Mom and Dad Tattoo Ideas to Show Them Your Eternal Love


Mom and Dad Tattoo Ideas to Show Them Your Eternal Love

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You will never run out of ways to show your parents how much you love them. You can send a huge bouquet of roses every year to your folks’ house on Mother’s Day or treat your dad to that new watch he’s been going on and on about. But nothing shows more devotion than getting “mom and dad” inked on your skin permanently.

A mom and dad tattoo might be embarrassing for some, especially since tattoos are conventionally a sign of masculinity and intenseness, not of emotion and gratitude to your parents. But if you’re committed to getting a tattoo as a reminder of their love, we’ve got you covered. Here are some mom and dad tattoo ideas that might help out.

Infinity Mom and Dad Design

Friends and significant others come and go, but a parent’s love is forever. If you want to honor the eternal, infinite love your mom and dad have given you, this tattoo will speak volumes.

Now, infinity signs are quite cliché in the tattoo world. But this one is a bit different. In this tattoo, the words “mom” and “dad” are incorporated into the infinity symbol. The typeface of the words has a cursive, sophisticated vibe to it, adding a bit of class to the tatt.

Feather Mom and Dad Design

When you start growing up, you realize that life gets pretty heavy. And when you need solace, there’s no place like being with mom and dad to comfort you. That’s because their love can help you feel as light as a feather, even when the weight of the world is coming down on you.

This tattoo is a great, creative way to tell that story. It’s a reality that will never go away. Each time you look at it when you’re stressed at work or facing any mental struggles, you’ll remember how light it feels when you’re around mom and dad.

Rose and Hammer Tattoo

If your parents are the hands-on and DIY-loving type, this tattoo design probably speaks to you. Your dad might have always been in the garage fixing something with his trusty hammer. Meanwhile, mom was probably tending to her roses and plants in the garden.

This rose and hammer tattoo is a great reminder of the little things mom and dad do for the home. They make for awesome symbols of their love and gorgeous tattoos as well.

Simple Mom and Dad Tatt with Small Icon

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be big and bulky. It can be as simple as this one, where “mom” and “dad” are written in a straightforward way. 

But what makes it special is the little symbol on the side that you associate with your parents. It doesn’t have to be a dreamcatcher like this one. It can also be anything as simple as a heart, star, or even a house.

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Heart Mom and Anchor Dad

If you have enough space on your body, you might also flirt with the idea of getting two separate tattoos for mom and dad. These would look awesome on each shoulder!

The mom tattoo is of a heart since there’s no greater love than a mother’s. Meanwhile, your dad’s design can be an anchor since dads are great at telling you how it is and anchoring you to reality. The red, yellow, and green color scheme makes these tattoos even more beautiful.

Stars, Hearts, and Spirals

Looking for a more feminine mom and dad ink design? This one’s your best bet. 

This tattoo has “mom and dad” written in a round, cursive but readable font. These words are then surrounded by cute doodles of sparkling stars, hearts, and spirals that mimic the look of dartboards. It also incorporates a bit of pointillism to make it look even more artistic.

Mummy and Papa Tattoo

Not everyone calls their parents mom and dad. Some kids grow up calling their parents mama and papa or mommy and daddy. The silliest of children even come up with unique nicknames for their parents, like momsie and pops. 

This tattoo is an example of customizing what your ink says based on what you personally call your parents. It says mummy and papa—probably because this is what the owner calls their parents specifically. But you can change it up to whatever it is you call yours.

Mom and Dad with Red Heart

Tattoos for mom and dad don’t always have to be extravagant. All it needs to do is show your love for them. You can do that with one simple drawing: a heart.

A heart is a universal symbol of love. It’s traditionally red, which encapsulates the heat and passion one has for relationships that are important to them. To incorporate this in your ink design, you can put a simple outline of a red heart in between the words “mom” and “dad” in your tattoo.

Hearts and Crowns for Mom and Dad

Mom and dad are the king and queen of their child’s life, and that feeling never goes away even when you’re older. If you need a daily reminder to treat your folks like royalty, this tatt might be the right fit for you.

This tattoo has glorious, opulent-looking crowns sitting on top of the words “mom” and “dad.” It’s a creative symbol that no matter who enters your life, they will never be as important as the reigning king and queen—your parents.

Another Crown Tatt!

Here’s another crown tattoo honoring mom and dad. Instead of having separate crowns for each of them, here you have one huge, more realistic-looking crown for them to share. The crown in this design looks more detailed and is filled with lots of gems. There’s also a big heart in this one—an added symbol of love.

Tropical Hearts for Mom and Dad

Do your folks love going on island vacations and road trips to the beach? Here’s a fun way to commemorate their love for all things tropical! 

They look like your typical heart tattoos with “mom” and “dad” written over them. But when you look closely, they have intricate details like leaves, water, beautiful florals, and a vibrant color palette. The main themes are pink like roses for mom and light blue like the ocean for dad!

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Crowns, Wings, and Heartbeats

When it comes to symbols that show your love for mom and dad, this tattoo design has many. It would be awesome to peek into the person’s thoughts who created this design and what their relationship with their parents is like.

