1000+ Best Tattoo Ideas For Men in 2022


1000+ Best Tattoo Ideas For Men in 2022

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Are you looking for some sweet tattoo ideas for men? Fantastic! With 300 ideas on this page, we are sure that you will find at least a few tattoo ideas that you will fall entirely in love with.

This list contains every type of tattoo, from simple tattoos for men, to large and complex ones.

Remember that we are only sharing some general tattoo design ideas here. It doesn’t mean that you need to follow our ideas exactly. We encourage you not to. Tattoos are all about getting something personal to you. You want a tattoo that is unique to your personality. By all means, mention some tattoo ideas to your tattoo artist. They will come up with a design that suits who you are.

So yes. Everybody is going to be covered! There are tattoo ideas for men on this page. Let’s dive into these ideas, shall we?

Tattoo Ideas For Men:

1. Rose Tattoo For Men

The rose tattoo symbolizes love, romance, and even courage. It is a highly symbolic flower. While the rose tattoo is one of those women have traditionally used, we see no reason why males couldn’t have one of these tattoos. Males may use the tattoo as a dedication to their partner or the one they love. Although, of course, some males may just see the rose tattoo as a stunning look.

2. Cross Tattoos For Men

You probably don’t need us to tell you the symbolism of a cross tattoo. You probably don’t even need us to tell you that the cross tattoo is a heavy favorite among very religious ones. The cross symbolizes sacrifice and shows that you are close to your religion. Yes. There are people that have used crosses beyond religious purposes. However, we don’t really feel that this is one of those tattoo ideas that work unless you see some sort of symbolism behind what you are using it for.

3. Lion Tattoos For Men

The lion is a symbol of strength and courage. It can also be a symbol for those that were born under the Leo star sign. In other cases, you may just want a lion tattoo because the animal looks fantastic. Few creatures walk this planet much more ferocious than a lion is. One of the things that we love about lions is the fact that they have a huge amount of personality on their faces. This really comes through in tattoos, particularly if you are having the lion tattooed onto one of the larger canvases of your body.

4. Tribal Tattoos For Men

Tribal tattoos were originally designed for tribes. However, these patterns are used by many different people nowadays. Traditionally, tribal tattoos were given for very specific reasons—for example, certain accomplishments within a tribe. However, nowadays, a lot of people just go with a design that looks good. The chances are that any tattoo artist you work with will likely have a ton of experience putting together tribal tattoos for their patrons.

5. Angel Tattoos For Men

The angel tattoo is another tattoo that is very much religious in focus. Although, this is one of those religious tattoos that we have seen even the non-religious get. As you may well know, an angel tattoo is a symbol of protection. It even shows a little bit of love. After all, in religion, the angels look over and protect us. Angels are often depicted as heavenly beings with wings. However, you can go down a whole host of different routes with your angel tattoo. Some may even want to depict fallen angels.

6. Clouds Tattoos For Men

We believe that clouds are one of those tattoo design ideas that may not necessarily work well on their own. Sure, clouds are beautiful. However, clouds only really work when surrounded by scenery. We feel that stunning clouds could work in an epic landscape scene. The clouds will really help to bring the scene together and add a touch of depth. The location could be anything you want. It could be a mystical land or one of your favorite locations on the planet.

7. Bible Verse Tattoo For Men

Bible verses have always been a good tattoo for those that are religious. If you are a Christian, then the chances are that you will have a bible verse or two that you have fallen in love with. You could get the entire bible verse tattooed onto you. Alternatively, you could have references to specific passages, and just in case, the bible verse is a little bit too long to actually have in a tattoo. A bible verse will often go well with other religious symbolism.

8. Words Tattoos For Men

Words tattoos are some of the coolest tattoos that you can get. Seriously. This is because you can get really creative with your tattoo ideas. There may be some words that carry personal meaning to you. This could be a quote from somebody that you admire. It could be the names of people that are close to you. It could be some motto that you live by. Anything goes. You can choose any font that you want too.

9. Dragon Tattoo Ideas For Men

Dragons are cool. Seriously cool. Depending on the culture, the dragon could be a symbol of courage and wisdom, or it could be a symbol of evil. You may not even want to look at the symbolism. You just may really love how great a dragon can look. Because plenty of cultures have their own idea of dragons, you will find countless different designs that you will be able to follow. It is tremendous!

10. Eagle

The Eagle, at least in the US, is a symbol of freedom. It is a symbol of affinity to your country. In other countries, the Eagle is just an amazing bird. If you are going down the freedom route, as many people do, then we recommend pairing the Eagle up with an American flag or something similar to that. This is one of those tattoos that works especially well on the chest, mostly because you need all of that space to display the majesty of this bird.

11. Name Tattoos

Next up, we have name tattoos. This one of the tattoo ideas should be fairly self-explanatory. You get a tattoo based on the people that you love and care about. The name that you choose is (obviously) completely up to you. It could be the name of one of your loved ones, somebody you admire, or your own name if you are feeling not so modest.

12. Owl

Owls are symbols of wisdom intelligence, and some may even say that the owl carries a hint of the paranormal in what it says. In some cultures, an owl can be a symbol of death. So, really you have a whole lot of symbolism to play about with should you decide to get an owl tattoo. You can, of course, combine the owl with other symbols if you really want to get your message across. The owl does really stand on its own, though.

13. Skull

Skulls are cool. We find that skulls work well as a centerpiece for tattoos that are very much focused on gothic themes. However, you may even find that a skull works well as a hunter’s tattoo. Imagine getting a tattoo of the skull of an animal that you have spent a lot of time hunting! Obviously, the main meaning of a skull could be seen as death, although it can be viewed in a whole host of different ways.

14. Aztec

Aztec tattoos are more cultural tattoos that have their roots in tradition. However, the awesome South American art has made these a special favorite among those adorned with tattoos, even if they do not have any formal links to Aztec culture. There are plenty of designs that you can opt for here. Some tattoo artists have even gone down the route of designing their own Aztec-style tattoos.

15. Music

Music tattoos have several different options. Having the musical notation for a favorite riff or song can be a good option for some. Images of instruments or their favorite artists can also be a great choice for others. Music-related tattoos are often seen as an option for those that are very close to the world of music. Remember what we said at the start when we indicated that a tattoo should be based on what is most meaningful to you?


Quote tattoos are pretty self-explanatory. You will get a tattoo based on your favorite quotes. These quotes could come from a book, your favorite artist, or even a song quote. Remember, this is something that you are going to have on your body for the rest of your life, so make sure that you think long and hard about which quotes are the most meaningful to you!

17. Heart

Heart tattoos are normally a symbol of love. However, heart tattoos can also symbolize strength or health. Some of the best heart tattoo ideas we have seen will involve a heart being paired with the name of somebody that is close to the person—for example, placing a heart alongside the dates of birth of your children, or even the date that you and your partner met or got married.

18. Animal

Animal tattoos have a whole host of different options. If you are an animal lover, then we are sure that you are going to be able to find an animal tattoo that suits you down to a tee. Remember, animals each have their own symbolism. We have discussed some animal symbolism on this page. However, we haven’t covered every animal. Why not get a tattoo of your spirit animal, for instance?

19. Wings

Wings tattoos are often a common option among those that are religious. After all, wings tattoos can pretty much scream “angel.” However, you can use them for a whole host of different purposes. For example, we have seen people use wings tattoos as a symbol of the rebirth of freedom. In other cases, the tattoos have been used alongside the names of those people close to them that have passed on.

20. Wolf

The wolf is often seen as a symbol of loyalty, family, and even a hint of intelligence. In fact, it may even be used to indicate playfulness. Some people may just opt for a wolf tattoo because it looks great. A wolf could even end up becoming a symbol of protection. After all, the wolf is a fiercely defensive animal. If the wolf is your spirit animal, then this can make a great tattoo idea.

21. Family

Family tattoos can come in many types. For some, it may just be a list of the names of family members. In other cases, family tattoos may include portraits of those that are close to you. Because your tattoo is permanent, you will always feel as if your family are close to you. In some cases, you may even see your friends as part of your family, and they become part of your tattoo set-up.

22. Phoenix

The Phoenix tattoo has always been seen as a symbol of rebirth. We find that this one of the tattoo ideas is often used by those that are entering a new stage in their life. For example, if they have managed to overcome an addiction or they have managed to escape from a troublesome relationship. Of course, the Phoenix also plays a prominent role in Harry Potter, so you may just like that movie.

23. Bear

The bear is a symbol of courage and open-mindedness. Some people also see the bear as a symbol of evolution. However you wish to interpret it, a bear can make a stunning tattoo. It is one of the largest land walking mammals. You have several different bear options too. You have polar bears, brown bears, black bears, etc.

24. Bird

Birds carry a lot of symbolism. Although, of course, the symbolism of the bird can vary based on what bird species it is. For the most part, birds can represent new life and rebirth. For example, a bird could indicate that the wearer of the tattoo has decided on a new direction in their life and has taken flight. That being said, some birds, including the Raven, could also indicate death or sorrow. If you are going to get a bird, then think long and hard about the type of bird that you want.

25. Polynesian

Polynesian tattoos are cultural tattoos. Like most cultural tattoos, each will have its own specific meaning. You don’t necessarily have to be related to Polynesian culture to get one of these tattoos. However, due to the prominence of tattoos in Polynesia, you may be frowned upon if you aren’t.

26. Snake

Snakes can hold a lot of meaning. Of course, in the bible, the snake was the symbol of temptation. However, beyond this, they could be seen as a symbol for rebirth, a refresh in your life, and, in some cultures, they could even be a symbol of fertility. A snake tattoo on its own can look like somewhat of a bland tattoo. However, pair this up with some other imagery like frog tattoo, and you have a stunning tattoo that people will love to look at.

27. Don’t Tread On Me Tattoo.

The ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ motto has had a lot of different meanings over the years. It originally got started in the American Revolutionary War, but other movements have also taken it on board. When we say ‘Don’t Tread On Me,’ you are saying to those in power that you do not want to be walked over. You are telling them that you are your own free and independent person.

28. Raven

The Raven often symbolizes death. You can thank Edgar Allen Poe and ‘The Raven’ short story for that. However, if you want a slightly more upbeat meaning, then you can see the Raven as a symbol of prophecy (good or bad) or wisdom. If you aren’t all into that symbolism, then you could just see the Raven as a pretty cool-looking blackbird. The choice is yours!

29. Jesus

Obviously, the main use of a Jesus tattoo will be to show that you are very religious in nature. Nobody really gets a Jesus tattoo if they are not. When you get one of these tattoos, you are demonstrating how close you are to God and how much you love him. There are plenty of themes that you can opt for here. For example, you may want to go down the route of including Jesus on the cross for even more symbolism.

30. Viking

Of course, the Vikings come from Scandinavia. If you have Scandinavian heritage (or just find all the pillaging that the Vikings did pretty cool), then a Viking tattoo could end up going down a treat. The only question is what type of Viking tattoo you want. It could be a set of Viking runes. It could be a cool helmet. It may even be a Viking ship.

31. Bat

Sure, the bat tattoo is commonly associated with vampire mythology. However, there is a reason for this. The thing is, the bat is a symbol of long life. Who lives longer than a vampire? The vampire is also often used as a symbol of community or feeling as part of a group. Some cultures even see the bat as a symbol of good fortune.

