50 Neck Tattoos For Men


50 Neck Tattoos For Men

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One of the most popular places to get tattoos these days, especially among guys, is on the neck. Getting a tattoo on your neck shows the world that you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd or show off your sense of style and individuality. In addition to that, neck tattoo ideas for men are edgy and masculine but still subtle enough to be tasteful and classy. In this article, we have described the 50 best neck tattoos for men, featuring ideas from different styles and themes that should have something for everyone!

Neck Tattoos For Men:

1. Butterfly neck tattoo

Butterfly neck tattoos are a great choice for men who want to show off their artistic side. They are pretty small and can be done almost anywhere on your neck. Moreover, a butterfly tattoo is a great choice for someone who wants to honor a significant life event, remember a loved one, or simply add some color to his neck. These tattoos also commonly represent femininity, grace, and beauty.

2. Rose Neck tattoo

Rose tattoos are seen as a sign of beauty and elegance. A neck tattoo like a rose will be seen by all who meet you but also by all those who know you too. It allows you to show off some of your personality without being too in-your-face about it. They represent both the pain of life and beauty, as well as death and love.

3. Cross neck tattoo

The cross-neck tattoo represents a person’s strong Christian faith. This can be worn by someone who has received Jesus Christ as their savior or was born into a family that is strongly Christian. You can use straightforward black ink, which is more bold, visible, and clear to see. This cross tattoo is simple, and you can add a Bible verse to make it more personalized.

4. Wings neck tattoo

Wings tattoo on your neck is for people who love birds and freedom. It looks awesome on men with thick necks. These tattoos are always eye-catching and can be nicely combined with other types of tattoos to create a truly unique look. There are many different kinds of wings, from dragons to birds to birds, and each carries a different symbolism. It’s an interesting and unique design.

5. Lips on neck tattoo

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your body art, why not add some extra flair with a pair of lips on your neck? This look is cool and edgy, and it adds an element of creativity to your outfit that few people will understand. Pair them with neck tattoos of chains, dice, or feathers for an extra-cool effect. This tattoo body art can signify either love or desire.

6. Name neck tattoos

This tattoo says everything about who you are and what you want to stand for while accentuating your masculine features with its fluid lines that draw attention. Perfect for anyone looking to make a bold statement. These tattoos can serve as both a reminder of who you are and what you believe in – as well as showcase your sense of style – when it’s professionally designed by an artist who knows how to combine all three.

7. Angel neck tattoo

Angel tattoos have always been a sign of protection and guidance, which explains why they are so popular. They also represent loved ones or guardians that have passed. Immortalizing them on your neck is a beautiful and effective way to honor their memory. These designs can be placed on either side of your neck and will look good no matter what your hairstyle is.

8. Owl neck tattoo

An owl tattoo on your neck is a classy but manly choice. The sharp-looking beak, eyes, and body provide a great contrast to your neckline. Ideally, these tattoos are widely regarded as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom; either a spread or perched-winged owl would be an immaculate design for a neck tattoo. Though intelligent, the owls are best known for their fierce and protective qualities.

9. Dragon neck tattoo

Dragon tattoos have to be one of the most popular tattoo designs among men. The dragon signifies power, strength, and wisdom. They are among the most powerful of all mythical creatures and have been a popular choice for neck tattoos since ancient times. They also come in a variety of colors, which means there’s one to fit anyone’s personality.

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10. Flower neck tattoo

There are plenty of reasons why you might like to have a flower tattooed on your neck. Perhaps it’s an homage to your favorite season or simply because you love gardening. Regardless, there’s no way that a flower tattoo can look bad, and it certainly makes for an elegant addition to any man’s collection of ink. Your flower tattoo can have an extremely feminine vibe or have a bit of masculinity to it, depending on which flowers you choose.

11. Bird neck tattoo

A small bird nestled in your neck or behind your ear can be a great way to show off your body art. If you love to travel and you are carefree, then small bird tattoos are ideal for you. A few years ago, bird tattoos were more common to sea wanderers, including fishers and sailors, particularly those who have surpassed several miles on the sea.

