-size workout clothes and other options make a better choice for exercise.

Here’s a checklist of brands specializing in particular segment groups.

34 Best Workout Clothes Brands in 2022

Workout clothes for women:

Women’s activewear brands are much more sophisticated these days and you can find clothing for almost any type of sport and activity. Let’s start with the list to mention some of the most important brands.



The Gymshark enterprise is committed to unlocking the potential for tomorrow. The brand carries a range of outfits for exercise. From simple outfits to plus-size clothing, you can find anything at Gymshark. However, they make the best choice for women’s workout clothes.

Founded in 2012 by Ben Francis and his Associates, the company has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. The growth is the result of their devotion to manufacturing effective performance and persistent innovation. Whether you’re interested in celebrity-endorsed top picks or seeking an energy collection, the brand covers your needs.



If you’re hunting for the latest activewear, Nordstrom should be on your watch list. The brand is an all-season favorite of a majority of fitness enthusiasts, thanks to the amazing deals. Whether you want simple outfits for meditation or the latest sportswear, the company has everything in the huge collection.

Nordstrom has been serving various segment groups since 1901. They showcase their commitment to providing the best possible products. The brand provides shoes and accessories for men. However, their women’s workout clothes stand as their top-selling products.

Old Navy


Founded in 1994, this American company is owned by Gap Inc – a popular name in sportswear. Old Navy carries the reputation for providing top-quality clothes at competitive rates. The outfits are well made to last long.

In addition to quality, the brand keeps pace with the trend. So, you won’t run out of options here. Whether you need fashionable colors or contemporary designs, Old Navy knows your requirements.



Want to enrich your exercise tenure! If so, look no further than Champion. Inspired by sunny colors and ocean waves, the brand specializes in a range of clothing and serves all sections of buyers.

However, their workout clothes for women are the highlights of their range. The quality stands unmatched. Even better, you get access to a wide variety. So, you should find an ideal outfit here.



Kohl’s stresses sustainable solutions. So, if you’re someone who cares for the planet, look no further than Kohls. The brand provides various products to cater to the needs of any individual.

You can find whatever you want, from bedding to clothes and everything within. Still, their workout clothes for ladies stand out in the crowd. These outfits are well made and come in a wide assortment with no cut corners.



For over 50 years, Northface has made outdoor sports gear and related items that exceed your expectations from all points. Women’s workout gear is a special mention in this respect.

The company matches your needs inside out, from sports bras to leggings and beautiful sweatshirts to other options. The best part is the brand runs promotional offers occasionally. You can cut down your budget by tapping those discount offers.

Workout clothes for men:



Very few brands get imprinted in the minds of users. Nike is one such name that has got embossed in the hearts of buyers. Many people associate Nike with sporting shoes.

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However, the brand has evolved as one of the preferred names for workout clothes too. The company provides top-notch workout outfits for males of all ages. Whether you’re a teenager just getting started or a professional athlete, Nike has everything in the varied collection.

Under Armour


Founded in 1996 in Washington, Under Armour is an American sportswear equipment company. As well as manufacturing footwear, the company presents a range of casual apparel and workout clothes for men. You can find exercise shirts, trousers, shorts, and anything you deem fit for your gym.

Over the years, the brand has garnered immense attention from people of all classes. Many professionals love high-quality workout outfits from Under Armour. All their products are well-engineered to stand the beatings of usage and time.



One company that thrives for more than workout clothes and sportswear is Adidas. They partner with only the best in the field to co-create amazing products. Although they serve females as well as males, their workout clothes for men are the epicenter of attraction.

In addition to providing a wide assortment, Adidas maintains a modest pricing policy. Their products feature solid-built and sleek designs. As well as enriching your performance, their workout gear lets you accentuate your persona on the go.

New Balance


Exercise with confidence in high-performing running shoes and quality clothing from New Balance! They cover everything a sportsperson would like to have in his arsenal.