32. Compass

A variety of people uses compass tattoo ideas. For example, there are some that will see the compass as a symbol of having a new direction in their life. It shows them the path that they are supposed to be taking. For other people, the use of a compass is more of an indicator of their job. For example, we have seen compass tattoos often used by those in the Navy.

33. Crown

The crown is a symbol of grandeur. Of Royalty. If you feel like you are completely in charge of your life, then a Crown tattoo could be a wonderful choice. We see crown tattoos as a great option for those who want a bit of symbolism on their chest. Some of the best Crown tattoos we have seen have been over the heart area. 

34. Dove

Doves indicate love and peace. We often see this one of the tattoo ideas used in combination with the names of deceased relatives. However, you don’t have to go down that route if you do not wish to do so. A dove tattoo can also be an option for those that are showing that they have a more peaceful and balanced attitude to life.

35. Egyptian

Egyptian tattoos have a lot of possibilities. In our minds, the best Egyptian tattoos are those that end up conjuring up feelings of Ancient Egypt. For example, tattoos of hieroglyphics, Egyptian Gods, or even mummies and pharaohs. Since Ancient Egypt was an incredibly important component in developing culture as we know it today, this can be a great choice. 

36. Medusa

Medusa is an evil God in Greek culture. So, why would you want to get a tattoo of an evil God? Well, because Medusa serves a pretty important purpose. This lass is so evil that she actually scares away other evil forces. Because of this, a lot of people see Medusa as a symbol that wards away other evil spirits. It is essentially a symbol of protection. 

37. Treasure

You could be a fan of pirates. You could have something that you really do treasure in your life, and you want to symbolize it in a tattoo form. Whatever your choice, a treasured tattoo could be a great idea for you. Some of the best treasure tattoos have involved treasure chests filled with the things that people care about the most…with a little bit of gold just to keep the theme going. 

38. Gorilla

Gorillas demonstrate strength and wisdom. In some cases, you may even see the gorilla as an indicator of community or family. Obviously, the gorilla is one of the closest animals to humans, which makes them pretty cool as it is. Sadly, wild populations of gorillas are falling rapidly. A gorilla tattoo could be a demonstration of how much you want this animal to stick around. 

39. Mandala

A Mandala is an ancient Asian symbol. It looks very similar to a geometric pattern. It is formed of concentric circles that are ever so slightly partnered. The meaning of the Mandala tattoo has changed a lot over the years. Nowadays, it is meant to be a demonstration of calm and tranquility. For some people, it may be a symbol of being close to nature. 

40. Moth

Moths are beautiful creatures. Some would argue that they are even more beautiful than the Butterfly. Just like the Butterfly, the Moth comes from a cocoon. This has resulted in the Moth becoming a symbol of rebirth and beauty. You will often find Moth (or Butterfly) tattoos used by those that are looking to take on new challenges in their life or put old challenges behind them.

41. Star

While stars do carry a lot of symbolism, the vast majority of people that we have seen get star tattoos don’t really care about this. They just love the fact that a star is a beautiful object. We suppose that if you did want to apply a bit of symbolism to the star, then you could see it as evidence of the vastness of space or the fact that you are a ‘star.’ 

42. American Flag

The American flag has always been the ultimate symbol of patriotism. Pair this with an Eagle, and you are just about as American as you can possibly get. The American flag is often used by those who want to show loyalty to their country. If you head into the military, we are fairly confident that the bulk of people you encounter will have an American flag. 

43. Portrait

Portrait tattoos are just drawings of other human beings (or yourself, if you really want). These tattoos are meant to show images of those that are special to you. In most cases, this is going to be your family members. In other cases, a portrait could be an image of somebody that has had a huge impact on your life, e.g., a celebrity or a musician. It may even be a cartoon character if you really wanted.

44. Clock

A clock symbolizes time (obviously). For many people that opt to get tattoos of clocks, the clock shows important moments in their life. For example, the clock’s hands may be stopped at the time that there is a big monumental shift in a person’s life. For example, when they made a life-changing decision, or their child was born. 

45. Elephant

Elephants are a staple part of Indian culture. Elephants are seen as creatures full of wisdom and are even a symbol of good luck. Other people just really enjoy the long trunks that an elephant has. No matter what you see in an elephant, we reckon that this is going to be one of those great tattoo ideas. After all, it is a cool animal.

46. Geometric

Geometric tattoos are just tattoos that are heavily patterned. The pattern is the same throughout, normally straight-edged shapes. You will need a highly skilled tattoo artist to pull off a proper geometric pattern. Geometric tattoo ideas are normally selected because they look insanely cool when produced well. However, some people may also see them as a symbol of relaxation.

47. Roman Numerals

Want some numbers tattooed onto you but want to be a bit cooler than the norm? Great, some Roman numerals will probably go down a treat. The only real choice that you need to make here will be the numbers that you want to get tattooed onto you. Some of the most common Roman numerals are dates of birth or important dates in a person’s life.

48. Scorpion

Scorpions are creatures that mostly have negative symbolism attached to them, e.g., death, destruction, and all-around evil. Of course, this has never stopped somebody from getting a Scorpion tattoo. The scorpion is a great-looking creature, after all. We find the scorpion tattoo often works incredibly well when part of a whole set of tattoos, just do you don’t look like you are in a gang or something like that.

49. Spiderman

Spiderman is probably one of the coolest superheroes in history. Part of the reason why he became so popular is that people related to the struggles that Peter Park went through when he wasn’t donning his Spider suit. If you love Marvel comics or movies, Spiderman is probably one of the best tattoos you can get.

50. Superman

Superman tattoos work incredibly well as a chest tattoo. After all, one of the most iconic images in the world of comics and comic-related movies will be Clark Kent pulling his normal clothes off and exposing the Superman logo on his chest. Although, of course, if you are a fan of DC Comics in general, feel free to get that Superman tattoo anywhere you want on your body.

51. Tree

Trees are a symbol of life and growth. Some people see them as a symbol of rebirth or showing that they have grown into a strong person that is capable of dealing with anything life throws at them. While there are various tree species out there, whenever they are used as a tattoo, it is almost for the life and growth symbolism.

52. Demon

Sure, demon tattoos are meant to highlight some of the evilest characters in religion. However, let’s be honest, some of the demons look a whole lot better than angels. You get horns. Winged beasts. Evil looks. It is fantastic. We can see demon tattoo ideas being heavily used in gothic tattoo selections.

53. Octopus

You may not know this, but the Octopus is one of the most intelligent species in the ocean. The Octopus is a problem solver. Watch any documentary about an octopus, and you will see how they often overcome some of the most complicated of trials. Because of this, the octopus symbolism has often been tied heavily to that of intelligence and wisdom. You can also check more ocean tattoo related ideas.

54. Sun

The sun is often a symbol of life and rebirth. It may even be a symbol of having a shining, positive light on your life. Some of our favorite sun tattoos have featured the sun as part of a beautiful landscape scene. If you really wanted, you could combine this with a portrait. Some people have tattoos of their children inside of the sun. 

55. Sunflower

The sunflower is a symbol of growth, luck, and happiness. The sunflower is an incredibly fast-growing plant. Some of the best sunflower tattoos have multiple sunflowers, often with the sun beating down on them. They look absolutely gorgeous. Sure, the sunflower isn’t the most beautiful flower in the world, but the symbolism is.

56. Swallow (Bird)

There is a bit of a debate about the symbolism of a swallow. Some people see the swallow as a bird of loyalty. Others see the swallow as a bird that shows that you can overcome life’s hurdles. While many people do not get swallow tattoos on their own, they often get swallow tattoos that are part of a nature scene. 

57. Bull

Bulls carry a lot of symbolism. They are most commonly held to be a symbol of strength and loyalty. However, bulls can often be a symbol of fertility too. One of the cool things about the bull tattoo is that this is a tattoo idea that has been used throughout history. In fact, if you go back to prehistoric times, you will see many images depicting the bull. 

58. Celtic

Celtic tattoos are for those with Celtic heritage. This normally means Scotland and some parts of Ireland. Celtic tattoos often take the form of Celtic text, runes, or just general symbols. In some cases, it may even be of imagery that is close to the Celtic culture. Sure, the Celtic culture has long since disappeared, but there is no reason why it can’t form part of a tattoo, right?

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59. Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is the symbol of death. This is how some people see this tattoo idea. Actually, that is how the vast majority of people are going to see this tattoo idea. We like to see it as a symbol of life. As a symbol that death is always there and that you should attempt to lead your life in the best way possible while you are still around.

60. Koi Fish

Koi are a symbol of luck or uniqueness. Koi fish are some of the most expensive fish in the world. Some variants are highly prized and could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the great things about a Koi tattoo is that you get to enjoy an image of some of the most beautiful Koi variants without spending a ton of cash!

61. Samurai

Samurai have played a key role in ancient Japanese culture. The Samurai is seen as a people that are loyal to the last. This means that many of the people that get Samurai tattoos are showing that they have loyalty, dedication, and strength. Others may interpret a Samurai tattoo as an indicator of skill. 

62. African

The range of African tattoos is so vast that you can’t really pinpoint one potential route to go down. We suppose African tribal tattoos could be fine here, as are images that are heavy in African culture. Some people may even want to get the flag from an African country, or maybe even a few African animals were thrown in there.

63. Anchor

Anchor tattoos show that you are grounded in life. As you can probably guess, this is one of those tattoo ideas that tend to be favored by those that sail for a living. It is no surprise that the most common group of people to have an anchor tattoo are those that are in the Navy or perhaps in the fishing industry.

64. Aries

Aries tattoos are used by those born between the end of March and the middle of April. Obviously, the symbol for Aries is a goat. You probably don’t need much more of an explanation s to why Aries tattoos are used by people. 

65. Deer

Deers are meant to symbolize kindness and elegance. Some people see the deer as a symbol of peace. Others may just love to watch the Bambi movie. We like to see the deer as a good omen. It is meant to show that good things are going to be coming your way in life. Put a deer tattoo on yourself, and you will always be reminded of that. 

66. Diamond

Diamonds are a symbol of the things that we desire in life. They are a symbol of privilege. They are a symbol that you are special. That is what years of marketing have told us about diamonds, and a lot of that symbolism is passed on over to diamond tattoos. Just a simple diamond image can work wonders.

67. Good vs. Evil

The typical good vs. evil tattoo will have angels a9ainst demons. These tattoos can be held to mean a whole host of different things. For example, some people will see the good vs. evil tattoo as a representation of two sides of a personality. Others may see this tattoo as good triumphing over evil.

68. Gothic

Gothic tattoos have their roots in books from Edgar Allen Poe, literally the Grandfather of Gothic culture. Gothic tattoos work exceedingly well when they cover a whole body. Expect darkened images, evil-looking creatures, and maybe a raven or two.

69. Hawk

Hawks are stunning birds. They are often seen as a symbol of independence, strength, and intelligence. They hold a lot of meaning in the supernatural world too. While the hawk could easily work as one of the standalone tattoo ideas, we find that incorporating a hawk into a landscape scene works even better.

70. Lotus tattoo

The lotus is a tattoo that is meant to symbolize purity. In some cultures, it may even be a symbol of rebirth and enlightenment. This is one of the better tattoo ideas for those that want something to symbolize a new stage in their life. The great thing about a lotus tattoo is that you can have it as a smaller tattoo. It doesn’t lose its meaning like that.

