Super Mario Tattoo Ideas


Super Mario Tattoo Ideas

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In the video game industry, one of the top titles in the Super Mario Bros.

This franchise has many game versions, merchandise, film, and television series production. Gamers probably have s strong bias towards Super Mario Tattoos.

The iconic characters in the franchise are also the inspiration for numerous cosplays and costume party ideas.

Check the list below for Super Mario tattoo ideas that will show your love for the game.

1. Super Mario Foot Tattoo 

One of the charms of the Super Mario franchise is the adorable design. This Super Mario Foot Tattoo features a close-up of Mario smiling with flowers surrounding him. This vibrant design is cute and pleasant to see.

2. Mario Jumping Tattoo 

Players of the Super Mario game probably know that the move you have to master is jumping. This Mario Jumping Tattoo pays tribute to the staple skill every gamer should know. No matter what world Mario or Luigi are in, victory is dependent on jumping skills.

3. Super Mario Mushroom Tattoo 

In the Super Mario universe, there are a lot of cute characters. One of them is the Mushroom people. These creatures have their heads covered with a mushroom that looks like a brimmed hat. This Super Mario Mushroom Tattoo is an example of that.

4. Mario Leg Tattoo

This colorful Mario Leg Tattoo showcases Mario in action. He is on the run capturing coins, claiming stars, jumping over Piranha Plants, and fighting off Goombas. There is no dull moment in the world of Super Mario.

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5. Boo Tattoo Mario

The Boos are hostile ghost-like creatures introduced in Super Mario Bros 3. They often attack when the backs of their victim. They can turn invisible, fly, float, fast and invulnerable. This Boo Tattoo Mario design features the fiercest Boos of them all, King Boo.

6. Super Mario Tattoo Sleeve

Do you want to incorporate pop art into your favorite Super Mario character? You can consider this Super Mario Tattoo Sleeve. This design has Mario’s face drawn and splashed with multiple colors. His eyes also have different layers of hues, as if he is hypnotized. To add a playful touch, his tongue is also sticking out adorably.

7. Super Mario Brothers Tattoos

Mario and Luigi are one of the most popular siblings in the gaming world. Why have one when you can have both? This Super Mario Brothers tattoo showcases the brothers inked on each leg. And, of course, they have to be in the iconic jumping pose.

8. Super Mario Star Tattoo 

The star is an important item in the world of Super Mario. Whenever a player gets their hands on it, they become invincible. This cute Super Mario Star Tattoo shows it as harmless. But don’t be fooled; having this is a sure way to victory.

9. Mario Holding Beer Tattoo 

Have you ever imagined Mario doing normal things? This Mario Holding Beer Tattoo is a fun image of the protagonist enjoying casual activities. A hero does need to have a day off. A cold mug of frothy beer is a good idea.

10. Pixel Yoshi Tattoo 

Yoshi is the dinosaur-like character in the world of Super Mario Bros. He is a close ally of the two brothers. This Pixel Yoshi Tattoo is an ode to its debut in Super Mario World during the 1990s.

11. Pixel Mario Tattoo 

Avid fans of Super Mario Bros probably feel nostalgic when they see this Pixel Mario Tattoo. This image is a tribute to the first visual appearance of the iconic video game hero. From its humble pixelated roots, the platform has become a leader in the evolution of video games.

12. Super Mario Toad Tattoo

Toad is a supporting member in the video game. He is another ally of Mario and Luigi and a trusted servant of Princess Peach. This Super Mario Toad Tattoo shows his distinct features. In some variants, he is also a playable character.

13. Super Mario Watercolor Tattoo 

This Super Mario Watercolor Tattoo is as vibrant as the game series. The design features a resident of the mushroom kingdom with a colorful head. This body art design is suitable for those who love sparkling and lustrous presentations.

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14. Super Mario Bullet Tattoo 

Mario is one of those video game protagonists that can dodge a bullet. This Super Mario Bullet Tattoo features the hero jumping over the enemy. The villain has sinister eyes and a devious smile that spells trouble.

