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TOP 20: Hottest Plus Size Models Empowering Gracious Curves

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Last Updated on August 15, 2022 by inckredible

There’s a lot of controversy in the modeling world. Weight has and sometimes still is an issue for some companies, but luckily the fashion and lingerie industry has been changing in the last years to be more body inclusive.

With the help of some of the most beautiful and talented plus-size models, companies are rethinking traditional beauty standards. While many plus-size women were modeling in the 1970s, it wasn’t as common nowadays. Back then, agencies didn’t sign plus-size models by any modeling agency and only freelanced through various companies. Now, some of the world’s best modeling agencies have the best plus-size models working under their name.

Even if you don’t know their names, there’s a good chance you’ve seen photos of some of the best and most stunning plus-size models before. Check out this list of 20 of the best plus-size lingerie models.

Glamorous Plus Size Lingerie Models:

1. Ashley Graham

We can’t have a list of beautiful plus-size models without mentioning the icon, Ashley Graham. For a long time, she was the only name most people could think of for plus-size models. Ashley is an American model, born in 1987. Her modeling career began when she was 12 years old after being discovered at a mall in Nebraska.

Of course, her lingerie modeling career didn’t take off for years after being initially discovered. She’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, lingerie and not. She began her lingerie modeling career with Addition Elle and even designed a line under the label. She’s been featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue more than once. Today she is still modeling and is a spokeswoman for body positivity.

2. Crystal Renn

Born in the United States in 1986, Crystal Renn was discovered in her hometown in Michigan when she was 14 years old. She didn’t start her modeling career as a plus-size model. In fact, she was only 95 pounds when it began. She’s worked with dozens of high-fashion brands through her career and dabbled in the lingerie industry on more than one occasion.

When it comes to her lingerie modeling career, she’s probably most known for her 2012 shoot in Sports Illustrated. She was featured in their swimsuit issue. She began working out and eating better, causing her to lose some weight.

The backlash encouraged her to write a book about her weight. It’s about the role her weight’s played while working in the fashion industry. She’s currently signed with JAG Models in New York.

3. Lizzie Miller

Lizzie Miller was born in 1994 and began her modeling career 13 years later. Although she was already modeling at the age of 13, it wasn’t until she was 19 that people recognized her name and face everywhere. It was a small photo of Lizzie in underwear in Glamour Magazine that really launched her career. Lizzie is known for modeling with popular brands Fruit of the Loom and Lane Bryant.

She’s been featured in several editorials and commercial shoots for popular brands. She’s still working closely with Lane Bryant while promoting body positivity for everyday women and within the modeling industry. She’s currently signed with the modeling agency Wilhelmina.

4. Marquita Pring

Marquita Pring was born in the United States in 1990. Unlike the previous plus-size models on this list, she began her career at 19 rather than 12-14. In 2009, she signed with Ford Models and began working. Her first lingerie feature was in 2010 with V Magazine’s plus-size lingerie edition.

Marquita Pring may be well known for her lingerie modeling, but she’s also known for being one of the biggest advocates for changing the term “plus-size” to “curvy.” While she’s one of the most beautiful models, she does more than just lingerie. She’s modeled for Vogue Italia on more than one occasion. She’s still signed with Ford Models to this day.

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5. Nancy Hayssen

instagram profile

If you’ve followed plus-size models for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the name Nancy Hayssen. If you haven’t, then you definitely have seen the major ad campaign that made her famous.

In the early 2000s, a campaign that portrayed Nancy, a plus-size model, next to another model who suffered from anorexia to show that all bodies are beautiful and how dangerous the disease can be. Both models were entirely nude for the photoshoot.

Nancy Hayssen has been featured in several plus-size campaigns throughout the years. Most recently, she’s written a book about loving your body just how it is.

6. Kumiko Ming

Kumiko was born in 1989 in Jamaica. She didn’t start her modeling career until a little later in life by fashion industry standards. She started her career in the film industry at 13, being featured in Burn Notice and Bachelor Party 2.