12. Dove neck tattoo

The dove is a long-time symbol of peace, hope, and love. It’s a great choice for someone who wants a tattoo to remind them that even when life is hard, there are still good things in it. The shape of a dove makes it easy to incorporate into any design that you want, making it an incredibly versatile choice. In addition, as its name suggests, doves are often associated with peace, which is certainly something that can apply to just about anyone looking for a neck tattoo for men.

13. Lion neck tattoo

Lions have been used as symbols of strength, power, courage, and confidence for thousands of years. They’re common in mythology, religion, and folklore-and on tattooers’ tables today. A lion tattoo on your neck will show everyone that you won’t back down from a challenge and that you have complete confidence in yourself and your abilities. Men with these tattoos are considered as the king of the jungle in their own lives.

14. Skull neck tattoo

A simple skull tattoo on your neck gives off a tough-guy vibe and warns others to steer clear. These tattoos are tough-looking, edgy, and diverse and represent things ranging from dying and death of nature and beauty. This type of ink is likewise masculine, particularly with elements such as complementary and shading symbols like snakes.

15. Crown neck tattoo

Whether you’re looking for a symbol of your royalty or just want to communicate to everyone around you that you are a king, crown tattoos make perfect sense. The size and complexity of a crown neck tattoo can vary widely depending on whether it is part of another piece, how much coverage is required, and how many crowns are present in a single design. These type of ink are perfect for individuals who like the look of crowns and appreciates the historic, successful, and powerful associations of the symbol.

16. Eagle neck tattoo

The eagle is a symbol of power, freedom, and boldness. An eagle-themed tattoo can be symbolic of strength, authority, and courage. Men can easily show off the love of blue-white-red and masculinity with this fierce bald creature. Moreover, it’s a classic image that can make you feel like an indomitable force of nature when you look in the mirror. They also show his strength in overcoming obstacles.

17. Snake neck tattoo

If you’re looking for a neck tattoo, we recommend a snake. It’s simple, elegant, and discrete. Snake tattoos can have different meanings for different people. Some people get snake tattoos because they like snakes and want to commemorate them in their tattoos. Others feel that snakes represent fertility, power, danger, or even sexual desire. Regardless of your reason for getting a snake neck tattoo, there’s no denying that it’s an awesome design.

18. Spider neck tattoo

Spider tattoos are one of those neck tattoos that are both beautiful and creepy. This design is very popular amongst men, as well as women. Its geometric shape and organic feel mean that it can be customized in any way you like. The eight-legged insects are mostly associated with numerous positive attributes such as creation, complexity, and protection. Others associate it with family or good luck. Spider tattoos can also be used as memorials to lost loved ones who were dear to your heart.

19. Tribal neck tattoo

Tribal tattoos are among some of the most popular designs for both men and women alike. A tribal tattoo covers a large amount of skin surface area. The bold lines and sharp edges of tribal tattoos give them that cool, sleek look. This heavily patterned and shaded style looks amazing looks awesome when it is inked on the back of the neck and wrapping across the hairline.

20. Heart neck tattoo

Heart tattoos are the sign of passion, love, girls, affection, and belief in love, infinity, and dreams of relationships. They are suitable to be inked at the center back of the neck and look perfect on all skin tones. Whether you’re looking for a romantic tattoo or a way to commemorate your wife, mother, father, or anyone else who is near and dear to your heart, there are plenty of options that will let you do just that.

21. Japanese neck tattoo

The Japanese tattoo is a traditional style of tattoo in Japan, which has now become popular worldwide. These tattoos are usually colorful and have some form of Japanese character or kanji writing in them as well as accents like flowers or diamonds. They feature elaborate designs that cover a lot of skin.

22. Star tattoo on neck

These tattoos will always make others feel the great vibes in your company. They assist you in seeking spirituality and direct you towards the right path. Stars are often seen as powerful symbols of hope, dreams, and wishes. With a star tattoo on your neck, you can tell yourself every morning that there is always something to look forward to in life. The meaning of stars is associated with believing in yourself no matter what-and. That’s a valuable lesson for anyone who wears their star inked on their neck.

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23. Wolf neck tattoo

The wolf tattoo depicts fierce, loyal, and protectors, which are all traits that are ideal for a man’s neck tattoo. The best part about these neck tattoos is that you can add one to your collection with just about any design you want. These wild creatures look especially untamed whenever they are inked on the neck. A lot of people are going crazy for them because they have such a strong look and feel to them.

