14 King And Queen Tattoo Ideas


14 King And Queen Tattoo Ideas

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Lovers search for as many ways as possible to show their love and symbolize their compromise and their union with symbols, and one of the most relevant ways of doing so is the couple’s tattoo. There are hundreds of designs for couples, but a trendy and popular way for couples to express and demonstrate their love is with king and queen tattoos.

Wearing an emblem forever on your skin is one of the favorites of lovers to show the world the love, commitment, and trust that bond them as a couple.

Here we are going to share 14 different King and Queen tattoos ideal for couples, to match tattoos, and with diverse elements to find your ideal tattoo.

1. Couple Tattoos King And Queen

Tattoos for couples and marriages? Kings and queens with hearts, crowns, or special dates? A couple of tattoos requires serious commitment and therefore is not chosen for many. These tattoos are ideal for lovers to show the loyalty, royalty, supremacy, influence, and direction of them both as a couple.

The places most commonly used for couples are the wrists, arms, fingers, ankles, hands, the chest, or the torso.

Using crowns, adding the date of your first date to the design, or a small personal touch, like your favorite flower, color, or the words His Queen, Her King, will make your design unique.

2. King And Queen Matching Tattoos

Romantic couples will choose designs that match to display their loyalty, with special meaning for them, adding, for example, the initials of their names, designs divided in half by the couple, so they complement each other when they are together.

Lions crowns with special elements such as birds or phrases with beautiful calligraphy complement matching designs to make the couple’s tattoo personal and meaningful.

3. Marriage King And Queen Tattoos

“When a King meets his Queen, he doesn’t hurt her or play with her emotions. He plans a future with her!”

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King and queen tattoos are a way of expressing your love and your bond in an elegant and cute way. For your marriage tattoo, choose a design full of symbolism that tells the story of your love and the promises and plans you have.

Adding the date of your wedding or the name of your significant other will be a constant reminder of your special compromise.

4. King And Queen Crown Tattoos

Crowns have become one of the favorite symbols in King and Queen Tattoos. These designs often come in multiple styles, and they can be personalized to the couple who wants them, being minimalist or full of details and elements.

Crowns represent royalty, and the meaning of crown tattoos symbolizes the love and superiority of the king and the Queen, proving their status and that a king should always be with his Queen and vice versa.

If you and your lover are the sovereigns of your kingdom, then these tattoos are the perfect match for you as a couple.

5. King And Queen Chess Piece Tattoos

A creative way of representing the King and the Queen is used in the designs of these chess pieces. They also give the fantastic opportunity to create artistic designs full of shadows and details.

Matching the pieces and the board with your partner will create a beautiful design, and you can customize the design with more personal details, crowns, lettering, quotes, and colors.

6. King And Queen Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are very romantic and a way of showing your devotion to your partner. They can be positioned in a way that they represent rings, which will show your commitment to an entirely different level.

Or make them secret by placing them on the side of your fingers. King and queen finger tattoos will empower each other. The many symbols of the king and Queen can be designed on your fingers, the crowns, imposing lions, love hearts, or with a touch of color.

7. King And Queen Card Tattoos

This is a very original design, and it can show symbols like the heart and the diamond, letters such as Q and K, as well as the complete card design.

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Matching these tattoos with your partner with the design of the deck of cards, adding color, or the twist of designing in the same tattoo the king and the queen card, or including both of them in the same card will add a touch of originality and personalization.

8. King And Queen Hand Tattoos

Romantic couples love holding hands. Therefore, this part of the body is one of the favorites for couples’ tattoos. Depending on the personality of the couple, the tattoos can be complex, small, or big, displaying a lot of meaning, as hands are always visible.

As with the previous tattoos, these designs can include the crowns, phrases, elements of the cards and can match with your partner’s tattoos if they complement each other when you are holding hands.

9. King And Queen Of Hearts Tattoo

The most popular cards in the deck are the King and Queen of hearts and the better symbol of standing for love in the heart. It has been the most common way to express love in all its meanings.

Therefore, if you want to tattoo a symbol of love, there is nothing better than a heart. Best of all, you can adapt this tattoo to your partner’s style, combining the colors, designs, lettering to give it a personal touch full of significance.

Beautiful and sophisticated designs can be inked, as well as minimalist designs for those who prefer small tattoos.

10. King And Queen Skull Tattoos

Tattoos with skulls and crowns symbolize that the couple wants to be together forever. They are ultimately one of the most romantic tattoos, meaning they will stay together until they die and even more.

They are both cool and cute, and the imagination is at its max when creating the concept of these tattoos. Delicate drawings with fine lines, colorful and bold designs, adding flowers crowns, the possibilities are endless!

11. King And Queen Lion Tattoos

The lions and the lioness are symbols of power, elegance, strength, admiration, and full of dignity, true kings and queens of the jungle

These tattoos show the power, the love, and the intensity of brave hearts. Full of adorns, detailed designs, and these tattoos show the power of the couple and the high standard of their partnership.

12. African King And Queen Tattoos

Though it’s most usual for couples to use these tattoos to show the power of the couple, there are other connotations when it comes to African king and queen tattoos.

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These tattoos are not exclusive to couples, and both men and women have them to symbolize different things. In the case of women, to embody their independence and self-determination, and in men to represent with the different king symbols, their dignity, and position.

The beautiful details and ornaments and the proud image of these Kings and Queens are empowering images.

13. King And Queen Tiger Tattoo

The tiger symbolizes strength, majesty, and immortality. So, using this powerful spirit animal in the design, adding to it the attributes of the King and Queen, raises the meaning of this beautiful animal to the couple or the individual.

14. Black King And Queen Tattoos

Besides the king and Queen of hearts, the black king and Queen also have their say.

Many couples decide to mix and match these other two elements of the deck, the spades, and the clubs with the hearts, for example, adding crowns and lettering to bring a personal touch to their tattoo.


Couple tattoos pursue to express their life-lasting love. These tattoos are a beautiful way of carrying the commitment, respect, and love in your skin for your entire life.

Getting a tattoo is always a mystical and deep decision, so doing that with your partner adds another layer of meaning to your bond.

Choosing the king and the Queen to stand for your love and your relation gives you and your partner a different status, not only for the way you see the other or the other sees you but how you see yourself.

Being the king or Queen of someone carries the responsibility to protect and respect your significant other and express their majesty and dignity.

There are many options full of love and meaning, and the best part is that you can add to these ideas your personal touch, the symbols of your union, the little secrets, and bonds that you share.

You can also choose one of these many ideas just for yourself, empowering yourself and giving you the status of King or Queen of your life, honoring your roots and your beliefs.

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