Knock Knock 2015 Movie Soundtrack to Listen While Working From Home


Knock Knock 2015 Movie Soundtrack to Listen While Working From Home

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Thriller movie from 2015 starring Keanu Reeves and young and beautiful Ana de Armas. Keanu plays loving and hard working father that helps two stranded girls and welcomes them to his beautiful and loving home to help them out of the rain.

But that’s not why you’re here, you’re here because of that one and beautiful scene where he is left home alone to finish his work (he’s an architect in the movie).

He plays this interesting playlist in the movie, while working from home, and most of you liked that soundtrack a lot, like myself I had to find the complete soundtrack.

So here you go…

Knock Knock Soundtrack and Playlist From The Movie

Winter Nights 

Composed by Jeronimo Hill 
Performed by Goyele 
Courtesy of IA Music 

Detroit Rock City 

Written by Paul Stanley and Robert Ezrin 
Performed by KISS 

You Never Knew 

Composed by Matthew Rolin 
Performed by Nowhere 
Courtesy of Directional Music and Jurassic Pop Records 

Somewhere to Run

Composed by Emeen Zarookian 
Performed by Emeen Zarookian 
Courtesy of Directional Music 

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Soul Wurli Funk 

Composed by Jimmy Deer 
Performed by Jimmy Deer 
Courtesy of Directional Music 

Lonely Town 

Composed by Stefano Mastronardi 
Performed by Stefano Mastronardi 
Courtesy of Directional Music 

Union Street Shuffle

COmposed by Matthew Matteus and Jeremy Chatelain 
Performed by Timber Music Supply 
Courtesy of Directional Music 

Casser (Sokio Remix) 

Composed by Carole Sabouraud 
Performed by Carole Sabouraud (as Edith Crash) 
Courtesy of Carole Sabouraud 

Prenderemos Fuego 

Composed by Francisca Valenzuela 
Performed by Francisca Valenzuela 
Courtesy of Francisca Valenzuela 

Calma Que No 

Composed by Diego Palma 
Performed by Jumper Joy 
Courtesy of Ponk Records 

We Are Dead 

Composed by Dale Gonyea 
Performed by Dale Gonyea 
Courtesy of Dale Gonyea 

Talking to The Devil 

Composed by Smokey Huff (as Richard Taylor), Greg Magie (as Greg McGee), Perry Morris and Richie King 
Performed by Sorcery 
Courtesy of Perry Morris 

Daddy Was Wrong

Composed by Ben Riesman 
Performed by Les Fits 
Courtesy of Ben Riesman 

Grandma Belle’s Song 

Composed and Performed by Lorenza Izzo 
Courtesy of Lorenza Izzo 


Composed by Roger Renaud 
Courtesy of Justement Music 
Under License from 5 Alarm Music 

Where Is My Mind?

Written by Frank Black (as Charles Thompson) 
Performed by Pixies 
Courtesy of 4AD 
By Arrangement with Beggars Group Media Limited 
Published by Songs of Universal, Inc. on behalf of Tice and Beans Music (BMI) 

Family Feud – Theme 

Written by Robert Israel (as Robert Arnold Israel) 

Settlers Caravan

Performed by Lobo Loco

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