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Stunning African American Plus-Size Models

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022 by inckredible

We all know that it isn’t easy to defy existing standards. And when it comes to the beauty standards of the fashion industry, it becomes harder.

Even worse is to beat the beauty standards along with racial prejudice.

In short, it was nearly impossible for African American plus-size women to make their debut in the international fashion industry. But they made it possible by introducing ultimately new standards of beauty. Though it wasn’t easy to redefine existing beauty standards, some hotties from the plus-size community proved that it isn’t impossible either. 

In this article, we have shared the list of not all but some of the most accomplished African American plus-size models who step forward to challenge beauty standards and racial inequity. Go through this list and please yourself with their voluptuous beauty, intangible struggles and accomplishments. 

Precious Lee

In the list of the best African American curvy models, Precious Lee’s name comes at the top. That’s because of her voluptuous beauty and a straightforward boycott of racial inequity. 

She has been an ardent advocate of racial equity ever since eighth grade. In fact, she preferred the modelling profession over law to address the growing issue of racial discrimination.

Setting an example for young black girls, she has emerged as one of the most iconic best African American plus-size models. Being a living legend and a trailblazing curve model, she has been even honoured to appear in the Versace vogue. 

Candice Sabiduria Walton

This high fashion girl is yet another inspiring story of a young girl fighting for racial equity and defying the odds to rise as an icon of the fashion stream.

Redefining the fashion stream and setting an example for black plus size women, she faced countless challenges and forged her own path. And now, this African American plus-size model has launched her own skincare brand, named sabiiskin. 

Jore Marshall

Jore Marshall is not just the best African American plus-size model but an undisputed entertainment industry icon whose stardom shines beyond any fashion industry. 

She is an incredible artist, a fierce curvy model, a black beauty icon, and an unapologetically great dancer who never misses any chance to inspire the world. She has never disappointed her fans, whether it’s about posing for any brand or showing her fierce dance moves.

Akon Adichol

Akon Adichol is no less than beauty with grace. She is a confident curvy model who always celebrates her curves, infectious smile, trailblazing beauty, and love for society. 

Apart from being one of the most accomplished African American plus-size models, she is a philanthropist who holds a positive approach toward society. Considering society as her extended family, she wants to serve her extended family with all her heart. 

Also, she is a role model who inspires and advocates self-love for many fat black women. 

Teiko Dornor

This British-Ghanaian beauty is yet another rising star who tends to break barriers and change beauty standards. Teiko Dornor is the perfect example of beauty with brains. The warmth of her almond-shaped eyes, inviting lips, voluptuous body curves and command make her the trailblazer of the plus-size modelling world. 

Her regal beauty and mystic personality pave her way to reach the top of stardom. Being featured in the top African American plus-size models, she makes her success in her modelling career intangible. 

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Roseline Lawrence

Another most accomplished African American plus-size model with yet another inspirational story of defeating societal prejudice or stigma is underway. 

It’s the story of a living legend, a curvy black model, and an inspiring philanthropist. We are talking about none other than Roseline Lawrence. 

Roseline Lawrence is a famous plus-size model known for flaunting her personal yet unique style. Also, she is an ardent activist and advocate of racial equity.

Anita Marshall

Anita Marshall is another African American model who never hesitates to question the fashion industry’s beauty standards. This curvy girl had a fierce desire to rule over the international fashion industry. And she does that despite being size 16.

The size or legacy of African women never stopped her from inspiring the world. And that’s because of her efforts and determination; she is honoured to work with big brands, even being a plus-size African woman. But that’s not just enough for her. She wants to alter the fashion industry’s beauty standards, and she does so with her curvy and oh-so-hot look. 

Alex LaRosa

Alex LaRosa is a plus-size African American woman who has amassed an intangible recognition as a curvy model. After being inspired by plus-size influencers, she decided to debut in the fashion industry. And she just rocked it with her stunning, sizzling, and voluptuous beauty. 

