Awesome and Symbolic Gorilla Tattoo Ideas


Awesome and Symbolic Gorilla Tattoo Ideas

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The gorilla is a mighty primate that resides in rich forests. They are known to possess intelligence and emotions more vividly than other members of the animal kingdom.

These apes represent intelligence, communication, dignity, tranquility, gentleness, power, and family. Most gorilla tattoos adapt to these characteristics, as this creature is also a spirit animal.

Getting inked with this animal means you want these attributes in your life. Here are some gorilla tattoo ideas that are rich in symbolism and trendy at the same time.

1. Smirking Gorilla Tattoo

Gorillas are naturally peaceful creatures when not threatened. Here is a candid image of the species during their calm periods. This Smirking Gorilla Tattoo is a good reminder that humans and their kind can co-exist without any problems.

2. Silverback Gorilla Tattoo 

This Silverback Gorilla Tattoo is a tribute to the world’s biggest primate. They can weigh as much as two hundred seventy kilograms. They pack a lot of power, so you wouldn’t want to be on their bad side. Make sure to keep them calm like in this image.

3. Angry Gorilla Tattoo 

Gorillas, when upset, can be mean, and you would not want to be in the vicinity if it happens. This Angry Gorilla Tattoo shows how their gentle face can evolve into something fierce when bothered. Even if they are naturally herbivores, watch out for the fangs.

4. Gorilla Chest Tattoo 

Gorillas follow a simple rule in leadership; the strongest one will lead. The males of these species often duke it out on who gets to be the head. They beat their chest to show who is boss. Feel the power of these primates by getting a Gorilla Chest Tattoo. 

5. Gorilla Hand Tattoo 

If you prefer a small but fierce piece of primate body art, this Gorilla Hand Tattoo is for you. The colored design shows the big ape in ready to fight stance. Check out how vicious it looks here. Out opened wide roaring, and sharp teeth are bared.

6. Gorilla Face Tattoo

This Gorilla Face Tattoo is a tribute to the science fiction movie titled “Planet of the Apes.” In the story, the gorillas are assigned roles that require strength. They are active policemen, hunters, laborers, and military personnel.

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7. Gorilla Tribal Tattoo 

Gorillas are residents of tropical forests. The majority of their population is located in the Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea in West Africa. These locations have ethnic groups that have distinct art styles. This Gorilla Tribal Tattoo is inspired by these indigenous races.

8. Gorilla and Rhino Tattoo Sleeve 

Gorillas are a symbol of power. It is suitable to be placed on body parts that involve strength. This Gorilla and Rhino Tattoo Sleeve shows the great primate in fierce mode. The design also includes a rhinoceros, another powerhouse in the animal kingdom.

9. Colored Gorilla Head Tattoo 

Here is another art style for body art. This Colored Gorilla Head Tattoo is whimsical and more of on the cartoony side. However, it captures the ferocity and strength of a real gorilla. The fangs and angry eyes are enough to give you goosebumps.

10. Gorilla and Skull Tattoo 

This design is a combination of Gorilla and Skull Tattoo. The gorilla symbolizes power, and the skulls represent how dangerous this creature can be. The image also shows the gorilla’s neck has a collar with a man’s face. However, these creatures are not easily tamed. It is best to leave them in the wild where they belong.

11. Gorilla Forearm Tattoo

Tattoos can also depict realistic art like what this Gorilla Forearm Tattoo shows. The fur of the primate is vibrant. The detailing of its face is impeccable. Staring at it makes gives the feeling you have come face to face with a fearsome ape.

12. Gorilla Back Tattoo 

As mentioned before, gorillas are harmless creatures when left alone. This Gorilla Back Tattoo shows how calm this species can be. Beside the ape is the frog, another peaceful creature. It is a symbol of prosperity. As animal spirits, gorillas signify ingenuity and adaptability. So putting this together, life will prosper if you can conform to your situations.

13. Gorilla with Crown Tattoo 

Gorillas are mammals that openly show emotions. It means that their actions can be influenced by what they feel. This Gorilla with Crown Tattoo symbolizes how advanced these beings are in terms of intellect. They are like the wise kings of the animal kingdom.