71. Mountain

Mountain ranges are some of the most beautiful locations in all of nature. These are huge natural monuments that have stood the test of time. Therefore, it stands to reason that mountains are often seen as a symbol of stability. Try to incorporate mountain ranges into stunning landscape scenes. 

72. Panther

Black Panthers hold a lot of meaning in Christianity. They are often seen as a protective spirit of Christ. Those that opt to get panther tattoos often see them as protective in nature. Other people see the panther as a kind animal that is always looking out for others. You can see some of the latter symbolism in The Jungle Book.

73. Spartan

Spartans are ancient Roman warriors. While you can easily get a whole Spartan tattooed onto you, we find that this is one of the tattoos that works best when you get something like a Spartan helmet. It means that it doesn’t need a whole lot of space. It should probably come as no surprise that these tattoos are shown as a sign of loyalty and strength.

74. Galaxy

Galaxy tattoos show the vastness of space. A lot of the people that we have seen use galaxy tattoos use them as a symbol of how all of their problems are quite minor in comparison to everything going on around them. Others see galaxy symbols as a sign that we are a cog in a big machine. 

75. Iron Man

Iron Man tattoos are great for those that are lovers of Marvel comics. We find that some of the best Iron Man tattoos feature the classic reactor that Tony Stark has built into his chest. So, get one of the tattoos on your chest, and it is going to look awesome!

76. Buddha

Buddha is a key symbol in Buddhism. He is meant to symbolize peace, tranquility, and being one with the planet. This is one of the few religious tattoos that people get without actually being religious themselves. It helps to remind people that they should remain grounded in life and maybe try to relax a little bit.

77. Skeleton Tattoo

Skeleton tattoos are just cool. They don’t really symbolize anything. However, a skeleton tattoo (particularly a skull) or skeleton hand are always going to look like a rather stunning sight. We often see skeleton tattoos incorporate into gothic tattoos. 

78. Flower Tattoo

As we have said several times throughout this page, flowers can have a whole lot of meaning. The flowers that you choose, like lotus flower or orchid tattoo will always convey different meanings. Some of our favorite tattoos have involved fields of flowers. It means that you can get a ton of different plants in there, each conveying a slightly different message.

79. Memorial

Is there a date or a person in your life that has special meaning to you? Has that person long since passed? A memorial tattoo could be a good idea. It will help you to remember that the person is close to you always. 

80. Brother Tattoo

We admit that brother tattoos are hardly the most common tattoos in the world. However, if you have a sibling that you are particularly close with, then you may want to get a tattoo of them. These tattoos are often used as a memorial of sorts, but they don’t have to be.

81. Sister Tattoo

Just like brother tattoos, sister tattoos are not all that common. When we have seen them, they are often used by two sisters that are close to one another. They will get matching tattoos to show the affinity that the two of them share.

82. Mother Tattoo

Mother tattoos are up there with some of the most stereotypical tattoos you can get. You know, the types of tattoo with a heart with ‘Mom’ written on it. Still, they are stereotypical because they are common. Why not show your love for your mother?

83. Father Tattoo

Were you especially close to your father? A father tattoo could be a great idea. It doesn’t just have to be the name of your father either. Some people have used these tattoos to highlight the things that they enjoyed doing with their father, e.g., sports. 

84. Grandparents Tattoo

Sadly, grandparents are often the very first people in life that we are going to lose. A lot of people feel immensely close to their grandparents, and a tattoo is one of the better ways to remember them. Even decades after they have passed, you will be able to remember that you were so close to your grandparents and that they really cared about you.

85. Graffiti

Graffiti tattoos are another type of tattoo that doesn’t really carry a whole lot of meaning. They are often just stylized artworks. Graffiti text can look awesome. A lot of graffiti relies heavily on stencils, which can really shine through in the tattoos that you receive. 

86. Nature

No particular symbolism here. Nature is a massive branch of tattoos. It could include landscapes or individual animals, or plants. You will have to find something that particularly resonates with you as a personö We are sure that you have been able to pick up a fair number of symbolism ideas from this page. 

87. Dove

The dove is a symbol of peace and tranquility. You can use a dove tattoo if you plan to enter a new stage in your life. You can also use them to immortalize the people you have lost in your life. 

88. Watercolor

Obviously, you can’t have actual watercolors as a tattoo. However, a good tattoo artist will be able to replicate the effect of a watercolor tattoo. The best watercolor tattoos will often feature epic landscapes or perhaps portraits of those closest to you.

89. Date

If a special date holds meaning to you, then it could be used as a tattoo. For example, we have seen people use date tattoos to remember the day that they got married or the birth of their children. 

90. Faith Tattoo

We have covered a few different tattoo ideas on this page. Faith tattoos are tattoos related to your religion. For example, you could use crosses or Jesus if you are a Christian. If you are a Buddhist, then a tattoo of Budda could be a viable option.

91. Space Tattoo

You have plenty of choices when it comes to space tattoos. Some of our favorite options include starry skies or planets. Some people may get a little bit more fantastical in their approach and opt for little aliens or spacecraft. 

92. Mexican Tattoo

Mexican culture is broad. You have both ancient Mexicans (Aztec) and modern Mexican culture to dive into. If you have close links with Mexico, we are sure that cultural ideas will jump out at you. It could even be something as simple as getting the Mexican flag tattooed onto your body.

93. Funny Tattoo

Sometimes, you just want people to let out a hearty chuckle when they are looking at your tattoos. For that, you need a funny tattoo. There are tons of options here. For example, you may have a favorite joke that you want to be written on you. You may want to have a caricature image too. The choice is yours! Some people even get memes.

94. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

In the Swedish novel, the tattoo on the back of Lisbeth plays a key role in the book. The dragon is large, but it is iconic. If you love literature or Swedish culture, this may be one of the tattoo options you want to roll with.

95. Brad Pitt Snatch Tattoo

The tattoos that Brad Pitt has in Snatch are absolutely iconic. There are a few of them. You have cats: Mary Magdelene and the Last Supper. You could go for all of them, or you could pick and choose from the tattoo options in the movie. 

96. Red Dragon Tattoo On Back

A Red Dragon tattoo could be a great shout if you are close to Asian culture, mainly Chinese. These tattoos are meant to symbolize love, passion, and even loyalty. These tattoos will often take up your whole back! They are huge. 

97. Aquaman Tattoo

The tattoos on Aquaman are very geometric in nature, almost like fish scales, we suppose. They cover both arms and a bit of the chest. Of course, if you don’t feel like getting your whole body covered in these tattoos, then you can just opt for a small tattoo of the Aquaman logo.

98. Angelina Jolie Wanted Tattoo

The cool thing about Angelina Jolie’s tattoos in the Wanted movie is that they mix her own and fake tattoos. These tattoos included meaningful quotes and a back tattoo that is almost tribal in nature. 

99. Robert de Niro Cape Fear Tattoos

The Cape Fear tattoos that Robert de Niro wore are iconic. The cool thing about these tattoos is that they had an almost roughness about them, which is similar to his character. There was no overarching theme, just a variety of tattoos that clearly meant something (including some of the ideas that we discussed on this page!). Your Cape Fear tattoos can involve all the elements or parts you love the most.

100. George Clooney From Dusk Till Dawn Tattoo

The George Clooney tattoo in From Dusk Till Dawn is symbolic. It doesn’t really have any point in the movie. It is just a tattoo. However, it was George Clooney’s idea to get the tattoo done. He figured it really played into the personality of his character. For those that may have forgotten, the tattoo featured in From Dusk Till Dawn is a long flame tattoo, almost tribal in nature, that goes from Clooney’s neck all the way down his arm.

101. John Wick Back Tattoo

In John Wick, Keanu Reeves has a tattoo across his back in Latin. This reads (when translated) ‘Fortune Favors The Bold.’ This could be an awesome tattoo idea for anybody that is interested in some sort of quote. It could even be in Latin (Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat) if you really want. It is meant to show that taking risks in life is always a good thing. That is how you get lucky.

102. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction doesn’t really have any standout tattoos. However, for many people, this is a fantastic movie. There are plenty of iconic images that you can pick up from Pulp Fiction that you could include in your tattoo ideas. For example, you may want to go down the route of a dancing John Travolta, or maybe an image of that briefcase.

103. Taxi Driver

Robert de Niro films always seem to be great for tattoo ideas. Obviously, there are no standout tattoos in the movie. However, we have seen some awesome tattoo ideas that people have used to signify some of their favorite scenes in the movie. For example, some people have used images of Robert de Niro pointing his gun or even topless.

104. Al Pacino Scarface

The look of Al Pacino in Scarface is iconic. Honestly, show the movie poster to somebody, and they will instantly be able to tell that it is the Scarface movie. We have seen a lot of people use Al Pacino Scarface tattoo ideas. Most of them will just involve Al Pacino just ‘staring.’ We suppose that it is going to be similar to most of those portrait tattoo ideas.

105. Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) Tattoo

Sure. Joaquin is not the most iconic Joker. However, when everybody else is getting Heath Ledger Joker tattoos, why not have a break from the norm? It isn’t like Joaquin Phoenix looks awful in the movie. We find that the look of his Joker is much more grounded. It still makes for a wonderful tattoo idea.

106. Spiritual

Spiritual tattoos can cover a whole host of different areas. For example, some of the spiritual tattoo ideas may cover spirit animals and the like. Others may opt for religious symbols, flowers, or various icons. We think the key here is to try and get a spiritual tattoo that really taps into who you are as a person. These tattoos always come out incredibly well when you have given them a bit of meaning.

107. Henna Style

For many of us, the first experience that we ever have with a tattoo is henna. This is one of those spray-painted black tattoos, often made using stencils. They disappear after a week or two. Why not get a henna-style tattoo? Just a tattoo that is all black with a very stencil-like appearance. These tattoos can be a good idea if you are going for something a little bit more simplistic and smaller. 

108. Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is a key part of some Native American cultures. The dream catcher is said to be a charm that pulls in good luck. A lot of people also claim that the dream catcher is said to capture bad dreams that you have. In many Native American cultures nowadays, the dream catcher is still used in a rather traditional way. It is only since the 70s/80s that the dream catcher started to be used outside of these cultures.

109. Chakra

Chakra is a key part of your body used for meditation. They were originally part of Hinduism, but they have spread throughout various cultures. There are numerous ways in which you can get Chakra tattoos. Our favorite is to have images over some of the key Chakra focal spots on your body. Other people just want a tattoo that helps them to relax a little bit.

110. Third Eye

The third eye is a spiritual eye. It is a new sense. In various cultures, the invisible third eye is said to be a gateway to a higher realm where we can really understand what is going on around us. Now, the traditional place for a third eye is in the middle of the forehead. We can’t imagine that there are many people that are happy with forehead tattoo ideas. However, you can really have the third eye placed anywhere that you like on your body.

111. Son

Parents often have their children tattooed onto them. Son tattoos can be a great choice here. For example, one of the tattoo ideas is to get your son’s name and date of birth tattooed somewhere on your body. We suggest that you try and save a little bit of space, though. You never know when you are going to get more children to add to the list!