While they serve women and men users, their men’s workout clothes outshine others. Made out of high-quality fabric, New Balance outfits let you carry out strenuous activities with ease. They’re comfortable, trendy, and last long.



If you thrive for speed, puma ought to be your priority. Faster forever is the motto of the brand. While their running shoes surpass any other brand, their workout clothes for men are also the hot choice of athletics.

These outfits are made using strong fibers. Plus, they feature intricate stitches to let you fare better in your game. As far as clothing choices go, you can buy shorts, sporting pants, track pants, and others.

Lululemon athletic

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Headquartered in Vancouver and domiciled in Delaware, Lululemon is a Canadian American apparel retailer. They stock clothes for yoga, workout, running, and other pursuits. Plus, they offer free shipping on time.

If you need a quick replacement for your existing outfit, Lululemon is a brand to rely on. Their workout clothes present immense comfort and carry better longevity. So, you can enjoy their companionship for years.

Plus size workout clothes:



H&M is a Swedish clothing company with headquarters in Stockholm. It’s popular for fast fashion outfits for women, men, children, and teenagers. Founded in 1947, the company has a long history of providing quality items.

All the products are well made. But their plus size workout outfits are the best ones. Whether you need plus size shorts, trousers, or sweatshirts, H&M gets you covered for your requirements.



Many people have a plus size figure. If you belong to this category, consider shopping at Shein. The company has the biggest collection of plus size workout clothes for men and women.

The beauty of Shein is the brand keeps abreast with the latest trend in the sporting world. So, you can find in-fashion sporting wear for your next workout tenure. No matter the size and requirements, there’s an ideal outfit at Shein.

Best cheap workout clothes:


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Are you running on a tight budget? Do you need an affordable sporting outfit? If so, search through the wide collection at Champion. The company offers cost-effective solutions to cash-strapped buyers.

However, affordability doesn’t mean low quality. You can even capitalize on their promotional offers to slash your budget further. No matter the situation, the outfits will match your wallet and expectations.



The brand targets buyers with a tight budget. According to their motto, shoppers can expect more by paying less. Whether you need workout clothes for men or women, the company steps in to meet your expectations.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Target is an American department store chain that caters to your varying needs. They serve children, ladies, gents, youngsters, and seniors. Not to forget, you enjoy only the best class outfits for a small price.

Layer 8

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Seeking world-class athletic performance wear! If so, check Layer 8 for your needs. Their performance gear features functional fits, advanced fabrics, and styles without tacky branding. The outfits come well-engineered to last for a long time.

The beauty of the brand is it presents innovative designs from time to time. If you’re someone who loves fashionable workout clothes on a budget, Layer 8 ought to be on top of your list.


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4F Store is a popular name in the sporting industry. The company has already dressed athletes for the winter and summer Olympic Games in London, Vancouver, Sochi, Tokyo, and Pyeongchang. You may get taken aback, thinking that their products might be too costly.

However, they carry a good reputation for providing high-quality clothes at budget prices. You can easily bag top-notch workout outfits without burning your wallet. Just check their wide variety to pick your ideal choice.

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It’s a 135-year old business owned by Iconix Brand Group. Originally started as a company for dancers’ requirements, the brand has expanded its operations to all sections of people.

Their workout clothes are special mentions here. Featuring quality stitches, these outfits carry better longevity and elegant designs. Above all, they have an affordable price tag. So, you can buy workout pants, shorts, or shirts even with a tight budget.

Forever 21


Forever 21 boasts of being the authority in the fashion world. They stock the latest styles, trends, and hottest deals. Whether you need women’s clothing or men’s workout outfits, you can find a deal here.

Although the items come modestly priced, they include high-quality fabric and better longevity to stand to the beatings of any game. This is why budget-conscious sporting fanatics choose Forever 21 for their gym gear.