So far, you must have seen her in the promotional campaigns of many makeups, sports, skincare, and apparel brands. John Frieda, Camila Valentine, Asos, and many more are included among these brands. With her captivating and successful companies, she has now been featured in the best African American plus-size models.  

Shalon Dozier

The next plus-size beauty is Shalon Dozier, who needs no introduction due to her undisputed stardom. Her addition to the fashion industry as the best African American plus-size model has changed the fashion industry’s beauty standards. She graced many most significant runway modelling shows with her sizzling beauty. 

Among these shows, Love Your Body Day, Curves Full Figured Fashion Week, and LA Fashion Week’s Haute are essential to mention. Not just that, her regal trailblazing beauty paves her way to the cover of Venus Diva Magazine, Plus Size Model Magazine, and SKORCH.  

Akesha Murray

Gaining popularity from the online pulse-size community, Akesha Murray made her debut in the international fashion industry. Started modelling just four years back, she gained popularity as the epitome of African beauty. 

Over such a short span, she has been honoured to feature among the most gorgeous African American plus-size models. That’s a significant victory for her and all the curvy African women. And we hope she will soon start seeing this beauty on billboards as well. 

Brittnie Scurry

The next star from the online plus-size community is Brittnie Scurry. She is 31 years old and the most stunning African American plus-size model.

She never hesitates to be the crowd-pleaser with her mystical personality and gorgeous styling. The warmth of her eyes and her infectious smile can hypnotize anyone. 

Philomena Kwao

If we say Philomena Kwao is the most accomplished African American Plus-size model, it won’t be a lie. Because she is not just a stunner, but she is a bold, informed, and active black curvy model. 

In addition, she has gained an excellent reputation for her philanthropic interests and love for writing. New York Times,  Cosmopolitan UK, Pride Magazine and many others are honoured to publish her articles. 

Not just that, her passion to be a bespoke person for suppressed women led her to be the Global Ambassador for Women International Charity. 

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Arame Fall

This fierce girl used the power of social media to celebrate her dark-skinned curvaceous beauty. And later, she features among the most exciting African American plus-size models. Her inviting, bold features and body’s sizzling curves are the ones to behold. 

Apart from being an absolutely gorgeous model, she is a writer and a businesswoman. She writes to advocate the beauty of African women and educate them that the reward of modelling is much more than its fear. 

If we sum up her writings, we get the message of never showing hesitation to own our natural beauty. 

Ariel Brownridge

The next model is no less than a queen of sexiest pout, an epitome of regal beauty, a stunner for having natural curls, and a young curvy model; we are talking none other than Ariel Brownridge. 

She is admired for her exciting voluptuous beauty, head full of naturally curled long tresses, and inviting lips. The gorgeous Madeline Figueroa discovered this African American plus-size model from plus-size model Magazine.

Tash Ncube

Tash Ncube is no less than a rising star in the fashion industry,  playing an unapologetically incredible role in redefining the fashion mainstream. 

She has been awarded for walking in New York Fashion Week and nominated among the Australian Top Next Model in the early days of her career. 

Besides, she has delivered a message to young black curvy girls that never underestimate your trailblazing beauty. 

Brielle Anyea

Brielle Anyea is an undisputedly iconic African American plus-size model whose stardom shines beyond any parameter. That’s because of her crowd-cheering and confident personality, as it is said that confidence is the most attractive jewel of black women.

And this plus size black model never forgets to carry this jewel wherever she goes. She debuted in modelling in the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Search Finalist. 

Jamil Kali

Jamil Kali is another big name among the most attractive and exciting African American plus-size models. She believes that curves are unique and beautiful and attract men the most. Also, they aren’t new but have just been overlooked for a while. 

She isn’t just a plus-size stunner but an activist who struggled hard to end the fashion industry’s colourism and racial discrimination. 


Inspiring countless full-figured black women, Nomali, a South African born, inject a daily dose of confidence into her followers with her daily Instagram pictures. 

Her Instagram photos are pretty popular among curvy women as many plus-size women take notes from her outfit selection. Her photos help them to set their style statement. 