112. Daughter

Daughter tattoo ideas will be very similar to the son tattoo ideas. This means that you will have the name of your daughter tattooed onto your body somewhere. Couple this with their date of birth, and you can always feel as if your child is close to you! If you want, you could even try and get matching tattoos with your daughter. This way you will always feel close together.

113. Maori

The Maori people are native to Polynesia. As a result, their tattoos are often called Polynesian tattoos. These tattoos are incredibly important to Polynesian culture, so it isn’t really something that we suggest that you get lightly. Each of the tattoo styles has symbolism attached to it. If you are planning on getting a Maori tattoo, then we suggest that you research the symbolism of each to decide which option is the right one for you.

114. Mayan

Mayan tattoos, of course, tap into ancient Mayan culture. These tattoos often feature ancient S7outh American symbols. A lot of these tattoos are very geometric in their shape. Circles played a heavy role in Mayan culture. Of course, you can use Mayan writing, their gods, or even images of Mayan temples when you are trying to generate Mayan tattoo ideas.

115. Hawaiian 

Hawaiian tattoos are very similar to Polynesian tattoos. This means that they aren’t really tattoos that you should be taken lightly. Each tattoo will have its own specific meaning. Still, if you are very close to traditional Hawaiian culture, then we see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to generate your own tattoo ideas here!

116. Ambigram

An ambigram is a tattoo that will require the use of a very skilled tattoo artist. The idea of an ambigram is that it can be viewed from either the top or the bottom. The idea is that when the word is flipped, the word will stay the same or take on a whole other meaning. If you are interested in this type of tattoo, then we suggest that you search for Ambigram tattoo ideas, mostly because this tattoo style needs to be produced in a very specific way.

117. Arabic

If you are close to Arabic culture, then you can consider certain Arabic tattoos. For example, there may be words that hold a specific meaning to you. These can then be written in Arabic. We are going to be completely honest here, Arabic words look absolutely beautiful as a tattoo. Just make sure that you get a proper tattoo artist that knows how to write in Arabic!

118. Chinese

Chinese tattoos are probably some of the most common written tattoos. It seems that people absolutely love Chinese writing, even if they are not close to the culture at all. If you have a word or saying that means something to you, then you can almost certainly have it done in Chinese. However, as with Arabic tattoos, make sure you choose a good tattoo artist. We have heard of some horror stories!

119. Disney Characters

A lot of us grew up with Disney. As a result, a lot of us have our favorite Disney characters. The cool thing about Disney character tattoo ideas is that you don’t really need to have them look all that childish. We have some more adult-orientated Disney characters used as tattoos. For example, there are some epic Disney pin-up tattoos out there.

120. Angel Wings

Angel wing tattoos are probably going to be a great choice for the more religious folk among us. Angel wings can be a sign of protection from God. In other cases, they are a way to bring luck. We have even seen some people refer to their angel wing tattoos as a sign of rebirth and a sign of their faith. However you wish to interpret it, these tattoos look great.

121. Badass 

Obviously, badass tattoos can carry a different meaning for people. The way we like to see it, the badass tattoos are the ones with a touch of ‘aggression’ or horror in them. For example, these tattoos work especially well if you have skulls, images of death, or maybe even the scarier of animals. Basically, badass tattoos to us are the coolest of the cool. 

122. Eye Tattoo

Eye tattoos are often those used by those that want a third-eye tattoo. This means a sign of spirituality, traditionally on the forehead, but most people do not go down that route nowadays. Eye tattoos can also mean that you are always keeping a watchful eye out, just a small amount of extra protection. 

123. Best Friend

Have you got a friend that has been with you through thick and thin? Care about them a lot? Have you lost a best friend that was close to you? You could always consider immortalizing them forever in a best friend tattoo. They are going to absolutely love you for it. Although, we do suggest that you ask their permission beforehand. Some people aren’t fans of this one of the tattoo ideas!

124. Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoos can take many forms. Some of our favorite couple tattoos feature ‘half and half’ tattoos. This means that each of you has half of a tattoo (traditionally a heart), and that image can only be complete when the two of you are together. Of course, you can also go down the more simplistic route and have each other’s names put on you. Although, do bear in mind that you should probably be in a stable relationship before you do this!

125. Matching Tattoos

Some couples will have matching tattoos. This means you both have exactly the same tattoo. This may be something small like a heart or something so much larger. The idea is that the tattoos are exactly the same. You will often choose something that is completely unique to your relationship. It really helps to bring two people together.

126. Couple Finger Tattoos

If you want something a little bit smaller, then couples could get matching finger tattoos. It doesn’t really have to be anything too extravagant. It could be a small symbol or a letter. In an ideal world, you could even have matching tattoos here. This way, it shows that the two of you were always destined to be with one another! 

127. King and Queen Tattoos

King and Queen tattoos can take on many forms. Of course, the most popular tattoo ideas here will be King and Queen crowns on couples. However, if you really want to go all-in, then you could opt for an actual image of your favorite Kings and Queens of history. Although, admittedly, the latter option is a lot less popular. 

128. Couples Ring Tattoos

One of our favorite tattoo ideas, at least for couples, will be a ring tattoo. If the two of you get married, why not get a ring tattooed onto your finger? It is so much more permanent and probably a whole lot more affordable than stumping up the cash for a Diamond ring. This is something that can’t be removed too. 

129. Traditional/Old School/American

These tattoos mean different things to different people. For example. some people may see these tattoos as a sort of dive into Native American culture. For others, these images may be more modern Americana. For example, Eagles, American Flags, or even key parts of American culture (your favorite President, perhaps?)

130. Trash Polka

Trash polka is a very modern tattoo style. It comes from Germany. Trash polka normally relies heavily on photorealistic images mixed with beautiful calligraphy. Trash polka images are almost always in black and red. It is important to note that the trash polka style is a very difficult art style to replicate. If you like this one of the tattoo ideas, then you best hope that you are choosing a quality tattoo artist to work with! 

131. Neo-Traditional

Neo-traditional tattoos are probably some of the most common tattoos that you will encounter. These tattoos can feature just about anything you want. Their hallmark will be the bright colors, thick lines, and a highly artistic look. When people want actual artwork on their body, then the chances are that it is going to be following a neo-traditional style.

132. Tiger

The tiger symbolizes strength and cunning. It is also often used as a military symbol, mostly because some people have claimed that the tiger also represents military intelligence. Some people just love tiger tattoo ideas because they love the whole theme of Asia. We love tiger tattoos because of the beautiful orange and white color combinations. 

133. Flags

Flags are the ultimate representation of your nationality. Get a flag of your nationality, and it will show that you are a true patriot. Of course, national flags are not the only potential flags that you can get here. For example, you can get flags that symbolize your sexuality, race, or even your college or university. There are so many potential flags out there!

134. Religious

Religious tattoos carry a ton of meaning…if you are religious. There are plenty of religious or spiritual symbols that you can think of. Think about what is most important in your religion. For example, if you are a Christian, then it may be imagery of Christ or the cross. If you are a Buddhist, then it may be an image of Buddha. The possibilities are endless.

135. Dog Portrait

While you could really have any dog that you want to be tattooed onto you, we feel that this is one of the tattoo styles that tends to work a little bit better if you are getting a tattoo of your own dog. It may be a tattoo of a dog that you currently own or one that has passed away. Do make sure that you have a great photo of your dog. This way, the tattoo artist will really be able to capture their personality! 

136. Cat Portrait

Just like dog tattoo ideas, a cat portrait is likely going to be a representation of your cat. We do hope that you have a good picture that people can copy. After all, cats are absolutely notorious for not staying still when you really want them to stay still! You will need a good tattoo artist if you really want your cat’s personality to shine through in these images.

137. Face Portrait

Face portraits are often going to be of somebody that is close to you. For example, we have seen some awesome face portraits of family members. These people may be alive, or they could be dead. If the person has passed away, then a face portrait could be a good way for you to be able to remember them. In other cases, the images may be of somebody that you idolize. 

138. Woman Portrait

A woman portrait can be an image of your lover or even your mother. You may even want to start generating tattoo ideas about people that you idolize. For example, this can be a strong, independent woman or your favorite musician. Basically, think about the people that have had an impact on your life.

139. Family Portrait

If you have been lucky enough to raise a family, then a family portrait could be a good choice. If you have a good reference photo that your tattoo artist can copy, then a family portrait can look stunning. It is a great way to ensure that you always have your family members close to you. You may want to make sure that your family is complete before you get one of these tattoos, though!

140. Geometrical

Geometrical tattoos are tattoos that draw on simplistic shapes drawn in simple line art. When these shapes are put together, they can create stunning images and patterns. While geometrical tattoos look rather simple, they do often require the use of a talented tattoo artist to really make them shine.

141. Geometric Wolf

A geometric wolf is one of the best wolf tattoos that you can get. For creating images, the geometric pattern is unique. We are positive that while you may run into people with wolf tattoos, you will rarely run into people with geometric wolf tattoos. Of course, the wolf is a symbol of protection, loyalty, and family.

142. Geometric Flower

Geometric flowers can look awesome. Most flowers really lend themselves to the geometric style as they are very symmetrical. Remember, with geometric tattoos; no color will be used. This means that you need a skilled tattoo artist to ensure that the tattoo looks as good as it possibly can do, i.e., you want to make it look like the flower you want. Choose the flower based on the symbolism you wish to convey.

143. Geometric Bee

Bees are vital to this planet. Seriously. This is where there is such a push to stop them from dying out. For thousands of years, bees have been a symbol of industrialism, spiritual message carriers, and even fertility. A geometric bee is one of the more unique tattoo ideas. After all, very few people get tattoos of bees, let alone in a geometric style. 

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144. Geometric Rose

The rose is a symbol of love and loyalty. For some people, it is even a symbol of strength. Geometric roses often come out looking stunning due to the way in which the head of a rose normally looks. This may be one of the geometric tattoos where you may want to inject the smallest amount of color. Don’t go over the top, though. The line art should speak for itself.

145. Color Tattoos

In 2022, the EU banned some colors from being used in tattoos. This included certain blue and green colors. The idea is to start heavily regulating the tattoo industry. The reason why certain colors were banned is because of the potential impact they can have on the human body. Color tattoos can still be great ideas, but the lack of availability of some colors may mean that you need to hold off on certain tattoo ideas, at least for now.

146. Gradient

Gradient tattoos feature a single color that slowly graduates from light to dark. It can create a striking look. If you are going to use gradient tattoo ideas, then we feel that this is a style that works especially well on simplistic-looking images. It can make line art images really shine. For example, you may want to combine this with geometric tattoo ideas.

147. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are beautiful creatures. They are often symbols of rebirth. After all, the butterfly goes into a cocoon looking like a rather ugly caterpillar, and it comes out looking strikingly beautiful. A lot of people that opt for butterfly tattoos do so because they are starting a new time in their life, and they want to show that they are reborn. Of course, there are also some people that just love the beauty of a butterfly. 

148. Color Wheel Tattoo

A color wheel tattoo does exactly what it says on the tin. It is just a circle with a variety of colors on it…very much like a wheel. The colors that you choose can be personal to you. We do suggest that you think long and hard about the colors that you want on your color wheel tattoo, though. You want them to be personal to you, but, at the same time, you want them to complement one another.