Cute workout clothes:


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Most of the workout clothes look dull. Modern individuals don’t prefer such outfits. If you belong to this category, consider cute workout clothes from Diadora. They provide a wide range of exercise clothing to suit any individual.

The clothes come designed with mesh that lets your body breathe. Also, their sweatshirts and pants overcome the issue of sweating while exercising. Above all, you can find the latest deals on these cute outfits.

Kids workout clothes:


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Today, even small children love to exercise. So, you need kids’ workout clothes for your small fitness fanatics. Many companies provide exercise outfits for children. However, Next is a brand that has acquired the market in this segment. The company understands the needs of kids and provides outfits in varying ranges.

The best part of Next is you can find workout clothes for kids of any age. Also, the preferences of all types of children get covered here. So, you can find an ideal match at Next without any issue.

Best set workout clothes:


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Some individuals are more particular about their workout clothes. They want different outfits for different sets of exercises. If you’re one such fanatic, check the Fabletics collection. The brand provides all types of activewear for males and females.

As far as quality is concerned, their products mimic Gap’s top-class standards. Yet, the products come with a smaller price tag. So, you can bag different sets of outfits without investing too much.

Best 70s, 80s, 90s Gym wear:

Beyond Retro

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A large number of people love to imitate old fashion. This point stretches to activewear too. If you’re seeking gym wear from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, look no further than Beyond Retro. The company specializes in providing all possible retro accessories.

Beyond Retro is a one-stop solution for big fans of Arnold and other stars’ vintage clothing. Just go through their wide variety matching your specifics. Within minutes, you could find the right pair of outfits for your gym.


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Planning to buy winter clothing for your workout regimen! If so, turn to Thrifted for your requirements. Whether you love the iconic styles from Nike or Adidas, the company has items to match your needs.

You can find men’s and women’s winter clothing gear. The range covers shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and others. Best of all, these outfits encompass top-class quality and higher longevity.

Best maternity workout clothes:


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Pregnant women have to take due care of their bodies during their maternity period. While they need to stay clear of strenuous workouts, they must perform simple exercises for betterment. Seraphine is a brand dedicated to maternity workout outfits.

The company thrives on the line – every lady deserves to be fantastic during her maternity. Their fashion-forward outfits help you stay in style. You feel confident and comfortable with your new body curves.

Winter workout clothes:


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Most people choose common workout clothing. However, extreme weather can pile up on your nerves. Chilling winter months are special mentions here. If you live in a region with extreme cold, consider buying workout clothing from Columbia.

The company specializes in providing all types of quality outfits for winter, from jackets to shorts. Additionally, the brand took innovative steps such as the use of Eco-friendly materials and having an animal welfare policy.


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Established in 1958, Reebok is a brand dedicated to fitness clothing and footwear. The company manufactures top-class items to suit the needs of all. However, their winter wear shines even in a crowded market.

Best of all, the brand carries endorsements from many celebrities. Their products are a bit costlier. However, the quality and comfort you enjoy recoup the cost. So, why not browse through their huge collection?

Best sustainable clothes:


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Today, people love to contribute to sustainable living. Also, governments promote sustainability for a greener planet. If you’re concerned about the environment, consider buying sustainable workout clothes from Tala. The brand caters to all segment groups.

The products are well made to stand the test of usage and time. Plus, the brand covers a wide variety. You can find Eco-friendly, sustainable, and durable activewear for workouts.


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Girlfriend apparel focuses on community and quality concurrently. The brand believes that the best fashion isn’t only about trends, but it’s also about sustainability. The company makes its products from recycled materials.

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Still, they feature a sleek and durable build, making them ideal for exercise. The best part is the items carry smaller prices. So, you can save a great deal of money by shopping at Girlfriend.

Christian workout clothes:

Active Faith Sports

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If you’re someone who wants Christian outfits, check Active Faith Sports. Started in 2010 by Lanny Smith, the brand has a respected name in the sports apparel business. Buyers can seek discounts and rewards by being a member of the brand.

