Nirvana Tattoo Ideas


Nirvana Tattoo Ideas

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Music lovers are familiar with the popular grunge rock band Nirvana from the 1990s.

The group has a total of three members. Kurt Cobain, the main vocalist, is an icon in the entertainment scene.

He is known for meaningful lyrics, carefree performances, and raw personality. Nirvana tattoos are must-haves for every fan.

Here are some Nirvana tattoo ideas that can help express your support for the artists.

Travel down the memory lane of good music with these awesome finds.

1. Nirvana In Utero Tattoo 

In Utero is the third and final album of the grunge rock band Nirvana. The Nirvana In Utero Tattoo is a homage to the angel image used on the album cover. It is inspired by the anatomy dolls frequently used in schools. The lead singer, Kurt Cobain, had an extreme interest in the human body. It is obvious when they chose this to represent their album.

2. Nirvana Smiley Face Tattoo 

Nirvana did not only have good taste in music. They also have a knack for art. The Nirvana Smiley Face Tattoo is simple but iconic. The “x” eyes and the dangling tongue made this image look like a dazed smiley. This image captured the interest of many fans. As a result, it has numerous merchandise that ranges from t-shirts, caps, hoodies, hats, and bags.

3. Nirvana Angel Silhouette Tattoo

Do you prefer the In Utero image to be sleek and simple? Here is the option for you. The Nirvana Angel Silhouette Tattoo features the popular figure filled with black ink. The style has a hint of a gothic theme that gives it a mysterious touch. It is suitable for tattoo enthusiasts who love rock, punk, and grunge music.

4. Come As You Are Tattoo

Come as You Are is a song from Nirvana’s second album Nevermind. The tune talks about the expectation of people toward an individual. The Come As You Are Tattoo is drawn with a peony flower. The blossom symbolizes bringing honor to the family. Both the song and the peony represent how heavy expectations can be.

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5. Nirvana Logo Tattoo

This Nirvana Logo Tattoo is the total package. The design features the band’s name above the head of the iconic “x” eyed smiley. This image is often seen on people whenever they attend the gigs during the 1990s. You are not a real hard-core fan unless you own something with this logo.

6. Kurt Cobain Outline Tattoo

Are you the type to prefer less flashy body art images? This Kurt Cobain Outline Tattoo is an example of making a portrait as simple as possible. The design features his iconic medium-length hair with bangs covering one eye. It also has some detailing of facial hair that the vocalist usually wears.

7. Nirvana Lyrics Tattoo 

Nirvana’s music is known for communicating with audiences. One of their hit songs is titled “All Apologies.” It is included in the In Utero Album. This Nirvana Lyrics Tattoo features the lines from the tune that goes: “In the sun I feel like one.” If you consider “All Apologies” as your anthem, get this inked on you.

8. Kurt Cobain Signature Tattoo

Kurt Cobain tragically left the world too early. However, his memory is kept alive through the music he made and his preserved handwritings. This Kurt Cobain Signature Tattoo is a tribute to a man who made waves in the entertainment scene. His contributions up to the present are still influential.

9. Kurt Cobain Portrait Tattoo 

How do you define the perfect portrait? It should capture two things. First is the likeness of the person. Second is the raw character of the subject drawn. This Kurt Cobain Portrait Tattoo is a good example. It shows his suave and chill attitude. He also has a good fashion sense which added to his attractiveness. Getting this inked on your skin is an inspiration to express yourself.

10. Nirvana Sleeve Tattoo 

Adventurous people would challenge to get big tattoos, even if it can be painful. A popular body part where enthusiasts get inked is the arms. Nirvana fans can consider this Nirvana Sleeve Tattoo that features the main vocalist Kurt Cobain. The image is done in intricate details, including his facial hair and reflection on the shades he is wearing.

11. Kurt Cobain Quotes Tattoo 

Kurt Cobain is a talented singer and songwriter. It is the reason why people like to listen to him talk. This Kurt Cobain Quotes Tattoo is an example of his wise words. The inscription says, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.” Interpreting the meaning of this quote, it can be derived that a person should always give all that they got. So even if your influence falters, there are no regrets about not doing enough.