149. Black and Grey Tattoo

Because of the increased number of colors now being banned from use in tattoos, a lot of people are starting to opt for black and grey tattoo ideas. In our opinion, these tattoos can look tremendous. This is because the tattoos will lean heavily on the detailed line art. In many cases, these tattoos will often contain a whole lot more detail than a full-blown color tattoo.

150. Hourglass

The hourglass is, of course, a timer. It is a timer that carries a lot of symbolic meaning. A lot of people see the hourglass as a symbol of how time is fleeting, how every human is just counting the days until we die. Therefore, the hourglass is a nudge to try and live life to your absolute fullest. Combine an hourglass with wings for one of the more popular tattoo ideas.

151. Melting Clock

One of the more popular images produced by Salvador Dali is that of the melting clock. Of course, it is art. This means that you can read and interpret the artwork however you wish. A lot of people have taken the melting clock to be a symbol of how much control time has over us. It is a symbol of never having enough time., This means that a melting clock could potentially be used to show that you should be living life to the limit.

152. Pocket Watch

Another time-related tattoo idea is that of a pocket watch. A pocket watch, again, highlights the power that time has over us. However, you may want to use a pocket watch tattoo in other ways. For example, you could have the hands of the pocket watch clock stopped at a time that carries a whole lot of meaning to you.

153. Violin Key

If you are a lover of violins, then you may want to consider a violin key. Sometimes even a simple note can carry a lot of meaning for you. It can really showcase your affinity with music. In some cases, you may even want to pair the violin key with a few notes of a piece of music that carries a lot of meaning for you. For example, it could be the first few notes of the first song that you ever learned to play on the violin.

154. Music Notes

Music notes have always been a huge tattoo type among music lovers. We suggest that you don’t go down the random music note route here, though. Instead, choose a few notes from a song that carries a lot of meaning to you. In some cases, this could be your favorite song. In others, it may be a piece you wrote. Some people have even opted for music notes tattoos of the track they first danced with their partner too. 

155. Music Instrument

If you play an instrument, why not get a tattoo of it? In fact, you don’t even need to play the instrument. We have seen plenty of people get tattoos of guitars played by their favorite musicians. Iconic guitars here may include the Les Paul played by Slash or perhaps Johnny Cash’s world-famous acoustic guitar. Think about the instruments that will have the absolute most meaning to you. 

156. Microphone

Are you a singer? Your voice is your instrument. This means that you may want to look into tattoo ideas that feature microphones. In fact, you do not even need to be a singer if you want to enjoy this particular tattoo idea. We have seen stand-up comedians also get microphone tattoos. They tend to opt for an ever so slightly different look to the microphone, though. 

157. Birthdates

Birthdate tattoos will normally be the birth dates of the people that are closest to them in life. For example, you may want to choose the birthdates of your children. You can couple this with the name of your children or, in some cases, even a portrait of them. Most people just keep the birthdates, though. It is a nice and small tattoo that you are still able to pull meaning from.

158. Blackwork

Blackwork tattoo ideas are a very specific art style. When you get a blackwork tattoo, you are getting a tattoo produced only in black. It will often have nice and thick bold lines. The shading will almost always be solid black. There are a lot of tattoo ideas that you can pull from blackwork tattoos. For example, you will often find them used for geometric tattoos or perhaps for tribal tattoos. 

159. Filipino

Filipino tattoos are Asian tattoos that boast a unique art style. A lot of these tattoos have their roots in Filipino culture. Some take on board the Spanish influences that the Philippines has. Expect a lot of tattoos in a geometric style here. You may also find that Filipino tattoos make use of a lot of ‘sun images,’ etc. If you are Filipino, then we are sure that you will be able to generate tattoo ideas based on what you love the most about your culture. 

160. Turtle

Turtles carry deep symbolism. For some, a turtle is a reminder to slow down and enjoy life. They can also be a sign of patience and understanding. In some cases, you may even find that the turtle represents emotional strength. Of course, turtles are also incredibly cute animals, so you may just go with this one of the tattoo ideas because you love turtles.

161. Names

Name tattoos are pretty simple tattoos to describe. You get a name that has some sort of meaning to you. For example, this may be the name of your partner or your children. It may be the name of a close relative or even the name of somebody that you respected in your life. This can include the names of entertainers that people enjoy, particularly musicians. 

162. Numbers

Numbers can mean a lot to people. It could cover dates, ages, or even certain years. For some people, the numbers could be a number that carries a bit of luck to them. We are sure that you already have a rough idea about the types of numbers that mean something to you. Why not get a tattoo based on them? Try and get a good tattoo artist that will stylize the image for you.

163. Mythology Tattoos

Mythology tattoos will look at key figures from myths. This may include Greek and Norse Gods. It may include powerful items from mythology, e.g., King Arthur’s sword. It may even contain mythological creatures such as the Kraken. All of these myths are part of human history, so why not get some of them tattooed onto your body? Bonus points if they come from a culture that you are part of. 

164. Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology is full of wonderful stories. You have Zeus, father of all Gods. You have Hercules. You have Hades. You even have evil demons such as Medusa. Greek Mythology has heavily influenced the culture that we live in nowadays. In fact, Greek mythology has had a huge impact on the development of Christianity. Greek mythological Gods always look superb.

165. Norse Mythology

Norse mythology, of course, comes from the Viking period (and a bit before). Norse Gods such as Thor, Hod, Heimdall, and Loki were worshipped for centuries. Some of these Norse mythological Gods have worked their way into contemporary works. For example, you will find the Thor Marvel movies heavily laced in Norse mythology. If you have Viking or Scandinavian roots, then we are sure that you will be able to find Norse tattoos that can work well for you.

166. Greek Gods Tattoos

There are a lot of Greek God tattoos that you will be able to use here. For example, you could go down the route of the most powerful Gods such as Zeus, Aphrodite, or Apollo. You may even want to opt for the God of the Underworld, Hades. One of the cool things about Greek Gods is that they all have their own unique personalities. So, if you are looking for a God of Death, God of Love, or God of All, then you will find an option for your tattoo ideas here. 

167. Hades Tattoo

Hades is, of course, the God of the Underworld. While he is often depicted as evil, he isn’t really. The job of Hades was to help soothe the transition between life and death. There have been various depictions of Hades over the years. Some of the best involve him being paired with his three-headed dog, Cerebrus. This could make a great Greek Gods tattoo idea. 

168. Aphrodite Tattoo

Aphrodite is, of course, the Greek God of love and beauty. If you feel like getting a tattoo that shows off love, but you don’t want the traditional heart or rose, then a tattoo of Aphrodite could work. As you can imagine, all of the depictions of her have been absolutely stunning (that is the benefit of being the God of beauty!). Some even use Aphrodite tattoo ideas as a way to attract love into their life. 

169. Apollo Tattoo

Apollo is a Greek God that covers a lot of roles. Basically, you can think of him as the God of entertainment. He was the God of song and dance. For some reason, they also tried to incorporate him being the God of Archery in there too. In some variations of the Apollo myth, he is also seen as a God of healing and medicine. So, we are sure that you will be able to find some excuse to make use of this one of the tattoo ideas.

170. Ares God of War

Ares was one of the twelve Greek Gods that sat at the top of Mount Olympus. Basically, he and Zeus were tight. While Ares was the God of war, he was also the God of courage. A lot of people that rock a tattoo of Ares do so because they want to give themselves courageous strength. Obviously, he is not the most popular of Gods, so he always is a good shout if you want something a bit more unique. 

171. Mythological Creatures

Throughout human history, people have come up with ideas of mythological creatures. You have the beasts of the deep such as the Kraken. You have Unicorns. You have mermaids. You have the Yeti. All of these are creatures that have countless stories behind them, but nobody has proven definitively that they exist (they probably don’t). These mythological creatures make great tattoos.

172. Kraken Tattoo

The Kraken is a mythological octopus said to pull ships to their doom beneath the waves. The interesting thing about the Kraken is that we do have physical evidence of large Octopi, which is evidently what the myth is based upon. The Kraken tattoo is often a firm favorite of the sailors of this planet’s oceans. 

173. Unicorn Tattoo

Everybody knows what a unicorn is, right? It is a horned horse. It is the ultimate of mythological creatures. They appear in a lot of media. Some of them will appear sparkling and friendly, while others will have a bit of angry mood about them. Unicorn tattoos are often favored by both men and women. 

174. Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid tattoos have long been a choice for sailors. The mermaid myth stems from the months men would often spend at sea without a woman in sight. Legend has it that they started to mistake sea creatures for women. Mermaids have played a role in folklore ever since. Mermaids are beautiful creatures and can make great tattoos. 

175. Aztec Warrior Tattoo

Back when the Aztecs were still around, the Aztec Warrior was seen as a person with the highest status in society. They were seen as fiercely loyal and fiercely brave. For those that come from this part of the Americas, Aztec Warrior tattoos can make a great choice. There is just something about Aztec dress and weaponry that stands out so well on tattoos. 

176. Archangel Michael Tattoo

Michael is one of four archangels. He has a prominent role in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. As a messenger of God, he is very much a religious figure. It is Archangel Michael that is said to be the protector of Israel. Like most Angel tattoos, he is often used as a symbol for protection when worn.

177. African Warrior Tattoo

African Warriors (including the Zulus) were said to be some of the most feared warriors in the world. These guys were willing to fight to the death to protect their cultures and families. Even now, there are African warriors spread throughout various tribes in Africa. If you are close to certain African cultures, then you may want to consider African warrior tattoos. Consider the style of dress in the area that you hail from. This is a good sign to show courageousness. 

178. Female Warrior Tattoo

We haven’t had a whole lot of female warriors in history. However, when they have been around, they have had a huge impact. Take Joan of Arc, for instance. If you are a woman and want the ultimate embodiment of female empowerment, then why not consider female warrior tattoos?

179. Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus played a prominent role in Ancient Egyptian culture. It is a symbol said to provide feelings of healing and protection. Since Ancient Egyptian tattoos are all the rage at the moment, we are sure that some people will be able to integrate Eye of Horus tattoo ideas into the mix.

180. River Tattoo 

Rivers can symbolize life or a path a person is taking in their life. When people get river tattoos, they often feel at one with nature. River tattoo ideas will often work incredibly well in stunning landscape scenes. Of course, you will need a good tattoo artist to put this one of the tattoo ideas into practice. If you don’t have a good artist, it could just end up looking like nothing more than a blue line.

181. Tree of Life

In some cultures, it is said that everybody was born from the tree of life, and when we die, we are returned to the tree of life. This means that a tattoo featuring the Tree of Life could essentially be a symbol for both life and death. It could be a symbol for living the life that you want to lead right now. It could be a symbol of the place you will eventually return to.

182. Palm Tree

For some, the palm tree conjures up feelings of tropical paradise. For others, the palm tree is a symbol of eternal life and peace. If you long for far-flung tropical destinations, then a palm tree could be an awesome idea for a tattoo. 

183. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are known for blooming beautifully in the spring. Because of this, they are also taken to be a symbol of new life. It is the symbol of a new beginning. For those that want a tattoo that screams ‘rebirth,’ perhaps because they are taking a new step in their life, then a cherry blossom could be a great tattoo idea. They look great, too, when depicted in full bloom! 