24. Chinese neck tattoo

The Chinese neck tattoo is beautiful and meaningful in many ways. First of all, it’s small in size and a great choice for men who want to wear some ink but don’t want a huge tattoo on their bodies. This Chinese tattoo is simultaneously bold and mysterious, and it says something about who you are as a person; after all, language is an integral part of culture and personality. If you’re looking for a beautiful way to express yourself, look no further than Chinese as inspiration!

25. Feather neck tattoo

A feather is a beautiful way to show your spirituality, or even if you just want to look cool. You can add as many or as few feathers as you like and make them in any color. The great thing about these tattoos is that there’s no need for shading, but it’s a good idea to clean out the lines between each feather to make sure they’re not too thick.

26. Gangster neck tattoo

The gangster neck tattoo has become popular in recent years due to rappers and hip-hop artists sporting them. This is an all-black tattoo that can take on many forms. This tattoo features a dragon and has been inked at a high level. The detail is beautiful, even with all that shading, and you can see how much work went into it.

27. Scorpion neck tattoo

The scorpion is a popular tattoo choice for men, as it’s symbolic of power, authority, and self-control. A scorpion inked on your neck is a bold and powerful choice-just make sure you have that self-control! It’s also an appropriate option if you’re currently dealing with any kind of personal struggle or addiction. As such, it can make for a great neck tattoo and has been used by men throughout history to symbolize their strengt.

28. Spider web neck tattoo

A spider web neck tattoo may symbolize how a person is trapped in his/her mind, or it can also symbolize how different parts of your life intertwine and interlock with one another. The spider web neck tattoo itself is fairly small, so you could easily combine it with other designs to make for a unique piece of art. If you choose to get one, make sure it’s artistically done and doesn’t look trashy. Check out these pics of neck tattoos for men below!

29. Aztec neck tattoo

The Aztec-inspired neck tattoo is a great design for men looking to add some tribal flair to their look. If you love bold designs, then you’ll love these neck tattoos for men. The Aztec neck tattoo also makes a bold statement and is simple yet intricate. It works well with many different outfits, from formal to casual wear. A tattoo of an Aztec warrior’s head shows your personality; it’s not easily hidden, and it makes a statement.

30. Mandala neck tattoo

While mandalas may look like intricate designs, they are rather simple geometric shapes with symbolic meanings behind them. A small, single-color mandala tattoo placed on your neck can be a good way to display your spiritual beliefs or mark a special moment in your life. A mandala tattoo draws attention to your shoulders and neck, which can be especially attractive on men who are more broad-shouldered or athletic.

31. Roman numeral neck tattoo

It’s no secret that Roman numerals are coming back into style. If you want to add an extra dash of class to your ink, consider a Roman numeral tattoo on your neck. A roman numeral tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants something subtly stylish on their body or that matches with other types of tattoos. It’s a versatile option that will never go out of style.

32. Geometric neck tattoo

A geometric neck tattoo is an awesome way to break up a ton of space on your neck, especially if you want to get something big. This tattoo looks fantastic when placed on an exposed area of your neck. In addition to that, they are simple, clean and very cool! While many people associate tattoos with bikers or other rebels from society, geometric tattoos have evolved into a popular trend among many demographics, thanks to their elegance and precision.

33. Jesus neck tattoo

Have you ever heard of Jesus tattoos? They are a great example of neck tattoos for men. This type of tattoo includes religious symbols and images such as crucifixes, angels, and praying hands. The religious symbols can be accompanied by quotes from a bible verse or song lyrics from your favorite Christian artist. As a spiritual and religious symbol, Jesus is often depicted on men’s necks as an anchor to remind believers of their faith.

34. Phoenix neck tattoo

Phoenix tattoos are used to signify self-resurrection, rebirth, and transformation-all of which make for good representations of a man’s evolution. The neck is a great place to have a phoenix because it’s easily concealed yet still allows you to show it off when you choose.

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35. Prayer hands neck tattoo

If you’re looking for a subtle neck tattoo, consider a set of prayer hands on your neck. Praying hands are an instantly recognizable symbol of Christianity-so it’s a great option if you want to display your faith subtly. It’s also a sign of appreciation for God, even if they’ve never gotten religious tattoos in the past. This particular neck tattoo is small, subtle, and classy.