The tattoo has crowns to honor their parents, who they probably look up to like a king and queen. The words “mom” and “dad” are also connected by lines that look like a heartbeat. It’s a poetic way of saying that their parents are their lifeline. 

Lastly, wings are attached to the word “mom.” This might be a way of saying that their mother is their brightest angel.

Split Words

In this tattoo, we see the word “dad” in bold, tall text. But it’s split in the middle, where it says “mom” in a smaller, red font.

This tattoo design is a smart way to keep your ink small and compact but still include both mom and dad in it. It also looks super chic since it includes two colors, red and black.

Red Hearts and Angelic Wings

This tattoo has mom and dad written on it, but each side has a big, fat red heart and some wings, similar to those of angels. 

You might like to wear this design on your body if you have parents who have already passed and gone to a better place. While the angelic wings can symbolize their role watching over you from above, the passionate red color of the hearts is a way of saying that their love is still very much alive.

Family Vacation Portrait

What are your happiest memories with mom and dad? Was it a nice trip to the beach or another city with them when you were younger? Why not have that memory tattooed on your skin forever to remember them by?

This tattoo takes a family photo on a tropical vacay and turns it into a simple silhouette design. It shows a mom, a dad, and their child, who they’re holding by the hand on each side. There’s beautiful scenery at the back too, which shows palm trees, birds, and the hot sun. 

Of course, yours doesn’t have to show the exact same moment. Yours can be of a birthday party where mom and dad were present or even your wedding day. It’s a great way to immortalize a moment with your parents you’ll never forget.

Colorful Mom and Dad Tatts on Each Hand

Can’t wait to show off your mom and dad tattoos to everyone you meet? The back of your hands is a great location to put them on.

These tattoos have crowns, big hearts, and super vivid colors. No one will miss them even if you only have a quick handshake with them. It’s an awesome conversation starter and a way to proudly tell the world how much you love your parents.

Twin Hearts and Greenery

This small, charming tattoo might be up your alley if you want to include the classic heart in your mom and dad ink design but don’t want anything too gaudy and flashy. 

In this design, mom and dad’s hearts overlap and look kind of like twins. Underneath the twin hearts, there is a small wreath with greenery and red and yellow flowers. This is an awesome tattoo design because it looks and feels rust and homey, just like mom and dad.

Grungy Heart with Torch

If you want something less cutesy and more tough and edgy in appearance, this grungy tattoo design will pique your interest. 

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Sure, it has a heart shape too, but it doesn’t look soft at all. In fact, right above the heart that says “mom and dad,” you can see a lit-up torch with a wild flame. This is a dramatic way of saying that your love for your parents is fiery and alive.

“I Love U Mommy” with Florals

Just because a tattoo is huge and crawls up your chest doesn’t mean it has to be intense and tough-looking. Sometimes, the best thing to put in a big tattoo that takes up a lot of space in your body is a sweet message like “I Love U, mommy!”

This tattoo is riddled with intricate black and white roses all over. It also has a small “I am sorry” on the side—another message children commonly want to say more often to their parents as they get older.

Hearts, Roses, and Thorns for Mom

At first glance, this mom tattoo may seem like every other one out there. There are hearts and roses—very typical. But when you take a closer look, you’ll realize it also has one other element: thorns.

A child’s relationship with their mother isn’t all rainbows. Sometimes, it gets thorny and ugly too. But that doesn’t mean their love for mom ever dies out. That’s what this tattoo symbolizes.

The Most Beautiful Red Rose

Mom and dad deserve the most beautiful things in the world. So why not offer them this perfectly plump red rose in your tattoo design? 

Roses symbolize beauty and life that continues to bloom. Isn’t that something you’d want to wish for your parents? 

The tatt also shows a ribbon wrapped around the rose, with the words “mom” and “dad.”

Huge Angel Wings

Getting a tattoo is a way of remembering something that might not be in your life anymore. If your mom and dad are no longer with you, it’s a nice gesture to get a tattoo that continues to remind you of their love.

Tattoos with angel wings are a great reminder that they’re still looking after you. This one has huge, incredibly detailed wings, which adds to its beauty even more. 

Hearts and Arrowhead Tattoo

While most tattoos on this list remind you of your love for your parents and vice versa, it might also be a good idea to get a tattoo that tells the story of your parents’ love for each other. 

This tattoo design depicts an arrowhead going through two hearts—one that says “mom” and another that says “dad.” This is a poetic way to remind you that apart from having you, they also had a great love story when they first fell for each other.

Realistic Heart for Dad

Cartoon hearts are overly common as tattoos for parents. This one takes that idea a little more literally. 

A real, human, beating heart may be strange to some, but it’s great if you want to associate it with a loved one, like your parents. It means your heart literally beats and lives for them—you work hard to give them what they need and go through life with them always on your mind.

Bordered Hearts and Arrows

These hearts may look like you’ve seen them before. But they have one thing that’s unique about them: a cute border around each one. This gives it a unique touch, even if the concept of a mom and dad ink design with hearts and arrows is becoming more popular and common.

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