184. Pine Tree

The pine tree has played an important role in some Native American cultures. In many of these cultures, the palm tree has been a symbol of peace and tranquility. When you have a pine tree tattoo, then you will be giving off the same overall feel. It is meant to make you feel so much calmer about your life. 

185. Willow Tree

When you look at a willow tree, the draping branches almost feel as if it is hugging you. It gives shelter. For this reason, the willow tree has long been seen as a symbol of safety and protection. For those that want a tattoo that depicts a protective tree, then the willow could be an awesome choice. 

186. Oak Tree

The oak is one of the longest-lived trees. There are oak trees that have been around for centuries. Because of this, they are seen as a symbol of durability, toughness, and the ability to continue to grow up strong. Many people that get oak tree tattoos see them as a reminder that no matter what they go through in their life, they will be able to come out a whole lot stronger for it. 

187. Bonsai Tree

Because bonsai trees can come in a variety of different species, there isn’t one universal meaning behind them. Instead, it will all be dependent on the species of tree that the bonsai was taken from. Still, some people have taken their tattoos of bonsai trees to mean that even the most beautiful of things can come in small packages. 

188. Aspen Tree

The Aspen tree had a key role in Greek Culture. In Greek mythology, when a hero held a shield, it would be made from Aspen wood. Because of this, tattoo ideas that feature the Aspen tree are said to be symbols of protection and strength. 

189. Dead Tree

As you can imagine, a dead tree is said to be a symbol of death. They are mostly going to be used in tattoo ideas that lean heavily into the death theme, or perhaps in Gothic-inspired tattoos. We can think of nothing cooler than a dead tree next to something like the Grim Reaper.

190. Family Tree

Do you want to commemorate your ancestors? Why not get a family tree tattoo? One of the cool things about a family tree tattoo is that you will be able to expand it as your family grows! You can make the family tree as large or as small as you like. 

191. Celtic Tree of Life

The Celtic Tree of Life is one of the most beautiful pieces of Celtic imagery. The circular image, with the tree in the center of it, is said to represent the harmony between the forces of nature. It is also taken to be a representation of wisdom and strength. This is one of our favorite Celtic tattoo ideas. 

192. Tree Roots Tattoo

You don’t ever get to see the tree roots, but it is the tree roots that help the tree grow. It keeps the tree in place and helps to ensure that the rest of the tree gets the nutrients that it needs to thrive. It can be said that the tattoo idea that feature tree roots show that a person is grounded or that they are relying on grounded elements or people to help them grow into the person that they can be. 

193. Joshua Tree Tattoo

The Joshua Tree is a tree that can grow in even the harshest of conditions. Some people have seen the Joshua Tree as a symbol of being able to grow, even in the most dysfunctional of environments. Because of this, a lot of people opt for Joshua Trees. We have they have gone through a particularly tough period in their life and have come out relatively unscathed. 

194. Olive Tree Tattoo

Olive tree tattoos are said to represent peace and friendship. Because olive trees grow in groves, some of our favorite tattoo ideas here have depicted several olive trees together. It almost works as a symbol of protection.

195. Redwood Tree Tattoo

Redwood trees are some of the longest-lived trees on the planet. There are Redwood trees that have been around for over 1,000 years, and they are still growing strong. If you walk through a Redwood forest, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by their grandeur. Because of this, Redwood tree tattoos are said to showcase growth, wisdom, and strength. 

196. Birch Tree Tattoo

Birch tree tattoos are another type of tattoo that is said to represent growth and fertility. You have a few different tattoo ideas to choose from there, so we are sure that you will be able to find something that aligns with the symbolism that you want, plus the tree style you want.

197. Sakura Tree

The Sakura Tree produces the national flower of Japan. Because of this, the Sakura tree plays a firm role in Japanese culture. It is often seen as a symbol of optimism. So, if you need a more positive outlook on life, then the Sakura could be just the ticket.

198. Tree Branch

Tree branches are said to represent new paths or new directions. Some see the tree branch as a symbol of transformation, as each new branch growing from a tree represents a change in the look of that tree. If you are taking a new or transformative look at your life, then a tree branch tattoo could be a good representation of that.

199. Tree Of Gondor

Love the Lord of the Rings? Who doesn’t? Well, the Tree of Gondor could be one of the better tattoo ideas for you. In the book series, the Tree of Gondor symbolized strength. It was a symbol of beauty. Stick this on your body, and you will be giving off the same sort of vibe. Of course, using the Tree of Gondor can also show that you have an affinity with literature.

200. Evergreen Tree

Evergreen trees are trees that are constantly in bloom. This means that if you have an evergreen tree as a tattoo, it could potentially indicate that you are going through a period of extensive growth. It could be a symbol of life or perhaps even rebirth. The evergreen tattoo works well as a tattoo idea when you have a large natural landscape to place it in.

201. Peach Tree Tattoos

The Peach Tree is a symbol of longevity, health, and long life. Many people who get peach tree tattoos do so because they have managed to get through a particularly tough time in their life, e.g., they have had a bit of a health scare. Interestingly, you don’t have to get a complete peach tree. The peach fruit also shows the same symbolism that the tree does.

202. Aliens

If you are one of those people that believes that there is life out there somewhere in the solar system, then alien’s tattoos could be tremendous for you. Obviously, you have countless aliens that you can choose from. People have reported abductions, and we even have a ton of movie aliens that you can opt for. Either way, this is one of the best sci-fi tattoos that you can get.

203. Alien Head

The alien head tattoo is for those that want an alien tattoo but maybe don’t want the entire body. These tattoos tend to be of some of the more symbolic aliens that you can get. For example, many people have reported encounters with the typical grey alien! Let’s be honest, a lot of alien head tattoos can look a whole lot better than a complete alien body.

204. Alien Spaceship

Seen a UFO? Just want a cool spacecraft or saucer sort of thing. Of course, you can go the whole hog and get some incredibly scary alien spaceships. You may even want to look at some of the top movies for alien spaceship tattoo ideas, e.g., Close Encounters of The Third Kind. You may even want something like the Death Star from Star Wars, one of the largest spaceships ever.

205. Alien Hand

Alien hand tattoos are somewhat unique. When most people get alien tattoos, they tend to think of alien tattoos of whole bodies or heads. This is because an alien hand is a whole lot less recognizable. Still, the best tattoo ideas are those where you can afford to get a bit more unique, and an alien hand will certainly fit into that category.

206. Alien vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator is a movie. Of course, you have a couple of different aliens that you can choose from in these movies, which means that you have more than one alien to choose from! Do you prefer some of the scariest aliens in history, or do you want a more human-looking alien? The choice is yours. Of course, this tattoo is perfect for those that want a movie-focused tattoo.

207. Small Tattoo Ideas For Men

Sometimes, when you get a tattoo, you don’t really want anything too big—a small tattoo, perhaps on the wrist or the shoulder blade. Small tattoos are very much going to be aesthetic tattoos, just a way to try and jazz up the way that your body looks. Small tattoos are, of course, going to be the cheapest tattoos that you can get. Do bear in mind that you won’t be able to squeeze as much detail into one of these tattoo ideas.

208. Big Tattoos

Big tattoos are very much a ‘go big or go home sort of tattoo style. When you get big tattoos, you will be getting something that is incredibly detailed. You want one of these big tattoos to be the part of the body that people focus on. The best big tattoos will be landscapes, portraits, and a whole host of other ideas.

209. 3D/Realistic Tattoos

3D/realistic tattoos are going to require a very talented tattoo artist. This is because they rely on a lot of top-quality shading. The whole idea of one of these tattoos is that you will get an image that looks incredibly realistic: a very detailed portrait or landscape scene. The best tattoo artists will have various techniques to use to create that realistic look.

210. Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

Hyper-realistic tattoos will be tattoos that require a second glance. These are tattoos that look incredibly real. As you can imagine, they will require the talents of a skilled tattoo artist to make them look perfect. These tattoos will often be copied from reference material rather than a pure freehand tattoo, so make sure that you bring an image that you really enjoy.

211. Broken Glass Tattoos

Broken glass tattoos have a very 3D look to them. The idea is that you have a realistic tattoo, and it is surrounded by things that look like broken glass shards. These broken glass shards look very 3D in style. It is almost as if you are gazing into a portal when you look at the image behind them. We recommend looking up a few tattoo ideas for broken glass tattoos to see how they work.

212. Artistic Tattoos

Artistic tattoos are tattoos based on classic art styles. This means the sort of art style that you will often find adorning art galleries around the world. As you can imagine, there are a lot of different artistic styles to choose from. Many of the people that go down this route of tattoo ideas tend to choose artistic tattoo styles from some of their favorite artists in the world.

213. Abstract

Abstract tattoos are a very modern art style. At least in recent history, these tattoos were made popular by artists such as Pablo Picasso. These abstract tattoos take realistic pictures and abstract them into simple components, maybe shapes. You can clearly make out what the abstract tattoo is trying to depict, but it does it in an incredibly unique way.

214. Sketch

Sketch tattoos may look like they are simple tattoos, but they are anything but. They require a lot of skill when it comes to shading and line art. Sketch tattoos look like the sort of images that you would be sketching out on a sketchpad. These tattoos tend to work best when you are going for portraits or landscape scenes. A lot of sketch tattoos are generated from ideas from the person being tattooed.

215. Paint Brush Stroke

As you can probably guess from the name of this one of the tattoo ideas, a paintbrush stroke tattoo will create a look very similar to somebody painting a picture. These tattoos will often be packed with a whole lot of color. They will take the skill of a talented tattoo artist to bring to life; otherwise, you just end up with just a colored image.

216. Dot Work

Dot work tattoos are some of our favorite art styles. With a dot work tattoo, the artist will be putting thousands of dots on your body. There will be small gaps between these dots. When you look up closely, you will be able to see the dots. When you look at a dot work tattoo from a distance, it will create a beautiful image. It is a very good effect.

217. Line

Line tattoos are very simplistic tattoos, but when they are put in the hands of a skilled tattoo artist, they can look great. Line tattoos are very similar to sketch tattoos. However, there will often be no shading. Line tattoos often work the best when you have an outline of a simple image. This will most likely be a symbol or even a portrait.

218. Minimalist

A minimalist tattoo really pulls an image back to the absolute basics. It often makes use of solid colors and lines. There will be very little detail, but it is evident what images the minimalist tattoo is looking to depict. These tattoo ideas are going to be perfect for those people that want simple tattoos without huge amounts of detail but still want something that is pleasurable to look at.

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219. Negative Space

Negative space tattoos don’t just look at the parts of the tattoo that are shaded in, but they will also make use of the space around the tattoo—known as the negative space. These tattoos will often rely on a combination of inks and your skin to create a ever so great look. It is a very hard tattoo style to replicate, so make sure that you choose a quality tattoo artist!

220. Cover-Ups

If you already have a tattoo that you aren’t a fan of, then you will be able to look into cover-ups. When you get cover-ups, you will be either completely covering up the tattoo, or you will be changing small details to create a new look. There are tattoo artists that specialize in creating cover-ups.

221. Blast Over

A blast-over tattoo is normally the route to go down if you have an entire tattoo that you do not like. A blast over will, as the name suggests, completely cover up the old tattoo. Because you do not want any part of that old tattoo shining through, then the blast over tattoo will normally be completely black or over darker colors.