36. Tiger neck tattoo

If you want a large piece of artwork on your neck, consider getting a tattoo of a tiger. In addition to being a beautiful animal design, it has long been associated with manliness. Having a tiger tattoo on your neck makes you seem strong and powerful.

37. Bat neck tattoo

A bat neck tattoo is a popular option for men who want to look a little dark and mysterious. Why bats? Because they’re dark, they fly at night, and they’re considered very mysterious animals. Bats are a typical decoration utilized every Halloween and are more frightening. This tattoo design has a bat or numerous bats in flight and different positions.

38. Broken heart neck tattoo

If you’re mourning a relationship gone sour or recently broke up with someone, then there’s no better way to immortalize that feeling in your body than with a tattoo on your neck. Then this is the best tattoo for you. The back of your neck is an ideal location for a break-up tattoo or for an angry ex-lover’s temporary mark on you

39. Chicano neck tattoos

Chicano tattoo art is a vibrant and expressive style of tattooing that emerged from Latin America and quickly spread throughout California. While cholo tattooing originated in Mexico, Chicano artists continue to redefine it with vibrant colors, mystical imagery, and nationalistic styles. Typically done in bold black ink with hard lines, Chicano tattoos are some of the most intricate types of body art available today. Since they are often related to personal experiences or family history, these tattoos can have much deeper meanings than others.

40. Devil neck tattoo

This tattoo gets its name from its horns which resemble devil’s horns. Devil tattoos can be incorporated into any number of full-body tattoos, and they make excellent cover-ups as well. If you’re looking for a powerful statement piece to mark your territory, then devil neck tattoos are right up your alley.

41. Lotus flower neck tattoo

A lotus flower is a beautiful flower and a symbol of beauty, love, patience, and purity. The lotus is one of those symbols whose meaning varies from place to place and time to time, but there are some common themes across cultures. A tattoo featuring a lotus on your neck will represent beauty, strength, and serenity at all times.

42. Money neck tattoo

Money is considered a masculine attribute for obvious reasons, which is why it’s often featured in men’s neck tattoos. This tattoo works great for someone who is in business and wants everyone to know they are profitable.

43. Diamond neck tattoo

The diamond neck tattoo is one of those tattoos that seem to be in style right now, and it’s hard to say why that is. If you want a solid symbol for your manhood, get yourself a diamond tattoo on your neck. 

44. Egyptian neck tattoos

An Egyptian neck tattoo can represent many things depending on what exactly you choose to have done. Commonly, they are linked as a symbol of strength and integrity. However, there are so many options that it’s worth doing some research before you get anything inked on your body permanently.

45. Words Tattoos on the Neck

The neck is also an area that’s quite popular for men to get inked because of its easy accessibility and high visibility. These neck tattoo words can be a great tattoo if you want your friends to see some meaning of some words.

46. Bear neck tattoo

When it comes to neck tattoos, men are usually drawn to something that looks natural and doesn’t take away from their personal style. Bear neck tattoos fit these criteria perfectly. A bear design is perfect for showing off a man’s rugged side. The best part about neck tattoos is that you can get them just about anywhere on your neck, and nobody would know.

47. Medusa neck tattoo

Medusa is a classic design choice for tattoos on men. With her long hair and multiple heads featuring bulging eyes and open mouths, Medusa is a fearsome creature to behold. Combine her appearance with that of a dragon or feathered serpent, and you have one badass tattoo!

48. Polynesian neck tattoo

Polynesian tattoos have been gaining popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. These intricate designs tell stories about faraway lands with rich history and culture. From tribal-inspired designs to specific animal images, there are plenty of creative options to choose from when it comes to neck tattoos for men.

49. Biomechanical neck tattoo

No matter if you have a muscular neck or not, it’s hard to look at that biomechanical neck tattoo and not be in awe. Featuring a tribal-inspired design, it is strong and striking but also complex enough that you’ll be marveling over it for days.

50. Mayan neck tattoos

These tattoos feature Mayan-inspired elements or patterns in a very bold and intricate style, often with vibrant colors. While they may look complicated at first glance though, they’re actually quite simple to draw, which means that even novice tattoo artists can easily incorporate them into their portfolios and be able to cater to men who want something interesting for their necks.

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