15. Super Mario and Gang Tattoo 

Do you want to have an all-star cast of the Super Mario Bros franchise? This Super Mario and Gang Tattoo is a perfect choice. It features all the leads, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and the invincible star. 

16. Whimsical Super Mario on the Race Track Tattoo 

This Whimsical Super Mario on the Race Track Tattoo features the trio of heroes on their vehicles. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach are in the lead against their archenemy King Koopa. Shout out to the Mario Kart fans; this is for you.

17. Super Mario Hand Tattoo 

Are you looking for an adorable tattoo design for your hands? Check out this colorful Super Mario Hand Tattoo. It features a close-up photo of our chubby hero in action. No matter how dire the situation is, Mario always looks adorable.

18. No Color Super Mario Tattoo 

Do you prefer getting inked with traditional black? Video game fans can consider this No Color Super Mario Tattoo. The image shows the likeness of the game hero minus the loud colors.

19. Pixelated Super Mario Support Tattoo 

Every hero has people backing them up to earn success. This Pixelated Super Mario Support Tattoo shows the characters that support Mario and Luigi. Toad is the dependent ally, the Fire flower, power up feather, and the invincible star. Thanks to them, fighting evil is a bit easier.

20. Super Mario and Princess Peach Matching Tattoo

The main mission of different Super Mario games is to rescue the lovely Princess Peach. This Super Mario and Princess Peach Matching Tattoo show the two in a reunion after going against all odds. This design is suitable for couples who love this game.

 21. Super Mario and Yoshi Tattoo

Mario and Yoshi’s alliance has come a long way. The depth of their trust in each other is featured in this Super Mario and Yoshi Tattoo. The dinosaur is always ready to carry our hero to every adventure that awaits them.

 22. Super Mario Black and White Tattoo 

Black and White is a classic design that creative minds love. This elaborate Super Mario Black and White Tattoo are full of details. It features Mario battling out a gang of villains accompanied by a star and a level-up mushroom.

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23. Super Mario Bob-omb Tattoo 

In the Super Mario universe, there are villains called Bob-omb. They are small living species that look like bombs that walk around. This Super Mario Bob-omb Tattoo shows the creature in full color with its detonator lighted up and ready for the countdown.

24. Super Mario Villain and Mushroom People Tattoos

The battle between good and evil is depicted in this Super Mario Villain and Mushroom People Tattoos. The allies of king Koopa are seen here heading towards the mushroom folks. It’s going to be a battle to remember.

 25. Super Mario with Boos Tattoo 

This black and white Super Mario with Boos Tattoo shows how the scheming Boos work. They often attack the back of our hero. But even if they have stealth, Mario has enough experience to sense them every time.

26. Super Mario King Koopa Tattoo

The main nemesis of the Super Mario World is the powerful King Koopa. He is strong and breathes out a fireball that scares his enemies away. However, he met his match when the Mario Brothers came into town.

27. Super Mario Toads Escaping in Warp Pipe Tattoo 

The Super Mario universe is full of different dimensions. To travel into these locations, the player has to go down a warp pipe. This Super Mario Toads Escaping in Warp Pipe Tattoo shows how it works.

28. Classic Super Mario Scene Tattoo

This Classic Super Mario Scene Tattoo shows how the routine of the game goes. Mario has to overcome villains like the goombas and Turtles. He has to jump over the Piranha plants. Plus he needs to collect coins, growth mushrooms, fire flowers, and stars to win the game.

29. Super Mario Warp Pipe Tattoo

This unique Super Mario Warp Pipe Tattoo shows the hero jumping out of one. These structures are also used as leverage to hit boxes that contain precious coins. The half gray scale and half colored body of Mario are good parallelisms to what the warp pipe represents.

30. Super Mario Piranha Plant Tattoo

Not all dangerous things need to walk to be a threat. It is what this Super Mario Piranha Plant Tattoo reminds players. The Piranha Plant bites quite a wallop and results in severe damage if taken for granted.

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