80s Fashion Trends for Men


80s Fashion Trends for Men

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We’ll never stop looking at the past for ideas and inspiration when it comes to fashion. This season, so many designers and fashion gents from all over the world have turned their attention to the ’80s.

The decade, known for bold styles and colors, produced plenty of exciting trends, many of which are making a comeback.

We looked at several 80s fashion men’s trends and how they are faring today. Here’s a review of some of the best fashion trends of the ’80s decade.

Many of them are making a comeback and can be customized to blend into existing styles.

The Mullets 

There’s perhaps no better opener to any ’80s men’s fashion list than the almighty mullet. Why? Because the hairstyle shows off old-school fashion in an exciting manner. The hairstyle was once rocked by athletes and TV actors to show style. But it has since become a staple in old-school fashion ideas, and there’s even a modern touch to it. To rock the old-school mullet hairstyle, you’ll need to cut your hair short in the front and sides while leaving the backside untouched. 

Sport Fluorescent Shell Jacket

We can’t deny the role that the iconic sports fluorescent shell jacket played in the decade’s fashion world. They’re still part of modern fashion, but they represented something classy in the 80s era. Young gentlemen wore it to maintain a stylish and classy aura when in the mood for some serious fun with friends. And yes, it’s simple to wear. Just wear a pair of jeans with it, and you’re good to go. Fortunately, they are still here and relatable in modern fashion. So you can always pull it on when it wants to run quick Saturday morning errands.

Baggy Sweater 

Nothing complicated here. Just get yourself a sweater bigger than your size, and you’re good to go. But hey, it represented something more serious in the 80s when men’s fashion trends centered around patterns and loud colors. Several factors contributed to its popularity, but most people preferred it for the versatility it brings to the fashion world. It works with nearly everything, irrespective of how basic they look. Baggy sweaters are still an important part of modern fashion, but they are now better off without the extra prints and colors.

Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been popular in men’s fashion. They still are. However, each decade presents a different sunglass trend. If you wanted to top off your cool look in the 80s, the best way to go was to throw in an even cooler pair of sunglasses. But it’s important to note that giant frames and sported mirrored glasses were the trends of that decade, although designs were typically down to personal choice. We still see top celebrities relish this fashion trend in their red carpet look, and it’s obvious the sunglasses have remained as beautiful as they ever were.

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Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets were so popular in the 80s that designers made them in several different styles. You could choose a style to suit almost every mood. However, the most popular style during this time was the airforce bomber, which showed off the military vibe. Several casual bomber styles were also available for people that wanted a timeless piece that showed off class in an exciting way. Bomber jackets have remained relevant through the years, and you could always throw them on to complete your 80s look.

Hawaiian Shirts 

The Hawaiian shirt was already available and fast-selling before the 1980s. But it was in this decade that it became a worldwide fashion staple. The 80s had everybody crushing on Tom Selleck and, by extension, on Hawaiian shirts. Different designers made different styles of Hawaiian shirts, but each of them featured special attention to detail, making them a true pleasure. They are also typically colorful, comfortable, and addictive, making them easily noticeable in a room full of different designs.

Power Suits (Shoulder Padded Suits)

No list of ’80s men’s style trends would be complete without the power suit. Although these suits have been around for many years, their popularity peaked in the ’80s when designers began to use lighter fabrics and bolder colors to make fashion statements. Fast Forward to 2022, and the power suit still lives on. Thanks to shows like Madmen, it has now become a fashion piece that shows off business personality and style among wealthy businessmen.


Facial hairs come and go, and we can’t deny the ’80s decade produced some of the most fascinating beards and mustache styles ever. Two mustache styles that stood out were the handlebar and the chevron. Mustaches are making an epic comeback, and today we’re seeing them being popularized by stylish gents worldwide. So, if you’re looking to bring the classic ’80s look to your style, don’t forget to grow a mustache to match.

Swatch Watch 80s 

The Swatch watch was not just a fashion piece. It was an identity, and every kid who wasn’t a complete loser had a few of these inexpensive plastic watches. Swatch watches were so affordable that most people didn’t mind owning more than one and rocking them all on each arm. They featured bright colors and beautiful patterns that stood them out. The watches were so apparent that you could easily tell a kid who had the right thing. They are making a comeback today and are an excellent piece to rock with a 1980-inspired style. 

Denim (everything)


Fashionable ’80s clothing was never complete without the famous double denim. It was very stylish and gave off a classic look for people that didn’t want an overload of fashion accessories. It was also easy to rock – just match denim jeans with a denim top and sneakers, and you were good to go. Even today, you can still rock this fashion piece and not get the awkward looks of fashion-gone-wrong as you step out of your house. They combine style and class in a fascinating way that every fashionista will love.

