27 Rick And Morty Tattoo Ideas


27 Rick And Morty Tattoo Ideas

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Rick and Morty is, without a doubt, one of the most famous cartoon TV shows around right now. It has developed somewhat of a cult following.

It should probably come as no surprise that Rick & Morty tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos around. There are plenty of Rick and Morty tattoo ideas too.

We are going to take you through 27 of the absolute best Rick And Morty tattoo ideas we have managed to find.

Remember, you do not have to copy these Rick and Morty tattoo ideas directly. Part of the reason why we have given you this list is so that you can take a look at several ideas and try and come up with something unique to you. Of course, make sure that you choose a good tattoo artist to ensure that everything is done fantastically well! 

We are going to kick off this list of the best Rick & Morty tattoo ideas with one of our favorites. This brightly-colored image of Rick is absolutely stunning. You are sure to turn heads when you rock this tattoo on your arm…or just about anywhere that you want to wear it. It is a richly detailed image too, far better than anything that you would saw if you watched the cartoon. We are willing to bet that it took a pretty damn talented tattoo artist to put this one together. Not everybody can pull off this design style. 

The art style on this tattoo is pretty basic. We know that it is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. However, we are going to include it on this list. Why? Because not everybody wants to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a tattoo. Not everybody wants to be sitting in a tattoo artist’s chair for hours on end. They want to show off their love for Rick and Morty still. This tattoo is still great. It isn’t brightly colored, but we find that it still manages to capture the essence of the animation. 

Normally, when you get animation tattoos, they tend to be quite intense in coloring. After all, that is what animation is. This is why we were surprised to stumble across a Rick & Morty tattoo that was in black and white. You know what? We love it. This is another tattoo that clearly had a talented tattoo artist working on it. This is because the artist has managed to capture the emotions of the characters without any color being involved. This is something that is ridiculously difficult to do.

As you will likely see as we go through this list of the best Rick & Morty tattoo ideas, the bulk of them are going to feature Rick. Very few of them feature Morty. Part of the reason behind this is the fact that Rick has a variety of guises over the course of the show. You have the inter-dimensional travel to thank for that. In our opinion (and we know that some of you may disagree with this), the look of Rick in this image is one of the best that we have seen. It really helps with the little pops of color that have been added to the tattoo. 

If you have read the various posts that we have put on this website, then you will know that we are fans of the weirder tattoos, and this particular tattoo idea is really reaching into the realm of the weird. Obviously, Rick and Morty feature in this tattoo, but unless you are looking quite hard, you would never know it by their distorted faces. The art style is superb, and it is really a huge departure from the TV show. This is what we love about coming up with your own tattoo ideas. Sometimes, you get something that is 100% unique. 

Again, we have another simple black and white tattoo here. This tattoo idea is even simpler than the previous option. It is just a line drawing, and we love it. Not only is this type of tattoo probably going to be fairly affordable for Rick & Morty fans on a budget to picking up, but the artist has still managed to clearly showcase that it is Rick & Morty in the image. They have captured a cool little scene from the TV show. If you want a simple tattoo, consider a line art tattoo like this. 

It would likely be difficult for us to write an article on the best Rick & Morty tattoo ideas without bringing up the classic Pickle Rick. In fact, this character is going to feature several times on this list. He is that iconic. Of course, if you do go down this route, you should bear in mind that Pickle Rick tattoos are seen as some of the nerdiest Rick & Morty tattoos that you can get. They are also incredibly common, so you best think long and hard about whether this is really something that you want. If it is, then make sure that you choose a unique way of showcasing your love for the pickle. 

We actually love this tattoo idea. Obviously, it is clearly Rick. This means that it is going to be great for fans of the TV show. However, it puts him in a devil style. This is something that is going to come with its own symbolism. So, you get two tattoo ideas for the price of one here! As you can see, it is a rather simple design too, so it shouldn’t even cost you too much to get it done.

This Lil’ Rick tattoo once again features Rick in one of his many guises. We are assuming that his guise here is some sort of rap star. Again, this is the type of tattoo where you can get a couple of ideas rolled one here. If you are a fan of Rick & Morty and a fan of rap, then you are pretty much going to be covered with this one of the tattoo ideas! 

Yep. It was only a matter of time before Pickle Rick had to make another appearance on this list. As we said before, this is a tattoo style that is insanely popular. This means that you are going to need to try and come up with something a bit more unique if you want to stand out from the crowd. That is exactly what this tattoo does. You have Pickle Rick sitting in a bowl of food. Why not make this your favorite Pickle-based food?

Guns and cartoons. Does this make a healthy tattoo combination? You bet it does! Obviously, in this tattoo, you have a picture of Rick holding a gun. So, we suppose it is one of those tattoos which is going to be loved both by Rick & Morty lovers as well as gun lovers. We certainly enjoy it! 

This is one of the coolest tattoo ideas that we have seen. The person that had this tattoo carried out claims that it is Harry Potter inspired, but you can’t really tell. There is a ton of color in this unique tattoo, and we absolutely love the way that Morty is coming out of Rick’s mouth as a snake. Once again, we really do want to point out that it is so important that you try and go for the more unique tattoo ideas like this one. 