222. Calligraphy Tattoos

Calligraphy tattoos will cover a lot of different bases. Basically, calligraphy tattoos will be written tattoos. The font will be unique. In some cases, the font doesn’t even need to come from the English alphabet. Some of the best calligraphy tattoos will use Chinese and Arabic text for the look they create.

223. Stick and Poke Tattoos

A stick and poke tattoo is an incredibly traditional tattoo look. In fact, it was the only tattoo that you could get before they invented the modern tattoo machine. A stick and poke tattoo will involve a small amount of ink being placed onto the end of a needle. This will then be jabbed into the skin. Stick and poke tattoos are great for those that want a tattoo that looks a little bit ‘rougher.’

224. Biomechanical Tattoos

Biomechanical tattoos are unique tattoos. A biomechanical tattoo is meant to be a view into a person’s body. The tattoos will often line up with organs, bones, and muscles. However, the peek into the body will be unique. It will give the impression the person is mechanical on the inside. So, think along the lines of pistons instead of bones and cogs instead of joints.

225. Aesthetic

Aesthetic tattoos are fashion tattoos. They are often small tattoos designed to give a small hint of flair to certain parts of your body, normally the shoulders or the wrist. You can think of an aesthetic tattoo as being like a fine piece of jewelry. It is just a piece of jewelry that you are going to be walking around and wearing for the rest of your life.

226. Cartoon

Cartoon tattoos are great for those people that want a tattoo of their favorite cartoons from their childhood or even now. Cartoon tattoos are often incredibly bright in color. Some of them will often be paired with quotes from these cartoon characters. For example, a picture of Bart Simpson saying, “Eat My Shorts” or your favorite pokemon tattoos.

227. Anime

If you love anime, then we are sure that you may be able to find a tattoo or two that you like from the world of anime. What about an image of your Waifu or something like that? One of the best things about anime characters is that many of them are going to be highly detailed, and they can convey a lot of personality in a single image.

228. Contours

Contour tattoos are very basic tattoos. They will often be lines that contour around specific parts of your body, e.g., your lips or even your muscles. The idea is that a contour tattoo will draw attention to these parts of your body. In some cases, they will give those parts of your body a little bit more depth or definition.

229. Silhouette

Silhouette tattoos are pure black tattoos. We suppose the best way to describe them is almost like a shadow. When you get a silhouette tattoo, you will be having an image created in pure black. It is meant to be the outline of the image that you are trying to depict. Traditionally, a silhouette tattoo will be a portrait, but most tattoos ideas could work here.

230. Muscle Tattoos

Muscle tattoos can take on many forms. For example, you may want to get a muscle tattoo that is essentially a contour. You will have lines surrounding the outside of your muscles to bring more definition to them. The other option is to have actual muscles tattooed onto you, almost like a peek into the human body.

231. Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac tattoos are perfect for those that are into their star signs. Of course, in most cases, when somebody gets zodiac tattoos, they will get an image that represents the star sign that they were born under. In other cases, it may be the star sign of somebody that is close to you, e.g., lovers or your children.

232. Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. Of course, it is often given to those born between June and August, although whether you sit under the Cancer sign will be dependent on the year that you were born. A Cancer zodiac tattoo will be depicted as a crab, although we have seen people go down slightly different routes too, e.g., the whole zodiac.

233. Leo Zodiac

The Leo star sign is for those born between July and August. One of the coolest things about the Leo Zodiac is that there are plenty of routes that you can go down. You have the simple Leo logo, which is just a bit of line art. However, if you are Leo, then you get the benefit of being under a Lion star sign, and we all know how great lion tattoo ideas are.

234. Taurus Zodiac

Taurus is the earth star sign. It is meant to show somebody that is at one with the nature that surrounds them. Just like with the Leo star sign, you have a pretty cool animal to represent you. We are sure that you will have no issues squeezing a bull into the look of your tattoo. The Taurus star sign can also be a sign of luxury and comfort.

235. Scorpio Zodiac

It turns out that almost all of the star sign tattoo ideas are cool. If you were born between October and November, you might fall under the Scorpio zodiac. This means that you may be able to get a scorpion tattoo. Of course, scorpion tattoos have a lot of symbolism beyond their use in a star sign too, so you may want to consider whether that symbolism means anything to you.

236. Gemini Zodiac

Geminis, born between May and June, is said to be the people that have the most personality to them. It is said that Geminis are some of the funniest people that you will ever meet in your life. If you want 0ne of the best representations of who you are as a person (if you believe in horoscopes), then Gemini tattoo can be the route to go down.

237. Libra Zodiac

Libra zodiac signs are the most unique star signs. Not just in terms of the personality that the Libra is meant to cover either. It is the fact that it is the only star sign that utilizes something other than a mythological being or animal. Scales represent the Libra zodiac. You may also want to use this one of the tattoo ideas if you want a symbol of balance in your life.

238. Aries Zodiac

Aries zodiac signs are for those born between March and April. The Aries is represented by a ram, another insanely cool creature for your tattoo ideas. If you do not want to get a tattoo that features the animal, then you could also get a Mars tattoo. After all, this is the planet that you would have been born under.

239. Anatomical

Anatomical tattoos are used to depict organs, bones, and other body parts. Some of the best anatomical tattoos will line up with your real body parts. It will almost look as if the tattoo is giving a window into your body. Although, of course, there are other routes that you can go down here. For example, you may just want to get a picture of a realistic eye somewhere on your body.

240. Culture Tattoos

Culture tattoos are tattoos tied to specific cultures (who could have guessed from the name?). There are many cultures that lean heavily on the use of tattoos to depict the status of a person in society or their accomplishments. Of course, it is probably best to only get cultural tattoos if you are heavily part of a specific culture.

241. Symbols

Symbols tattoos are small tattoos that carry a message. History is packed to the brim with symbolism, so we are sure that you will be able to find plenty of tattoo ideas there. Just look for a symbol that depicts your personality, what you want from your future, or a culture you may belong to.

242. Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is a symbol that shows that our life is without an end, how we are always trying to improve ourselves and get through the absolute toughest parts of our lives. The infinity symbol often works best as a small tattoo on our wrists. Of course, you may also just want to use the infinity symbol if you are a fan of math.

243. Family Symbol

The family symbol is a reminder of your family. It can be one of the better tattoos to get if you want to remind yourself of the family, but you aren’t a massive fan of getting all of their names tattooed onto you, or maybe one of their portraits. Again, just like most symbols tattoo ideas, these are going to work well on your wrist.

244. Strength Symbol

The strength symbol is meant to remind you of how strong you are as a person. We have seen people get these tattoos when they have faced a lot of adversity in their life. We reckon a strength tattoo could be a good choice for those that have gone through something turbulent and want to remind themselves that they should keep facing forward.

245. Chicano

The Chicano tattoo is a symbol often claimed by Mexican-Americans. In recent history, the term Chicano tattoos have often been used as tributes or memorials to people. The artwork for Chicano tattoos will often be very Mexican/American expired. Basically, a blend of the two cultures.

246. Gangster Affiliation Tattoos

Obviously, if you are not part of a gang, you may not want to get one of these tattoos! It could end up causing you all sorts of issues. If you are part of a gang, then you probably don’t need us to tell you to get gangster affiliate tattoos. Still, we thought that we would point them out to you. After all, gangster affiliation tattoos are some of the more popular tattoos.

247. Lost Loved Ones Tattoos

If you have a loved one that you want to be reminded of, then lost loved ones tattoos are a great tribute. You can go down several different paths with this one. For example, you may opt for a full portrait of the ones that are closest to you. In other cases, you may want to just get their name and a small tribute, perhaps their death date, somewhere.

248. Glow In The Dark UV Tattoos

Glow in the Dark tattoos is some of the more unique tattoos you can get right now, although sadly, there are fewer options available due to not every tattoo artist offering glow-in-the-dark UV ink. With these tattoos, the tattoo will glow when the lights are turned off. It is a great effect. It works best when you have a line art tattoo.

249. Mambo / Destrutturato Tattoo

Mambo tattoos take realistic objects and deconstruct them into simple parts. We suppose that mambo tattoos are very abstract in style. These tattoos often feature bright colors and objects that may be meaningful to a person. Since this is a fairly new art style, you may have to hunt around to find a tattoo artist that can help you out.

250. Steampunk

Steampunk tattoos are becoming more and more common. For those who don’t know what steampunk is, then it is an art style that is a blend of traditional and modern elements. For example, you may have a robot, but it may be running on steam. As bad as the movie ‘Wild Wild West is, this is a good representation of what steampunk images can be like.

251. Spiritual

Spiritual tattoos are meant to show that you are very spiritual as a person. They are meant to show that you are in tune with the spiritual realm. That you have guiding forces. As you can probably imagine, a good number of these tattoo ideas will focus on cultural elements, e.g., Dream Catchers and Chakra tattoos.

252. Henna Style

Henna tattoos hail from the Indian subcontinent. When you get a henna tattoo, you will be getting beautiful partners adorned on your body. Traditionally, these tattoos would have been temporary, and the inks would have come from the henna plant. The symbols that you get are very spiritual in their look.

253. Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are part of Native American culture. For those unaware, a dream catcher is a device meant to catch those ‘bad dreams.’ It is very much a symbol of protection. In the 70s/80s, the idea of a dream catcher started to become more well-known outside of Native American culture, and many people often use this style.

254. Chakra

Chakra points are parts of the human body that are said to be focal points for meditation. It is something that is heavily steeped in Asian culture. Many of those people that opt to get Chakra tattoos do so to highlight the key focal points on their bodies. If you are into meditation, this may be one of the tattoo ideas you may want to go with.

255. Third-Eye

The third eye is one of the most spiritual tattoos that you can get. A third eye is supposed to be an invisible eye that every one of us has. When we activate our third eye, we are able to see into the spiritual realm. A third eye tattoo is supposed to symbolize that our eyes are open to spiritualism. This tattoo is traditional on the forehead, but you can really get it anywhere that you want on the body.

256. Car

Who doesn’t love a good car? If cars have been a part of your life for a while, then car tattoos could be a great choice. You have plenty of options too. Some people may get a tattoo of their very first car, and other people may go down the path of the car that they have always dreamed of. In some cases, you don’t even need to get a whole car tattoo. A tattoo of a brand logo could also work well.

257. Dog

Do you love dogs? Awesome! Then we are fairly confident that there will be plenty of dog tattoo ideas that you can go with. Some of our favorite dog tattoo ideas will feature images of people’s favorite pets. Although, of course, you could just get a tattoo of a dog breed that you love or even your childhood animal. The choice is yours when it comes to tattoo ideas!

258. Horse

Horses are some of the most popular tattoos. Some people love horses, although, of course, owning a horse takes up a whole lot of space and money. So, if you are a fan of horses but don’t have one of your own, then a horse tattoo could work! Of course, this option is always going to be a great choice for those that do own a horse and want an image of their horsey friend!

259. Ant

Ant tattoos are often some of the more unique tattoos. After all, we can’t imagine that there are that many people that think to get ant tattoos. However, we love the symbolism behind ant tattoo ideas. In our mind, an ant tattoo is a representation of being a hard worker. It is a representation that you can carry even the heaviest of burdens with ease. Although, of course, we also suppose that an ant tattoo could be a representation of you being a cog in a massive machine.