14. American Traditional Gorilla Tattoo 

In the past, the art of tattooing was very basic. Most art styles involve drawings looking like comic book characters or cartoons. This American Traditional Gorilla Tattoo is an example of that. But whatever it lacks in realism, it is made up of facial expressions. Notice how the small details came together to show this recognizable gorilla image.

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15. Baby Gorilla Tattoo

Let us move on to the lighter side. Here is a Baby Gorilla Tattoo hiding among the leaves and butterflies. This image captures the innocence of the young mammal. It is so adorable you would want to hug it and keep it safe.

16. Gorilla Leg Tattoo 

This detailed Gorilla Leg Tattoo is a sight to behold. It features the beast showcasing its strength. You can see it holding a piece of a chain. It indicates the creature used brute force to break free.

17. Gorilla Close-up Tattoo

Decorate your forearm with this realistic Gorilla Close-up Tattoo. The image shows the ape in a friendly pose. It has kind eyes, and a smirk rests on its face. It is a very lighthearted design.

18. Gorilla with Heterochromia Tattoo

Heterochromia is the condition when the color of the eyes is different. This Gorilla with Heterochromia Tattoo is an example of that. The look on this guy sure looks tough and ready for action.

19. King Kong Tattoo Ideas 

King Kong is a box office hit that changed the movie industry forever. This design shows the iconic big beast on top of a building and crushing fighter planes like flies. It is one of the most memorable moments in the film.

20. Gorilla with Leaves Tattoo 

Here is a gorilla roaring in its natural habitat. This Gorilla with Leaves Tattoo gives a glimpse of how their day goes. They run through the forest and protect their kind when needed.

21. Rock and Roll Gorilla Tattoo 

Gorillas are also popular in pop culture. This Rock and Roll Gorilla Tattoo shows how cool people perceive the ape. There is even a musical group called “Gorillaz.” They have a number of hit songs under their belt.

22. Unique Gorilla Tattoo 

This Unique Gorilla Tattoo uses traditional old-style art and incorporates a modern twist. The teeth of the great primate look metallic. Its eyes are eerie white. The image reminds you of a mutated being. Fans of science fiction will find this body art piece pretty cool.

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23. Gorilla and Tiger Tattoo

The gorilla and tiger have opposite characteristics. The gorilla is more of a social animal, while the tiger prefers to be on its own. However, these two are both intelligent and strong creatures that can put up a fight. Many wildlife enthusiasts would find this design intriguing.

24. Gorilla Thinking of the Wild Back Tattoo

This Gorilla Thinking of the Wild Back Tattoo delves into the thoughts of the ape. Like all the members of its kind, a gorilla imagines the lush green forest. The cold and fresh water of the mountain rivers is in their memory.

25 . Fox and Gorilla Tattoo 

This Fox and Gorilla Tattoo features the two creatures in the wild. Both these creatures signify intelligence and prefer to live in lush forests. These dignified mammals are a source of pride in the animal kingdom.

26. Gorilla Full Body Tattoo 

Good things come in small packages. This tiny Gorilla Full Body Tattoo shows the ape on all fours. The design is simple and suitable for people starting with body art.

27. Gorilla Tattoo on Thigh

The thigh is the body part that supports the upper half and the legs. This Gorilla Tattoo on Thigh is a tribute to the strength of this region. The human body will never be the same without it.

28. Gorilla Tattoo Amazing Design Tattoo

This Gorilla Tattoo Amazing Design Tattoo features the ape and other primates. They live together in peace in reality as it is in this image. Maybe there are squabbles, but in general, the relationship is harmonious.

29. Distorted Art Gorilla Tattoo

Are you a fan of contemporary drawings? This Distorted Art Gorilla Tattoo shows a modern design inspired by the ape. The head depicts the primate, but the body looks like a doodle. This style is suitable for people who are into unique concepts and sketches.

30. Gorilla Popping out of the Chest Tattoo

Add the element of surprise to your body art by getting a Gorilla Popping out of the Chest Tattoo. The head of the primate is drawn as if it has emerged from the bushes. Imagine if it happens in real life, you will surely be shocked and surprised.

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