Wubba. Lubba. Dub. Dub. Yep. You knew that it would happen eventually. You would get a tattoo idea that features this famous Rick saying. When it comes to replicating the art style that you see in the cartoon, we feel that this is one of the best tattoo ideas on this page. Of course, the artist has tried to include a little bit of extra detail, just for good measure. 

Yep. This is one of those tattoo ideas that is seemingly reserved for only the most serious of Rick & Morty fans. Insane amounts of detail. We love the realistic look that the tattoo artist has gone for here. Although, of course, the realistic look of Rick has been juxtaposed with the more cartoonish-looking Morty. Get this tattoo if you really want to show off how much you love the show. 

If you love Mario and Rick & Morty, then this is one of the tattoo ideas that you will love. It features Rick kitted out in some Mario gear. Absolutely fantastic for those people that are true nerds. Can you really think of anything much nerdier than combining Rick & Morty with some games?

Want it to feel like the holidays every damn day of the year? Why not get a Rick & Morty Christmas tattoo? Yes. We know that there are some people that are going to be completely turning their nose up at a tattoo that is a bit more on the festive side. However, if you love the festive season and you love Rick & Morty, what better tattoo idea out there? This one was custom designed. 

Based on the 420 sitting on Rick’s head here, we are going to assume that this is a tattoo idea that is perfect for marijuana lovers. So, once again, you have an opportunity to combine a couple of your passions here. This is the type of tattoo that we would really try to jazz up with a bit of color, though. Sure, it looks great in black & white, but imagine it with the eye-popping colors that the show is known for. 

This is a simple tattoo idea, and it actually combines two shows. If there is one show that has gained a cult following, and that is Bojack Horseman. It makes sense that sooner or later, they would be combined in the same tattoo. Yep. If you get this type of tattoo, it really shows that you love cartoon characters that do not exactly like the world around them. 

One of the comments on this tattoo says “this is too far and inappropriate.” While there are some people that would argue that making a Jesus Rick is taking things a little bit too far, you can’t help but have a bit of a chuckle about it. Rick & Morty is a TV show that is all about pushing things a little bit further than normal. Therefore, it makes sense that somebody would attempt to have Jesus Rick. 

Finally! A tattoo that sticks Morty at the front side of things. We know that Morty lovers are not exactly going to have the greatest selection of tattoos on this list. Although, to be honest, he isn’t really the most interesting character of the pair. Still, if you want a Morty-focused tattoo, then this idea may inspire you. He managed to incorporate Rick in there too. 

This tattoo is superb. So much detail. So much color. This is the type of tattoo that is pretty much going to be putting every single other Rick & Morty tattoo to shame. You don’t have to follow this design exactly, and we encourage you not to, but it should give you a few ideas on how you can take up a good chunk of your arm with something incredibly colorful. Why not try and slide some of your favorite Rick & Morty scenes in there?

Another unique and weird tattoo idea that really plays with the whole art style that you get in Rick & Morty. We love the way that the tattoo artist has really played with the proportions of the characters in this tattoo. You may want to experiment when putting together your own tattoo ideas. 

Seems like Rick is closely linked with a whole host of different TV shows nowadays. In this tattoo idea, we have a Squid Game Rick. If you haven’t seen Squid Game, then you absolutely need to watch it. The show is incredibly violent, and it is almost certainly the type of thing that Rick would enjoy taking part in. That is what makes this such a cool idea. 

Here is another Morty-focused tattoo! It is creepy as hell, but there is no denying that this idea is tremendous. We love the way that the artist is really playing with a more realistic interpretation of Morty. Of course, you have the more cartoonish Rick standing by. 

Next up, we have this tremendously well-shaded tattoo. If you want a black & white tattoo, but you want something that goes beyond the typical line drawing, then check this one out. However, you are almost certainly going to need to hunt around for a quality artist to accomplish this level of shading. You want the image to still be identifiable. You want the Rick & Morty to be almost 3D in the way that they look. 

This two-parter Rick & Morty tattoo design is one of the most creative tattoo ideas that we have ever seen. In this tattoo, you have Rick on one arm and Morty on the other arm. Bring your arms together, and it is almost like they are reaching out to one another. It recreates one of the more famous scenes that you will see in the show. As you can see from this design, there is also a ton of Rick & Morty-inspired artwork incorporated around this inter-dimensional tattoo. Perfect for the big Rick and Morty fans. 

And finally, we have this tattoo which is for the absolute coolest people out there. Show that you don’t care about what anybody thinks of you with this ‘Fuck You’ Rick tattoo. Obviously, this type of tattoo is not going to be for everybody. There are some people out there who aren’t a huge fan of having swear words on their bodies. Still, if you are into that type of thing, then this is a pretty awesome tattoo design that you will be able to enjoy. In fact, if you ditch the swear words, you still have an awesome tattoo design. 

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