10 Best Katy Perry Perfumes


10 Best Katy Perry Perfumes

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Musician Katy Perry is not only famed for her musical talents; the eccentric Katy Perry perfume brand has become a hit with fragrance lovers everywhere.

The ten perfumes available in the Katy Perry range are bold and innovative, mirroring the rebellious, unique style of Perry’s music and fashion tastes.

The first Katy Perry perfume was created in 2010, and the most recent in 2018.

The perfumes were created in collaboration with expert perfumers Natasha Cote, Stephen Nilsen, Givaudan and Laurent Le Guernec.

This brief guide will explore not one but ten of the best and most popular Katy Perry fragrances.


Purr by Katy Perry is a distinctive floral perfume launched in 2010. Created especially for women, this perfume is also available as a bath foam and body lotion. Reflecting the playful name of this scent, the bottle of Purr is also feline-themed, in the shape of a cat with glowing bejeweled eyes. In the promotional material for this scent, Perry wore a latex catsuit while toying with a ball of wool. Fresh, fruity top notes of red apple, peach, gardenia and green bamboo merge well with the floral heart of rose, freesia and jasmine. Soft, gentle base notes of amber, musk, orchid, vanilla, sandalwood and coconut offer depth and longevity


Following in the footsteps of Purr, Meow is another floral, fruity fragrance designed for women. Launched in 2011, Meow was created by top perfumer Givaudan. This sweet perfume is inspired by the mythical land of Candyfornia, and the perfume bottle is adorned with pink and white colors in a cat-like design. Base notes of musk, amber, vanilla and sandalwood are intense whilst soothing, forming a gentle contrast to the sugary, rich blend of honeysuckle, Lily of the valley and African orange flower at the heart. The top notes are a fruity cocktail of tangerine, pear, gardenia and jasmine.

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Killer Queen

Launched in 2013, Killer Queen is a sophisticated fragrance designed exclusively for women by the top perfumer Laurent Le Guernec on behalf of the Katy Perry brand. This scent is inspired by the lyrics of the song ‘Killer Queen’ by Freddie Mercury of the band, Queen. Powerful and dynamic, this fragrance mirrors Perry’s rebellious personality. The stunning perfume bottle is crafted into the shape of red ruby on a golden pedestal. At the heart grows the Celosia flower, entwined with plumeria and jasmine. The base notes are a medley of liquid praline, cashmere and patchouli. Juicy top notes of plum, bergamot and forest fruits are both succulent and earthy.

Royal Revolution

Royal Revolution is another magical floral and fruity creation to come from the innovative Katy Perry brand. Launched in 2014, this beautiful scent is encased within a deep blue bottle inspired by the appearance of a precious diamond. The third scent from Katy Perry, Royal Revolution, is perfect to wear for a formal, elegant occasion. Base notes of musk, leather, vanilla orchid and blackthorn are deep and smoky in texture. Chords of pomegranate and pink freesia in the top notes blend well with a heart of jasmine, sandalwood and orange blossom.


Launched in 2017, Indi by Katy Perry is a Floral perfume with deep woody undertones, designed exclusively for the enjoyment of women. This is a good versatile daytime scent. Base notes of tonka bean, amber, island musk, black musk, white musk and Egyptian musk are mythical and sensual in tone. At the heart is a fusion of cyclamen, Lily-of-the-Valley and white cedar extract. Top notes of plum, white tea and bergamot are stimulating and energizing.

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Mad Potion

Mad Potion is a sexy, sultry fragrance for women, with dominant flavors of amber and vanilla. Launched in 2015, this scent was created by top perfumers Stephen Nilsen and Natasha Cote. A glamorous, soft scent, Mad Potion is ideal for pairing with an elegant black dress for a formal winter occasion. A delicate mix of musk, jasmine and Bourbon vanilla forms the heart, whilst the top notes consist of apple, peony and vanilla orchid. At the base are undertones of vanilla, musk and the rising heat of amber notes.

Mad Love

Launched in 2016, Mad Love is floral and fruity in flavor and almost delicious enough to eat. Base notes of musk, coconut and sandalwood are exotic and smooth in texture, whilst the top notes of pink grapefruit, apple, strawberry and sorbet are reminiscent of a summer dessert, like an ice cream sundae. The heart is a floral bouquet of peony and jasmine.

Killer Queen Oh So Sheer

Launched in 2014, Killer Queen Oh So Sheer is a complex, daring fragrance with dominant floral and fruity flavors. Designed by a perfumer, this sweet, intense scent is ideal for wearing during the hot summer months to encourage feelings of joy and optimism. The stunning violet colors decorating the perfume bottle are vibrant and feminine. Fruity top notes of wild berries, including elderberry, blackcurrant, dark plum and mulberry, create the top notes, complementing a floral heart of red velvet flower, jasmine, freesia and plumeria. Rich, dark base notes of liquid praline, caramel and patchouli promise depth and velvet sweetness to the perfume.

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Indi Visible

Indi Visible is an intriguing oriental fragrance from the iconic Katy Perry brand; the perfect scent to wear during the cooler Autumnal months. Designed exclusively for women before the launch of the perfume in 2018, this fruity floral scent has musky undertones. Heady base notes of musk, patchouli and sandalwood delight the senses, whilst top notes of pink pepper, plum, rum and vanilla are punchy and sweet. At the heart us a delicious well of tonka bean, coconut and gardenia.

Spring Reign

Launched in 2015, Spring Reign is a delightful floral fragrance designed especially for women. Even the perfume bottle is strong in feminine qualities, with a metallic pink stopper and cute pale pink glass flacon.

Oriental and fresh, this perfume is symbolic of flowers blooming in spring. Spring Reign is the ideal scent to wear for a romantic occasion.

Base notes of cedar, benzoin and cashmere are earthy and reminiscent of a magical forest floor. At the heart are chords of May rose, Artemisia and Gardenia, whilst top notes of violet, blackcurrant blossom and pink freesia simply burst the aromas of the natural world.

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