As of 2021, she’s been modeling for plus-size clothing and lingerie for more than nine years. Her nickname in the industry is the “Jamaican Bombshell.” Kumiko has been featured in dozens of ad campaigns showing her curvy figure and bringing new meaning to the modeling world. The Jamaican Bombshell is currently represented by Loc N Glow Enterprises.

7. Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn was born in Tacoma, Washington, in 1982 and is well known in the modeling world. Her entrance into the fashion world happened when her career began in 2008. Some of her earliest works are with V Magazine and French Elle’s plus-size model edition. Vogue Italia was what really made everyone learn her name.

She’s modeled lingerie alongside other plus-size models, and she’s currently the face of the Plie Brand lingerie. You may also recognize her from her several photos of modeling swimsuits for the famous fashion brand H&M. Tara Lynn is signed with IMG Models.

8. Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda is a stunning woman who was born in 1980 in Brazil. This Brazillian beauty has often been called the plus-size Gisele Bundchen, but she’s made her own way through the fashion industry as a plus-size model. She moved to the United States in 1996 and began her modeling career in 2003.

Like many other plus-size models, Fluvia has been featured in Vogue Italia. They’re known for featuring models with all types of bodies. You’ve probably seen her works in Bust Magazine as well. She’s regularly modeling clothing as well as plenty of bathing suits and lingerie. She’s currently signed with Ford Models.

9. Candice Huffine

Candice has been a beauty since her birth in 1984. She was a teenage beauty queen, and her modeling career officially began in 2000. She’s modeled for plenty of commercial shoots and has recently begun a transition into the high-fashion world. One of her most notable lingerie shoots was for Spain’s S Moda Magazine. The shoot featured Candice in 1950s lingerie and accessories.

She’s not the only plus-size model who hates the term “plus-size” and is an advocate for changing the term or dropping it entirely. Muse Model Management currently represents Candice Huffine.

10. Denise Bidot

Denise is a stunning plus-size model from Miami, Florida. She was born in this South Florida city in 1986. She originally wanted to be an actress but was struggling to find acting gigs due to her weight and began working as a makeup artist. While working as a makeup artist, a photographer approached her and asked her about modeling.

In 2014, Denise Bidot became the first plus-size model to walk in New York Fashion Week for two consecutive brands. She’s since become the primary model for a lingerie brand, Hips & Curves, which focuses on lingerie for women that are size 12 and over. Since the launch of her career, she’s seen much success and is currently represented by Muse Model Management.

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11. Sabina Karlsson

Sabina is a stunning Swedish plus-size model. She was born in Sweden in 1988, and her modeling career began at the young age of four. She was in a hair salon with her family when they were approached about her modeling.

For the vast majority of her career, she wasn’t considered a plus-size model. When her weight reached that point, she decided that she wasn’t going to focus on losing the weight and would be a plus-size model so she could embrace her natural weight.

Sabin Karlsson has worked on dozens of commercial and high-fashion campaigns throughout her long career. When it comes to her lingerie modeling career, she’s probably most well known for her work with Victoria’s Secret. She’s currently represented by JAG Models.

12. Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee was born in 1990 in Australia and is considered one of the best Australian plus-size models. She’d been trying to break into the modeling industry for a while, but things really started to take off for her in 2015.

She’s one of the main models for Lane Bryant’s #PlusisEqual campaign, which strives to show that everyone’s bodies are equal despite the weight differences. She didn’t stop lingerie modeling and was featured in her own campaign called I’m No Angel, which featured her in sexy lingerie all over the New York Subway system.

13. Justin Legault

Justin Legault is a Candian, blonde bombshell of a model. She was born in 1986 and is now one of the most beautiful plus-size lingerie models. While her career goals include modeling for major brands, she also focuses on making sure everyone knows that curves are beautiful. In fact, her tagline is: Curves are Beautiful.

She’s been featured in many commercial photoshoots, but she has one that stands out above the rest. In 2013, she was featured in ELLE Quebec’s May edition. The photoshoot showcased her beautiful blonde hair and all her curves. Heffner Management manages Justin Legault.

14. Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley is a drop-dead gorgeous plus-size lingerie model from Australia. She was born in 1989 in Girraween, Australia. Not only does Robyn have all the best curves, but she’s also very tall, standing at six feet two inches. Her modeling career began in 2006 when she was a model for a New Zealand plus-size clothing line.