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12. Bart Nirvana Nevermind Tattoo 

The photo of the baby swimming in a pool from the Nevermind album cover caused quite a stir. This Bart Nirvana Nevermind Tattoo is a depiction of that. Here Bart is drawn like the baby floating underwater, not winding the danger. It is a suitable design for the record title because despite the situation, the child never minds it.

 13. Nirvana Colored Logo Tattoo 

If you love the color of your body art, this Nirvana Colored Logo Tattoo is a basic and vibrant idea. The “x” eyed smiley with a tongue dangling is colored in yellow. There are tints of red for the tongue and thick black ink for the outlines. Beginners of the tattoo journey will like this option. It’s small, colorful, and fun.

 14. Nirvana Symbol with Kurt Cobain Tattoo 

This Nirvana Symbol with Kurt Cobain Tattoo may be colorless, but it looks awesome. The design features the singer in stylish clothes in front of their trademark smiley logo. Underneath in bold letters is the word “NIRVANA.” It is the total fanatic body art package.

 15. Kurt Cobain Playing Guitar Tattoo 

Kurt Cobain has a lot of accolades as a vocalist, songwriter, and instrumentalist. This Kurt Cobain Playing Guitar Tattoo captures one of his performing moments. Cobain is very casual in performing. He even smokes in the middle of it. His truthfulness and honest attitude are something people liked about him.

16. Nirvana Members Tattoo 

Kurt Cobain is the most popular member of Nirvana. But we cannot count out the other men that made the band iconic. These men are Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. This Nirvana Members Tattoo features the three looking chummy altogether. The team made a lot of great music. Most likely, they have a good relationship.

 17. Kurt Cobain Thigh Tattoo 

People who are proud of their bodies are confident in getting big tattoos. A good area to have it is the thighs; it has a wide surface where you can get creative on. This Kurt Cobain Thigh Tattoo features the vocalist singing his heart out on the microphone. You can feel the sincerity he is giving in this performance.

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18. Kurt Cobain Sunglasses and Smoke Tattoo 

This Kurt Cobain Sunglasses and Smoke Tattoo features the chill attitude of the vocalist. He is drawn, relaxed, and looking forward with a cigarette on his lips. Popular people tend to be careful with their public image and hide their vices. However, Cobain is not like that; he confidently shows who he is to the world.

19. Kurt Cobain Leg Tattoo 

Decorate your body with this realistic Kurt Cobain Leg Tattoo. This design shows the singer playing the guitar and singing a song on stage. The detailing on this image is intricate; you can see one hand strumming and the other holding the chords. This body art shows good craftsmanship.

 20. Nirvana Cassette Tattoo 

During the 1990s, the only way to access music is to listen to the radio, watch live gigs, or buy cassette tapes. This Nirvana Cassette Tattoo is a nostalgic image of the recording industry. It is most likely that the fans still have their original magnetic tape albums.

21. Nirvana Nevermind Wrist Tattoo

The album Nevermind is a hit and gathered a lot of praise from listeners. It contains chart-topping songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Come As You Are,” and “Lithium.” Pay tribute to this masterpiece by getting a Nirvana Nevermind Wrist Tattoo.

 22. Nirvana Hand Tattoo 

Are you a fan of Nirvana but want to keep it subtle? Having a Nirvana Hand Tattoo is an effective way to show your support to the band. The script is in bold capital letters. It is a simple and chic body art design.

23. In Utero with Human Anatomy Tattoo

The inspiration for the lovely cover of the In Utero album is from something used in everyday life. It is the anatomical dolls used in middle school. The In Utero Human Anatomy Tattoo is an ode to the origin of this Nirvana art concept.

 24. Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box Tattoo 

The song Heart-Shaped Box is a hit by the band Nirvana. Getting a Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box Tattoo pays homage to this iconic song. The image shows a realistic heart enclosed in the conventional heart drawing. It had a record of being one of the most played music videos during its time. 

25. Kurt Cobain Caricature Tattoo

You know a person is famous if there is a caricature dedicated to them. This Kurt Cobain Caricature Tattoo is proof of the influence of Nirvana on the music scene. As of date, people are still being influenced and inspired by their songs. That is the trademark of a true legend with immense talent.

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