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Leather Trench Coats

The 1980s was a peak moment for the rock and punk movements. Another trend that had the decade was the leather trench coat. Continuing its role as a counter-cultural icon, the 1980s had it closely associated with bands like The Ramones, who made black leather coats their identity. Today, millions of young people recreate the iconic style in fascinating ways. However, if you want to try it yourself, we recommend avoiding the full rock-star look of dressing it down. Instead, throw some flexibility in the mix by combining yours with chinos or light-wash denim and loafers or sneakers

Oversized Printed Shirts 

The 80s oversized printed shirt was so beautiful that they’ve remained a hit in the men’s fashion scene. Their colors and patterns were their most apparent features, and people loved the attention that came with wearing them. Modern options are no longer as bright as they used to be, but they are still flexible and allow you to tailor your prints to suit your style. They go well with almost every kind of short but are best worn with a basic pair of denim.

Gym Shorts for Men

If you’re a fan of any athleisure wear, you should be thankful to the 1980s for introducing yoga pants and casual tank tops. Gym culture gained an unprecedented level of popularity at this time, and designers began to develop and expand athletic brands. Gym shorts are still comfortable and cool as they were in their first year. No wonder they are still relevant for athletes and people that want to catch outdoor fun at the peak of the summer sun.

Fluorescent, Neon Clothing

Come on, don’t act like you didn’t see this one coming. You’d think its popularity was because of how obvious it is from a mile. But no, it was more than that. It represented something classy in that era. Their bright colors meant that they were easily paired with solid color pants. The reinterpretation of most things into color made the fluorescent neon clothing a perfect option for every occasion.

Leather Jackets

We’ll know jackets. They’re still popular in men’s fashion. But what you probably don’t know is that they didn’t just enter the fashion scene. In fact, they’ve been popular since the ’70s and ’80s. Many people fell in love with it because of the bad boy look it brings. But beyond that, it can also seamlessly blend with other styles. No wonder it has been nicknamed the grail piece of all jackets. And yes, you can use it as a warm winter jacket if you’re lucky to get one that’s thick enough. 

High Top Sneakers

When you’re looking for footwear to rely on upon through fall and winter, this is one option you can’t look away from. You can’t go wrong with this classic. However, high tops have been here since the 80s. It started as a basketball shoe with ankle support but has since evolved into a streetwear staple that pairs conveniently with any other fashion piece. Nothing completes the ’80s look better than the classic men’s high-top sneakers.

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Almost every rock artist we knew jumped on the tracksuit trend in the ’80s. Perhaps, that’s what engineered its popularity in that decade. But we also can’t deny that the colorfulness and uniqueness introduced to the ’80s tracksuits was an instant attraction. They came in parachute material and were often neon, but there were still several other colors to make them customizable. Even today, there are no limitations to the versatility of tracksuits. You can easily wear one to any event without looking out of place. 

Corduroy Pants

The origin of corduroy pants can be traced back to the 70s, but they were only available in the colors green and brown. It was also a popular fashion style for history teachers and librarians. Fast Forward to the early ’80s and more designs and colors of corduroy pants were available. They came in both pleated and flat-front styles. Today corduroy pants have made a comeback to men’s fashion, but not without significant changes. They are now offered in a five-pocket style which gives them the look of your favorite jeans.

Dungarees Pants for Men

The popularity of dungarees pants hit a climax in the ’80s when it became essential fashion wear for everyone from the boyband new kids on the block to Princess Diana. The days of oversized shirts, big hair, and oversized overalls made the fashion piece even more relatable. During this period, people also learned to customize their baggy dungarees to suit their style. People still do this, only that dungarees pants now have more modern looks and do better in versatility. 

Chuck Taylors/Converse All-Stars 

Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars were a staple in the ’80s fashion, which has not changed today. In fact, there are even more fascinating options from known designers that provide an interesting retrospective on this iconic shoe. The key to the shoe’s popularity and longevity in the fashion scene is its simplicity – just canvas and rubber. One look at the shoe, and it’s easy to see how possible and easy it is to keep things simple. If you’re looking for a timeless piece still relevant today, this is an easy option to turn to.


There you have it – men’s fashion has come a long way. But we’ll never forget the 80s for all the beautiful styles and fascinating fashion stories it produced. Impressed with any of the styles? You can try it right away. But we recommend being creative and adding your unique signature to the ’80s fashion men’s trend you choose to recreate.

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