7 Best Zadig and Voltaire Perfumes


7 Best Zadig and Voltaire Perfumes

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The luxurious French fashion house Zadig and Voltaire has a reputation as one of the best and more innovative perfume brands today. Their impressive range of 28 perfumes was created from 2009 right up to the present day. Highly sought-after, the mysterious and whimsical scents by Zadig and Voltaire were crafted in collaboration with top perfumers in the industry, including Quentin Bisch, Mathilde Bijaoui, Nathalie Lorson, Michel Almairac, Sidonie Lancesseur, and Aurelien Guichard. This brief guide will explore 7 of the best and most popular fragrances by Zadig and Voltaire. 

1. This is Her 

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Launched in 2016, This is Her by Zadig and Voltaire is a smooth and creamy vanilla scent for women created by expert perfumers Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac. This perfume perfectly balances degrees of freshness with dark, mysterious blends, creating a completely new concept in perfume design. The bottle of this scent is minimalist and simple in design, with a white exterior and contemporary, cracked edges.

This is Her is ideal for wearing for an everyday daytime scent. This is Her was launched with a companion fragrance for men: This is Him. These two fragrances were crafted in cooperation with Beaute Prestige International. The deep, woody base notes of sandalwood and cashmere wood blend beautifully with middle notes of vanilla, chestnut, and whipped cream. Top notes of pink pepper, jasmine sambac, and silkwood blossom create a punchy, intense contrast of floral flavors. 

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2. This is Him

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A companion fragrance to This is Him, This is Him by Zadig and Voltaire is an amber, woody fragrance designed by Nathalie Lorson and Aurelien Guichard exclusively for men. This masculine, elegant perfume mirrors many of the qualities found in This is Her, the fragrance for women. The perfume bottle design is also similar to This is Her, but features an edgy black exterior instead.

This fragrance was launched in the same year as This is Her; 2016. Oriental in undertone and sultry in essence, This is Him contains woody base notes of sandalwood to enhance the longevity and depth of this scent. Middle notes of incense and vanilla are intoxicating, milky and warm, drifting seamlessly up into chords of black pepper and grapefruit. 

3. Just Rock! for Her 

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A dynamic, floral scent created exclusively for women in 2017, Just Rock! for Her was crafted by perfumers Michel Almairac and Sidonie Lancesseur. The sensual, elegant perfume is sure to bring out the rockstar in every woman.

Suitable for everyday wear, Just Rock! has oriental, rebellious undertones. Base notes of white patchouli offer depth and longevity, while middle notes of black vanilla give warmth and slow burn. The aromatic top notes of jasmine give an electrifying contrasting aroma. 

4. Girls Can Do Anything

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Launched in 2018, Girls Can Do Anything by Zadig and Voltaire is a playful amber Fougere fragrance for women, created by Quentin Bisch. The fragrance is symbolic of emotions of freedom, and has been described as “the first feminine fougere”. Women who wear this scent have commented that they feel free, uninhibited, and feminine.

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At the heart of this fragrance are warm notes of tonka bean and tuberose, complementing a daring floral burst of pear, orange blossom, bergamot, and tangerine in the top notes. A heady concoction of musk, clove, patchouli, ambroxan, and vanilla form the base notes of this scent. 

5. Just Rock! for Him 

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An amber woody fragrance for men created by Nathalie Lorson and Aurelien Guichard in 2017, Just Rock! for Him is the male equivalent of the successful fragrance for women, Just Rock! for Her. This charismatic scent is intense with woody aromas.

The minimalist black bottle is in keeping with the rockstar aesthetic of this scent and symbolic of masculine power and confidence. The keynotes in this scent are a mysterious blend of black vanilla, tonka bean, and black patchouli. 

6. This Is Love! for Her

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A romantic, floral fragrance designed exclusively for women, This Is Love! for Her was launched in 2020, having been crafted by Sidonie Lancesseur. This playful, seductive scent is perfect for daytime, elegant wear in the spring months.

The vibrant pink and yellow color tones on the glass perfume bottle are mesmerizing. Top notes of ginger provide gentle heat, while an embrace of vanilla and violet at the heart of this scent gives strong, sensual chords. Base notes of sandalwood are earthy and intense. 

7. Tome 1 La Purete for Her 

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Launched in 2012, Tome 1 La Purete for Her by Zadig and Voltaire is a floral, woody scent designed for women by expert perfumer Nathalie Lorson. This scent was created in collaboration with luxury fashion house Le Labo. When paired with the complimentary scent for men, Tome 1 La Purete for Him, this duo of perfumes tells the tale of two fallen angels.

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Tome 1 La Purete for Her is a sultry, adventurous perfume. Base notes of musk and Guaiac wood offer mystery and depth, while a creamy fusion of milk, almond, tonka bean, and jasmine is nutty and warm. Contrasting top notes of African orange flower, peony, and bergamot are vibrant and floral in aroma. 

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