In addition, Nomali seems to emerge as an incredible source of motivation and inspiration for many full-figured African women. 

Essie Golden

Essie Golden is another hottie of the plus-size models’ community and an ardent advocate eliminating racial prejudice. Not just racial prejudice, but she has encouraged and instilled confidence in the African American plus-size models to break fashion rules and leave a new legacy for the next comers. 

Also, she encourages fat-figured women to come forward and hail modelling as this profession helped her accept and celebrate her unique body. In fact, she is the bespoke person of the plus-size community. 

Victoria Lee

This voluptuous beauty is no less than the fierce, fierce fashion force to handle. Her regal beauty, attractive features, and unapologetically mystic personality make her flawless. 

This African American plus-size model has graced several brands to be reckoned with her hypnotic spell. This gorgeous supermodel has also been part of well-renowned international magazines like Glamour, Essence, and many more. 

Enam Asiama

Another hottie or one of the most attractive African American plus-size models is Enam Asiama. This curvy African American model has the most charming and captivating smile. 

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In one interview, she quoted a phrase to describe her beauty, and the phrase was a fat queer black woman. And the phrase got fame as the best descriptive remark for this curvy beauty.   

Anansa Sims

Anansa Sims is considered the hottest African American plus-size model. It is thought that she has inherited beauty and charismatic personality from her mother, Beverly Johnson, who herself was a famous supermodel. 

She made her debut in the modelling industry after being inspired by her mother ever since her childhood. First, Anansa Sims tried to lose weight to fit into the existing beauty standards. Still, it caused multiple complexities, so later, she denied the idea of fitting into any beauty standard and stood out as the hottest African American plus-size model.

Yoliswa Mqco

The next African American plus-size model and a true style muse for many is Yoliswa Mqco. She is big, bold, and beautiful. She is also a plus-size supermodel, a trendsetter, and a personal shopper. 

Being a famous personality in the fashion industry, she delivers an excellent positive body image to many African full-figured women. She gives them the confidence that they can be full-figured and stylish at the same time.

Lesego Legobane

This 27-year-old African American plus-size model is famous for clapping back at a man who tried to do body shaming using her picture. Her four-word reply was considered the best chapbook of 2017.

Also, this African plus-size model is professionally known as Thickleeyonce, and she is the highest-paid curvy model ever. She is also part of the most prominent and most accomplished fashion house, Calvin Klein. 

Chloé Véro

The next African American plus-size supermodel is a style crush for many. She is Chole Véro, a new-york born and Miami-raised model. This flourishing model has already been featured in the top African American plus-size models. Also, she holds the honour of being a part of big brands like Olay, H&M, Everlane, TresSome, and many others. 

Plus, her Instagram profile is flooded with reliable resources, and her personal experiences in navigating the fashion industry make her a role model for many full-figured African women.

Samantha Lebbie

A proud fat-figured model, an incredible artist, and the trendsetter of plus-size modelling, it’s none other than Samantha Lebbie. She is yet another most accomplished and bold African American plus-size model who never misses a chance to inspire others. 

Another aspect of her profound fame is her unapologetically incredible confidence and love for her curvy body. She believes that confidence is everything for African American plus-size models. 

Chenese Lewis

Chenese Lewis is the first-ever African American plus-size model and a true trailblazer of curvy modelling. This trendsetter model has proved that beauty is not just about having a slim and perfectly defined shape with an aura of light complexion. 

Instead, beauty comes in dark-skinned or full-figured forms too. It’s all about how you carry yourself, and the best way to carry yourself is carrying it with pride and confidence. With this message and her voluptuous beauty, this fashion pioneer has always been ruling over countless hearts. 

Also, she always casts a spellbinding impression on people with her warm and smiling face. 

The Bottom Line 

To summarise, racism always prevails in almost every field of life. At times, it’s because of race, skin colour, or culture, or sometimes it’s because of body shape. 

However, constant efforts and determination can bring positive results. Just like the efforts of African American plus-size models who finally realized that beauty has no standards as it can come in any form, shape, or size. 

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