God of War Tattoos (Tattoo Ideas)


God of War Tattoos (Tattoo Ideas)

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Literature mythology is an interesting topic. For years, it has been a source of inspiration for the arts.

Many entertainment media like movies, documentaries, and video games have used it as a theme. A popular franchise is the God of War action-adventure game.

This game created by David Jaffe has mesmerized audiences since 2005. It tells the story of Kratos, a Spartan soldier seeking to avenge his family by defeating the gods.

The storyline is intense and filled with numerous battles, plot twists, and very graphic fight scenes. Fans of the game even have God of War tattoos on their bodies to show their support.

Here is some God of War tattoo ideas inspired by the memorable characters and weapons in the game.

1. Half Face Kratos and Blades of Chaos

Kratos, the main protagonist, uses a special weapon called Blades of Chaos. It is given to him by Ares when he pledged his loyalty to him. He managed to win many conquests with this tool. This Half Face Kratos and Blades of Chaos show how deep their connection is.

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2. Kratos with Leviathan Axe Tattoo

As a warrior, it is a given that Kratos can wield different kinds of weapons. It includes the powerful Leviathan Axe forged by the Huldra brothers. They are also the personalities who made Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. This Kratos with Leviathan Axe Tattoo shows the hero ready for battle.

3. Kratos on Calf Tattoo

This Kratos on Calf Tattoo features a close-up shot of the protagonist. What is the meaning of the red tattoo on his eye? Kratos had a brother who had red birthmarks on his skin and was taken away by the gods. They mistook him for the child oracled to kill Zeus in the future. Kratos swore to get avenged and get him back. Underneath it is the omega logo of the franchise. Inside the center is him holding an ax looking at the horizon and ready to fight.

4. Kratos withJormungandr Arm Tattoo

A memorable game moment in the God of War timeline is when Kratos met Jormungandr, the World Serpent. It was a way for him and Atreus to find the path toward Jormungandr. In the video game, Jormungandr is a dependable ally. Aside from telling them the way, the serpent also aided them in battle. This Kratos with Jormungandr Arm Tattoo shows their good rapport.

5. Eustace Bagge God of War Inspired Tattoo

Do you want to have a comical parody of God of War? This Eustace Bagge God of War Inspired Tattoo is for you. The grumpy grandpa is drawn dressed like a spartan and has body marks like Kratos. It is ideal for folks who like to incorporate humor in their body art.

6. God of War Sleeve Tattoo

Kratos and Atreus are honoring the dying wish of Laufey to have her ashes spread on the highest peak in the nine realms, and embark on an adventure. This God of War Sleeve Tattoo shows the duo on their journey towards Jormungandr. In this image, the father and son tandem battles a giant to reach their destination.

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7. God of War Logo and Controller Buttons Tattoo

God of War is a top-selling game for Playstation. This God of War logo and controller Buttons Tattoo pay tribute to this partnership. For years, the game is still a favorite of numerous action-adventure enthusiasts.

8. Kratos Bicep Tattoo

This Kratos Bicep Tattoo features a close-up of the protagonist’s face. Underneath is an image of him captured in chains. It is a scene from the game where he eventually gets free and wins the battle.

9. God of War Logo Back Tattoo

Hardcore fans would love this God of War Logo Back Tattoo. The omega sign is outlined in black and filled with red ink. It also has the inscription of the nine realms. And one size of the omega tail depicts a head of a beast. It represents the world serpent Jormungandr.

10. Hades God of War Tattoo

This Hades God of War Tattoo depicts how the game developers imagined the Greek god. He is the keeper of the underworld, where the dead are staying. He and Kratos had a badass fight which is one of the big stages in the game. 


11. Invincible Leviathan Axe Tattoo

This Invincible Leviathan Axe Tattoo is a dependable weapon of Kratos. It is made by the same craftsmen that made Thor’s hammer. This two-edged ax was introduced in God of War: Ragnarok.

12. Atreus Tattoo 

Atreus is the son of Kratos and Laufey the Just. This Atreus Tattoo features Nordic language that describes the boy. What does Atreus Tattoo mean? The inscription encircling the arm translates to a lucky shot. The vertical text means skilled arm. It fits him well because the lad is a talented archer.

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13. Baldur-Inspired Tattoo

Baldur is a beloved god in Norse mythology and appeared in the God of War franchise. This Baldur-Inspired Tattoo shown is the likeness of the design featured in the game. What does the tattoo on Baldur’s right chest mean? It translates to “Light confide me with warmth so that might feel from my hand.” In the game, Baldur is living miserably due to his inability to feel sensations. Part of him wants freedom. The quote is meaningful for his character.

14. 3D God of War Tattoo

Are you looking for a tattoo that also has an optical illusion effect? The search is over with this 3D God of War Tattoo. It features the omega logo on top of what appears to be cracked skin. It gives the effect that the symbol emerges on the surface.

15. Kratos Ghost of Sparta Tattoo

Kratos is a tragic hero as he accidentally killed his wife and daughter during a raid. His grief resulted in a curse given to him by an old witch in the locality. He is to wear the ashes of his family on his skin. It resulted in him having pale white skin. He earned the nickname Ghost of Sparta. This Kratos Ghost of Sparta Tattoo shows how he looked then.

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