She moved to New York in 2010, where she struggled to find work due to her weight. She’s appeared on various features, including French Elle and Vogue Italia with Candice Huffine and Tara Lynn. These appearances are what launched her career.

It can be hard to accept a “bigger” size in the modeling world, but Robyn embraced her curves and, in 2012, was signed to be the face for the lingerie brand Boux Avenue. She’s currently working with One Model Management in New York.

15. Signe Nordstrom

Signe Nordstrom is a Swedish model who has struggled to find her place in the modeling world. When she tried to get into the industry, she was told that she was too big to be a model but too small to be considered a plus-size model.

She moved to Chicago to help her family at one point and was discovered by a photographer while she was at a restaurant. The photographer was with an agent from Eileen Ford Modeling Agency, and that’s the start of Signe’s career.

She’s modeled for various brands since the agent and photographer discovered her. If you’re wondering what her most notable brand deal and modeling contract are, let’s take a look. She’s now the face of the ever-popular 50 Shades of Grey lingerie line.

16. Kate Wasley

Several stunning models come from Australia, and Kate Wasley is no different. Kate Wasley was born in 1994 in Australia and is now a very popular lingerie model. She has a slightly different story when it comes to how she launched her modeling career. She gained social media fame through her own pictures and body positivity posts.

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She’s probably most famous for her recent photoshoot with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. But she’s done more swimsuit and lingerie work than just with Sports Illustrated. She’s modeled for Health and Wellness Magazine and Thrive, showcasing how all bodies are beautiful. Kate Wasley is signed with Wilhelmina.

17. Georgia Pratt

Georgia Pratt is a stunning model from New Zealand. Georgia graced the world with her presence in 1990 in Auckland, New Zealand. Georgia had a love for fashion at a young age and sewed her first piece of clothing when she was 12 years old. She went on to study and received her Bachelor’s degree in design. After receiving her degree, she accepted a job in New York and made the big move.

She worked at that job for two years before Lane Bryant gave her a big break she was looking for and cast her in their #PlusIsEqual campaign. She’s walked in New York Fashion Week and is regularly photographed for the New Zealand lingerie company, Lonely.

18. Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Elsesser was born in 1990 in the United Kingdom. Something great about living in the day and age of social media is that if you’re trying to break into a specific industry, social media may be able to help.

Paloma Elsesser was discovered by a makeup artist who found her Instagram account. Overall, she’s relatively new to the modeling industry, but she’s been making waves and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Paloma Elsesser has modeled for Fenty, Glossier, Nike, and plenty of other major brands. Her most recent success is when she modeled for Vogue and was featured on their January 2021 issue. Paloma is currently working under IMG Models.

19. Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn was born in 1988 in the sunny city of Orlando, Florida. She’d always been a huge fan of fashion and moved to the Big Apple at 22 years old in 2010. She began her blog and began designing her own fashion. She began trying to break into the modeling industry and landed her first modeling shoot with Seventeen Magazine.

Nadia then went on to win American Apparel’s model search and what really launched her modeling career was shooting with Addition Elle, a prominent lingerie company. It was after this photoshoot that she was approached about designing her own collection. She loves using her platform to bridge the gap between “standard” size models and plus-size models.

20. Tess Holiday

Tess Holiday was born in Mississippi in 1985. She was given the name Ryann Maegen Hoven at birth, but Tess Holiday is her professional name. She tried being a model earlier in life but was turned away due to her weight. She moved to Seattle and worked as a professional makeup artist for years before moving back to Mississippi and then finally to Los Angeles. She was approached in 2011 in Los Angeles about modeling.

Tess has modeled for some huge brands such as IT Cosmetics, lingerie brands, Vogue Italia, and so much more. In addition to modeling, Tess uses her platform to encourage more acceptance of all body types.

Final Thoughts

The world of lingerie modeling has no signs of slowing down. With models of all shapes and sizes, it’s great to see more inclusivity within the industry. These are only a handful of some of the most amazing plus-size models that grace us with their beauty daily. There are dozens of more beautiful and up-and-coming plus-size models breaking into the lingerie industry.

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