260. Moon

If you love space, then moon tattoos could be an option for you. The moon is an important symbol in many cultures. In some cultures, you may find that the moon represents immorality. It may represent that life goes on. In other cultures, the moon may be seen as a symbol of feminity. You could even turn it into a symbol of horror if you pair it with a werewolf.

261. Poker Tattoo

If you love playing poker, then poker tattoos can be a great choice. Although, we have seen people get poker tattoos when they have barely ever played poker. These tattoos (normally playing cards) will symbolize gambling. It could even be a symbol of luck. This could reflect the type of life that a person has opted to lead.

262. Dices Tattoo

Dices tattoos can work for a whole host of different people. For example, we have seen dice tattoo ideas for keen lovers of Dungeons & Dragons or board games. We have seen other people that get this type of tattoo because they love a good old game of Craps. Like most other tattoos, this can also be a choice for those that want symbolism, i.e., dice tattoos could symbolize luck.

263. Cards Tattoo

There are 52 cards in a deck of cards. Each one could potentially have its own meaning. The symbolism for each of these tattoos will often be based upon what a person wants to see on a card. For example, you may see a Joker tattoo as a symbol of being a funny person. You may see a King or Queen as your status in society. Hell, you could see a spade tattoo as a symbolism of love for archaeology.

264. Sword Tattoo

Sword tattoos are a representation of strength. They are warrior tattoos. These tattoos are often used by the type of person that wants to show that they have tackled life head-on. We see tattoo ideas featuring swords as being a symbol of overcoming adversity or reminding somebody to always fight for what they believe is right.

265. Coffee Bean Tattoo

The coffee bean tattoo is, of course, a firm favorite among coffee lovers. However, this isn’t the only thing that the coffee bean is said to reflect. Some people claim that the coffee bean is meant to be an indicator of wisdom. Other people may see the coffee bean as a symbol of creativity. In other cases, it may be a symbol of a revolution in life.

266. Clown Tattoo

Clown tattoos are pretty self-descriptive in the type of symbolism that they put forward. Clown tattoos are often used by those that believe that they have a bit of a funny streak about them. However, we also find that clown tattoos can also work incredibly well for those trying to have a slightly more positive outlook on the life they are leading.

267. Wheat Tattoo

We know that wheat is often not going to be the first thing that springs to people’s minds when it comes to tattoos. However, wheat has carried a lot of symbolism throughout history. For example, wheat tattoos are often seen as a symbol of fertility or rebirth. The great thing about this one of the tattoo ideas is that the wheat can be a pretty small tattoo, or you may want to opt for an entire field of wheat.

268. Guns Tattoos

Gun tattoos have often been a firm favorite of Americans that want to protect their Second Amendment rights. If you want to go all out on the freedom narrative, then you may want to combine the guns tattoos with American flags or Eagles. This is a type of tattoo that has been especially prominent in the American military.

269. Feather

Feathers have come to carry a lot of symbolism. Feather symbols are often an indicator of being connected to a higher realm. Some people have seen the feather as a connection that somebody has with the angels. Others may see the feather as a symbol of floating freely through life unhindered. If you want even more symbolism, you can choose a feather tattoo that matches up with a symbolic bird.

270. Arrow

An arrow isn’t just an arrow. It is a symbol for somebody that has achieved their goals in life, or perhaps as a reminder to always strive to meet the goals that a person has. The choice is yours. In other cases, the arrow can be seen as a symbol of Native American culture. In other cases, these tattoos are a symbol of protection.

Where To Get a Tattoo?

We want to wrap up this list of 300 tattoo ideas by giving you an idea of some of the places where you could potentially have the tattoo placed. We will give a rough idea of the sort of tattoo that could work in these locations, i.e., big or small, landscape, portrait, that sort of thing. 

271. Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos are probably the most popular tattoo types. Arm tattoos will often be sleeves. The best patterns for arm tattoos will often be tribal patterns, or maybe something that is a bit more artistic. Because the arm tattoo tends to be one of the more prominent locations to have the tattoo placed, you want to make sure that it is going to look fantastic.

272. Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Men

Forearm tattoos are almost as popular as arm tattoos. They are often a choice for those that still want to have the tattoo in a prominent location, but they don’t particularly want the entirety of their arm taken up. Forearm tattoos are often going to be used for artistic looks, lettering, and various symbols (if you opt for the wrist tattoos). For more inspiration, check our article on best forearm tattoos for men.

273. Face Tattoo

We admit face tattoos are probably not as popular as some of the other tattoos on this list. This is because many people are not fans of having permanent tattoos on their faces. Still, a face tattoo could work if you want small images. Although, we have seen plenty of people have full-face tattoos too. Do bear in mind that if you get a face tattoo, you may find that employment issues become far more limited. 

274. Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are great for those that want smaller tattoos. We have found that finger tattoos seem to work especially well for those that want lettering or symbols. Basically, nothing that will take up a huge amount of space. These tattoos are often used by those that want couples’ rings tattoos too.

275. Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are a great choice for those that want something a little bit more aesthetic. Although, we have seen people get whole neck tattoos. A lot of the images that you will place on the neck are similar to the sorts of images that you would place on your arm. Although, do bear in mind that the tattoo artist is going to have a far smaller surface that they can work with. For more inspiration, check our article on best neck tattoo ideas for men.

276. Thigh

Thigh tattoos are among the most popular tattoos on the leg. This is because the thigh is going to be a pretty large canvas that you can work with. This means that you have a lot of space to get incredibly artistic. We find that stunning tribal patterns are some of the best tattoo ideas for the thigh. However, you could really put anything that you want here.

277. Chest Tattoo ideas For Men

The chest is the largest canvas on your body. When you want an epic piece of artwork in the form of a tattoo, then the chest is probably going to be where you want it to end up. Chest tattoos are going to be highly artistic. People may get landscape scenes, portraits, etc. Other people may opt for something a bit smaller and get names or dates. Others may have the names of their loved ones tattooed over their heart. Check chest tattoo ideas for men, for more inspiration.

278. Behind The Ear

Behind the ear, tattoos are going to be quite aesthetic in their style. These are for those that want smaller tattoos. Some of the more common behind-the-ear tattoo ideas will involve names, place names, flags, and symbols. It may even be star sign images or silhouettes. 

279. Inside Lip Tattoo

Inside lip tattoos are often going to be quite small. You don’t really have a lot of space to work with, and this area is often going to be an exceedingly painful place to get a tattoo. The most common inside lip tattoos will be names, numbers, and smaller symbols. 

280. Wrist Tattoo

For many people, the wrist tattoo is one of the first tattoos that they get. This is because the wrist is a very small canvas. A lot of wrist tattoos will often be very personal in nature. This means that a wrist tattoo may be a symbolic tribute, family names, etc. Since you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you aren’t going too over the top.

281. Biceps Tattoo

Biceps tattoos are going to be a good place for most arm tattoos. These will often be combined with triceps tattoos. However, an image just on the front of your arm could be great. Artistic tattoos work well here; after all, this is going to be one of the more prominent tattoos that you can get. Well, at least in the common tattoo locations. 

282. Triceps Tattoo

Tricep tattoos are perhaps not as popular as bicep tattoos. This is because the bicep is at the back of the arm. Still, just like most arm tattoos, the tricep tattoo is going to be an option for those that want something very artistic. Portraits and muscle contours work well when you are getting a tricep tattoo. 

283. Elbow Tattoo

Elbow tattoos, at least on their own, are not all that popular. However, as you have probably picked up from this list of tattoo ideas, it is often the more unique tattoos that work the best. Small images work best on the elbow. It is quite a bony location, after all. 

284. Knuckle Tattoo

The typical knuckle tattoo will feature lettering or symbols. Perhaps the most common of knuckle tattoos is LOVE on the one hand and HATE on the other. Although, we are sure that you will be able to come up with your own tattoo ideas here. Maybe 8-10 symbols that really mean something to you and what you stand for in life?

285. Back Tattoo

The back has always been a popular place for tattoos, particularly the lower back. We know that there are some people that scream that lower back tattoos can seem trashy, e.g., the lower back butterfly. However, we don’t think it is. Just try to ensure that you get an image that is unique to who you are. Don’t go down the stereotypical route. 

286. Inner Wrist

Inner wrist tattoos are a good ‘first tattoo’ idea. They are often for personal imagery. This means names, symbols, and maybe important dates. There isn’t a lot of space here, so don’t expect to get something that is very detailed.

287. Eyebrow

Eyebrow tattoo ideas are often going to be very practical tattoos. We have seen a lot of people use eyebrow tattoos in a bid to make their eyebrows look a little bit fuller. They are a great substitute for using makeup every single day.

288. Shoulders

Shoulder tattoos will often sit high up on the shoulder blade. Most of the more common shoulder tattoos will be aesthetic tattoos. You won’t really be getting a full work of art there. Names, dates, and symbols could work well for those looking for a shoulder tattoo.

289. Rib Cage

Rib cage tattoos are going to be very similar to chest tattoos. This means that you may want anything from an epic work of art to a few symbols and names. Since the heart is located under the rib cage, you may find that a heart tattoo works well on the rib cage.

290. Spine

Spine tattoos are cool as hell. A lot of them will actually be anatomical tattoos, i.e., they will try and draw images of the spine into the tattoo. If you don’t feel like that, then longer, thinner images work well for the spine area. Perhaps a snake.

291. Stomach

Stomach tattoos are not massively popular, but, as always, this means that they are unique tattoo ideas, and they can always be a good shout. Stomach tattoo ideas will normally be landscape scenes. We have actually seen a lot of women get stomach tattoos to help remind them of the children they were carrying. 

292. Calf Tattoo

Calf tattoos work well for those that want larger, artistic scenes on their leg. Some of the best calf tattoos that we have seen involve tribal patterns or landscape scenes. This isn’t really an area where names and symbols work too well. The space is too large to work with. You want to make the most of it.

293. Feet

Feet tattoos are the ideal place for images that are personal to you. After all, your feet are not going to be on show all that often. Since this can be quite a painful place to get a tattoo, most people will keep things simple. This means names and very small images. We have found that flower tattoos work well on the tattoo. 

294. Buttocks

Buttocks tattoos are another area that is much more personal to people. Not many people are going to be seeing your buttocks, after all. Anything from names and symbols to humorous works of art could work well on the buttocks. Just remember that after getting a tattoo here, it is going to be quite painful to sit down!

295. Eyelid Tattoo

Eyelid tattoos are not all that common. When most people get eyelid tattoos, they will often get an image that looks like an eye. It is a unique look. Although, of course, small names and symbols could also work.

296. Back Thigh Tattoos

Back thigh tattoos are good for those that want a beautiful bit of art on their leg. We have also seen some people get back-thigh tattoos with names and small symbols on them. These tattoos will often pair well with the front thigh tattoos.

297. Pubic Area Tattoos

The pubic area is probably the most private area of your body. Because of this, highly meaningful tattoos are often placed here. Perhaps not your children’s names, but the name of your partner, heart symbols, or personal symbols will work well.

298. Hip Tattoos

Hip tattoos will often feature small pieces of text or symbols. It is very rare that you will find epic art pieces here unless they are connected to the thigh. 

299. Vampire Lips

300. Barbed Wire Tattoo

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