Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

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A rabbit with a tux collar, this symbol is the iconic logo of Playboy Magazine. This written media was conceived in 1953 by Hugh Hefner.

The publication presented sexuality in a sophisticated. It has made this taboo evolve into something people can openly discuss.

The brand is forever in history recalled as one of the leaders of the sexual revolution.

To pay tribute to creative minds like playboy bunny tattoos as body art.

Here is a list of playboy bunny tattoo ideas that everyone can appreciate.

1. Playboy Bunny with a Shadow

A shadow can mean a lot of things. It includes suspense, protection, secrets, foreboding, mirroring, and copying. Secretive and mysterious people can relate to this Playboy Bunny with a Shadow tattoo. It will describe their personality well.

2. Heart-Shaped Eyes Bunny with Sparkles

They say that when people are in love have eyes that display hearts. The scenario is like this Heart-Shaped Eyes Bunny with Sparkles tattoo. And we all know that people in a happy relationship are brightly shining like the sun. So if you are glowing, this body art option is for you.

3. Playboy Bunny Silhouette Back Tattoo

People who like it simple and clean would opt for tattoos with no frills. This Playboy Bunny Silhouette Back Tattoo is suitable for this personality type. The design is direct and requires less downtime during inking.

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4. Bunny Silhouette with Heart Eyes

The playboy bunny has been a symbol of sexiness for the longest time. This Bunny Silhouette with Heart Eyes is a flirty and sexy design. It represents well the brand that playboy is known.

5. Black Bunny with Skeleton

Fans of Goth style can have their playboy bunny too. This Black Bunny with Skeleton has an eerie and creepy vibe. It is best suited for people who love punk, rock, and apocalyptic themes.

6. Double Layer Bunny

Are you tired of the usual plain black outline tattoos? Then add a zest of life to it by getting a Double Layer Bunny. This design is a combination of a black and red silhouette. It looks very youthful and trendy.

7. Flaming Black Bunny Tattoo

Step out of the conventional with this fire-inspired body art. Feel confident and empowered with this Flaming Black Bunny Tattoo. Allow it to represent the burning passion that is inside you.

8. Bunny in Leopard Spots 

What happens when you cross a Bunny and a Leopard? You get this Bunny in Leopard Spots tattoo. This whimsical design is suitable for femme Fatales who know what they want. It is stylish, colorful, and very feminine.

10. Chrome Metal Bunny

Chrome is a hard metal that is very shiny. This corrosion-resistant element is a symbol of toughness. Let this Chrome Metal Bunny represent your strength as an individual. Because, like this bunny, you have the power to win against all odds.

11. Skull Illusion Bunny

Individuals interested in optical illusions will find this Skull Illusion Bunny charming. Look at it closely. Do you notice the skeleton face infused in the design? Here’s a clue, check out the collar, and you can see a set of teeth.

12. Floral Bunny with Black Background

Flowers are a symbol of femininity. The Playboy bunny represents sexiness. Putting these together, you get the definition of a modern woman. Confident women who are not afraid to look sultry should have this Floral Bunny with Black Background. It is the perfect description of who they are.

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13. Playboy Bunny at the Back of Ear

Are you a fan of small tattoo ideas? Why not be experimental with this Playboy Bunny at the Back of your Ear? This cute tattoo in its hidden location is a pleasant surprise. 

14. Tiny Playboy Bunny Back Tattoo

The concept of minimalism does not only apply to material things. It can be applied to body art too. Start with this Tiny Playboy Bunny Back Tattoo on your no-frills journey.

15. Classic Black Playboy Bunny

Black is a color of elegance. Pair it up with the classic playboy bunny logo, and you get a classy body art design. Feel like an esteemed and wealthy gentleman when you get inked with this Classic Black Playboy Bunny Tattoo.

16. Plain Playboy Bunny Outline Tattoo

Are you looking for a tattoo that is suitable for both sexes? Then this Plain Playboy Bunny Outline Tattoo fits the bill. This simple design is ideal for those who are starting with body art and likes to keep it subtle.

17. Butt Cheek Playboy Bunny

Do you want to raise the degree of attractiveness when you wear a bikini? Then have this Butt Cheek Playboy Bunny inked on your body. This design is a symbol of sexiness that is best suited for gals who are comfortable with their bodies.

18. Sassy Black Bunny Leg Tattoo

Ladies who love to wear shorts and miniskirts are proud of their legs. Make the lower half of your body more attractive by getting a Sassy Black Bunny Leg Tattoo. Position it just above the ankles so it would look great whenever you wear strappy sandals or high-heeled shoes.

19. White Flower Bunny

Do you want to mix sultry and innocent? This White Flower Bunny is the perfect symbolism for you. The white flower is a sign of purity, and the playboy bunny is about sexuality. This unique design combination is perfect for the modern woman.

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20. Barbwire Back Knee Tattoo

Do you want your body art to stand out from the rest? Then why not have them inked at the back of your knees? This Barbwire playboy bunny tattoo is drawn on each leg. It is a sign of strength and resilience, a function that the knees support.

21. Hot Pink Playboy Bunny

This Hot Pink Playboy Bunny is a tattoo for busy ladies. The words “Hustle Bunny” is inscribed where the word hustle means moving people forcefully or doing acts of strong persuasion. It is not an easy job but someone has to do it.

22. Crafty Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Are you a tattoo enthusiast and a fan of arts and crafts? Then this Crafty Playboy Bunny Tattoo is for you. The body outline looks like sewn beadwork, and the eyes look stitched. This design is handcrafted and inspired.

23. Smoking Bunny with Shades

Here is a unique and charming playboy bunny tattoo design. It features the famous rabbit with shades and smoking a cigarette. This style is suitable for men who are fashionable, trendy, and has a passion for art.

24. Louis Vuitton and Playboy Bunny Collaboration

Are you a fan of luxury? Then add a touch of high-end influence on your body art with this Louis Vuitton and Playboy Bunny Collaboration. The classic bunny outline is decorated with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram. This design is classy and one-of-a-kind; people cannot help but stare at it.

25. Traditional Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Nostalgic people and fans of classic designs would opt for this Traditional Playboy Bunny Tattoo. This style pays tribute to the iconic logo that has been the leader of the sexual revolution for years.

26. Shining Bunny with Red Collar

This Shining Bunny with Red Collar tattoo is a symbol of how passionate the Playboy brand is. From its foundation in the 1950s till the present, it has changed how people view sexual taboos. Now men and women have sexual freedom they are not ashamed of.

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