Las Vegas Themed Tattoo Ideas


Las Vegas Themed Tattoo Ideas

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The city of Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most fun places you can be. In the past, it was only limited to adult fun.

However, at present, it has introduced more family-friendly forms of entertainment. If you are a fan of this lively vicinity, getting a Las Vegas Tattoo is probably in your mind.

Listed below are some Las Vegas Tattoo ideas that will tickle your fancy. The options cover themes like chance, luck, hospitality, fun, and romance.

There is something for everyone, just like whenever you visit Las Vegas.

1. Memorable Colored Las Vegas Tattoo

Las Vegas is a place for everyone who wants to live life and have fun. It has a lot of beautiful hotels, talented entertainers and many games you can play. Whether you are a huge risk taker or not, there is something for you. Make your visit count by getting inked with this Memorable Colored Las Vegas Tattoo. You can have the date of your visit written down, so you will remember it always.

2. Las Vegas Sleeve Tattoo

What comes into mind when the word Las Vegas pops up? Things like card games, spinning roulettes, and dice games would probably come to thought. The signage of “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” could also be another idea. This Las Vegas Sleeve Tattoo is a collection of all these things. Why stick to one theme when you can have it all right?

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3. Las Vegas Sign Tattoo Design

How would one know if the place they are visiting is welcoming? If you are greeted enthusiastically upon arrival. A way to do this is to put up a banner to welcome guests. The iconic Las Vegas signage does that. It has welcomed numerous tourists over the years. It has become a symbol of the city. Getting inked by this Las Vegas Sign Tattoo Design enables you to be a part of history. People who value tradition and history, this tattoo idea is for you.

4. Small Las Vegas Tattoo Idea

Las Vegas is a very flashy city. But for those who prefer things mellow, even in body art, this Small Las Vegas Tattoo Idea is for you. This design can fit on your foot and features the trademarks Las Vegas is known for. The images include money, card games, and the famous Las Vegas sign. It is subtle and beautiful. Aside from the foot, this design is suitable for the back or anywhere on your skin with limited space.

5. Las Vegas Raiders Tattoo Idea

Las Vegas, similar to other cities in the United States of America, takes pride in its football team. This Las Vegas Raiders Tattoo Idea is something an NFL fan should have. It shows the official logo of the team in intricate detail. The image depicts the player wearing the helmet with an eye patch on point. It is also enclosed in a somewhat torn drawing, giving it a three-dimensional effect.

6. Las Vegas Casino Tattoo Idea.

It is no contest, whenever Las Vegas is mentioned the casinos are the first thing that comes to mind. These adult gaming places are full of people playing card games, trading money chips, spinning roulettes, and holding on to their lucky charms. Las Vegas is always a place of fun and excitement and it is all captured in this Las Vegas Casino Tattoo Idea.

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7. Las Vegas and Zombies Tattoo Idea

What do you get when you cross Las Vegas and the creepy undead creatures? You get this Las Vegas and Zombies Tattoo Idea. This unique and fun body art design features ghouls having a grand time and testing their luck in Sin City. These beings in the drawing are playing card games like poker. Some are also challenging the slot machine. Others are enjoying some cocktails. Who says that dead people cannot live it up? If you want a unique and imaginative style, this option is for you.

8. Las Vegas Couples Tattoo Idea

Finding the right partner is like a gamble at the casino. It is the bet of a lifetime. Once you find it, that is the ultimate jackpot. Commemorate your good fortune by getting a Las Vegas Couples Tattoo Idea. This design features the symbol of playing cards. The queen of hearts represents the lady as the soul and support of the relationship. The king of spades represents the man who stands for authority and wisdom as head of the household. Who says that a deck of cards is unromantic? Draw it on your fingers. It will be like an engagement ring.

9. Dice Tattoo

The dice are a symbol of chance and luck. It is the perfect representative of Las Vegas, as it is one of the most active gambling areas in the world. This Dice Tattoo shows a pair with a sum of seven which is a popular game called under or over 7. If you throw the dice and manage to have this result, then thank your lucky stars. You are bound to receive lots of cash. If not, let’s hope your number is closer to 7 to increase the odds of winning.

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10. Sin City Tattoo

Last Vegas is also known by a different name since the early 1900s. This location is referred to as “Sin City” due to the numerous adult attractions in the vicinity. These include gambling, drinking, and paid hookups. At present, the city no longer caters to practices that exchange body pleasures for cash. However, the name got stuck. This Sin City Tattoo is written in beautiful calligraphy that represents a part of the locality’s history.

11. Card Game and Bets Tattoo

Card games are popular in casinos. Most of the time the strongest cards are the king and ace. When you have this on hand, the chance for victory is high. This Card Game and Bets Tattoo design have a nice good luck charm to be inked on you. Maybe it will attract the best cards to your hand on your next visit to Las Vegas.

12. Lucky Clover Tattoo

Everybody wants to have good luck. This charming Lucky Clover Tattoo has a four-leaf clover with the words “Lucky” inscribed. There is nothing wrong if you need to call out the best odds in the universe. This small tattoo is suitable for your hand, wrist, foot, and ankle. Get your body art good luck charm today.

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