You can find men’s and women’s workout clothes. Their products carry better quality, higher longevity, and affordable price tags. Surf through their activewear to find the right match.

Neon workout clothes:


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Are you a big fan of funky gym wear? If yes, consider shopping at Tikiboo. The brand has an exclusive range of gym leggings, shorts, hoodies, capris, running wear, and other items.

Founded in May 2014, the brand has quickly garnered attention from fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The outfits are engineered with the highest quality. Additionally, they carry a low price tag. You may even seek discounts by tapping their promotional offers.

Designer workout clothes:

Self Ridges

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Modern individuals prefer to put on something fashionable. Whether it’s a formal outfit or an exercise hour, they love to show off their fashion statement. If you come into this category, consider shopping at Self Ridges. The brand blends superior craftsmanship with exclusive designs.

So, why not carry out your workout routine in style? Self Ridges provide a myriad of gym wear. Whether you need leggings, sweatshirts, or shorts, you can find everything in the latest design.

Sweaty Betty

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Discover a complete range of well-sculpted leggings, sweaters, yoga pants, sports bras, and more at sweaty Betty! Despite intense competition, the company thrives and captures the attention of gym enthusiasts.

Sweaty Betty uses top-notch fabrics in manufacturing activewear. So, you can be sure of long-lasting leggings and sweatshirts. All above, the brand runs deep discounts from time to time. You can bag your favorite products at a fraction of the actual price.

Petite workout clothes:

Avo Activewear

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Not all women enjoy a desirable height. Some women are short and have smaller builds. If this is your situation, you need petite workout clothes for women. Avo Activewear is the name you can rely on for short women’s exercise outfits.

The company offers a big collection of activewear. You can find well-sculpted pants, bras, and more at this shopping point. Best of all, their products feature a smaller price tag to suit the budget of all.

Workout clothing FAQS

What are the best workout clothes brands?

The workout outfit market is full of hundreds of manufacturers. Each brand claims to offer the best clothes. However, not all companies live up to their tall claims. It’s best to check reliable brands that have been in the field for years. Adidas, Nike, and Puma have been serving fitness fanatics for years. However, they target male users.

If you want workout clothes for women, go for Old Navy, Champion, and Northface. Sheen and H&M make ideal brands for plus size workout clothes. Put simply, some brands suit males, whereas others cater to females better. It’s advisable to seek workout outfits from specialist brands for specific segments.

What should I wear to the gym?

Some fitness fanatics only concentrate on modern workout clothes. However, you need other accessories too. You can’t excel in your activities without other items. Training shoes, socks, runners, toiletries, and hair clips or ties are special mentions here. Sports bras, flip flops, weight training gloves, and a carrying case are other essential items. Some experts even endorse a personal stereo or MP3 player. Turning on the music eases your workout tenure and lets you get involved in strenuous exercises.

How to organize gym workout clothes?

A significant number of fitness fanatics pay close attention to minute details when shopping around. However, they don’t bother about organizing workout clothing. These individuals often miss out on one or the other item. Also, not organizing gym necessaries impact the longevity of your clothing.

So, take time to organize your outfits properly. First of all, sort out the clothes. Next, find an ideal place to stock workout clothing. Don’t forget to fold exercise outfits properly. Additionally, put them into drivers in order of color or how you wear them. Also, use drawer dividers to avoid clothes from falling over. Above all, maintain the place where you organize your clothes.

Bottom line

Workout clothes can do wonders for your exercise regimen. They streamline bodily movements and allow much-sought comfort. However, the key lies in picking the best outfit. If you miss this vital aspect, you won’t gain the desired outcomes. Choosing the right clothing, on the other hand, lets you enjoy an edge over others. So, search through the wide variety of plus size workout clothes or men’s workout outfits (as the case may be) detailed above. With handy information, you can easily bag the right clothing for your exercise regimen.

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