36 Cross tattoos for Women


36 Cross tattoos for Women

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The symbolism of the cross is influential and holds a deep meaning. Christianity associates it with the redemption of humankind through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

From a secular point of view, a cross means sacrifice, being saved, and an end to something. People have a lot of struggles.

The figurative speech describes it as a cross someone has to bear. Cross tattoos for women represent different stories about hardships and triumphs.

Enthusiasts of body art like getting themselves inked for these momentous occasions. Check out the list of 36 Cross tattoos for women that will ignite your imagination and creativity.

1. Accentuate Thighs with a Blooming Cross

The thigh is a powerful part of the human anatomy. Together with the legs, it supports the weight of the body. It is also an attractive part to flaunt when wearing shorts and miniskirts. Accentuate the beauty of it by having a Blooming Cross tattoo. Have fun choosing the color shades of your florals. This feminine design is delicate and colorful. It is a charming beauty mark for a beautiful lady.

2. Feminine Celtic Cross Tattoos

The Celtic Cross is a symbol of knowledge, compassion, and strength. It is an inspirational image that gives hope and positivity. Getting this inked to your body produces a feeling of security and comfort. Push the negative energy away with this lovely body art. It is also a nice accent for fans of the vintage and classic look. Welcome better days with this tattoo inked on you. This design is suitable to be placed on any part of your body. Embrace spirituality and art with this tat idea.

3. Elegant Cross Laying on Leaves

The cross is a sign of redemption. A person must first evolve to be redeemed. And to achieve this, there should be optimism and hope. An image of an Elegant Cross Laying on Leaves is a fitting image of this situation. It shows that hope and optimism carry an individual to salvation to be a better person. Remind yourself daily of this positivity by getting this inked on your skin. Hope is a valuable thing that everyone must have, no matter the situation. Keep yourself motivated by having this symbolic piece of art.

4. Floral Cross Tattoos on the Ribs

The rib is a protective covering for important organs like the lungs and heart. It also holds the upper body’s structure together. It is important to keep it intact and protected. Why not place a Floral Cross Tattoos on the Ribs as a charm? It serves as a fervent prayer that this area will be away from injuries. It is also a nice addition to the attractiveness of your body. When you wear midriffs, this design will accentuate your figure more. It will be a motivation to keep fit so you can always view the image in its best shape.

5. Sultry Cross Between the Breasts

Are you a fan of dresses and shirts with a deep v-line or plunging neckline? It is a sexy look only ladies with high self-confidence can pull off. Increase your stage presence by getting a Sultry Cross Between the Breasts tattoo. This additional art on your skin will make heads turn your way. Be irresistibly alluring with this hot tattoos for women idea. It is your choice if you prefer it subtle or loud. As long as it represents your personality, go for it. Unleash your inner queen with this provocative style choice.

6. Artistic Tribal Cross Tattoos for Females

How can ladies mix pagan and Christian beliefs? It is through an Artistic Tribal Cross Tattoos for Females. This design has intricate detailing that is minimalistic and creative. Even if the form is ethnic in theme, there is serenity since it depicts a cross. It is a modern twist on displaying one’s faith in a very creative fashion. Feel liberated and enlightened by having this on your body. This tattoo idea is suitable to be drawn anywhere on the body. It looks great in people who opt for more relaxed and laidback outfits. It is very youthful and trendy.

7. Fierce Cross and Dragon Tattoo for the Arm

Dragons are mythical beings known for their might and power. In some cultures, it is considered a sign of good luck and fortune. In the Medieval Age, it is also popular villain folklore that knights battle all the time. If you are a fan of this conquest, why not have a Fierce Cross and Dragon Tattoo for the Arm? Be amazed at how your favorite character comes to life with this body art idea. The featured design shows a dragon with a sly grin on his face. It seems the big lizard is getting ready to have some fun. Reciprocate the same aura of playfulness by getting this inked.

8. Trendy Cross Tattoos on the Neck

In the previous years, body parts like the neck, are not considered an option to have a tattoo drawn. Fast forward to now, society is more accepting of inking as an art. Therefore, having Trendy Cross Tattoos on the Neck is no longer an issue. Maybe some will inquire if it hurts more compared to the other parts of the body. But if you are all for it, go ahead and express yourself. A cross design is a good choice as it depicts your values and sentiments. People will automatically have an idea of you on the get-go. Now you have an easier way to introduce yourself.

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9. Cross Tattoos for Women’s Arms

Tattoos often tell a story. It can be about the person, an experience, a belief, or a coping mechanism. As a form of art, it has a deep meaning to those who wear it. Check out this design for Cross Tattoos for Women’s Arms. A man is seen walking towards a cross. Above it is a flower in full bloom. It talks about how long a spiritual journey is about to end. At the finish line is a beautiful reward, all set and ready for the taking. Are you undergoing the same phase? Let this design inspire you to move forward. It may appear long and tiring, but in the end, the prize awaiting you is so much better.

10. Cross and Rose Tattoo Combination

A Rose is a symbol of admiration, devotion, and love. Pairing it up with a Cross would mean unconditional love. This deep type of affection can be romantic or platonic. These types of feelings are strong, sturdy, and steady. If you have made a promise to yourself or a loved one about changing for the better, commemorate it with a Cross and Rose Tattoo Combination. It is an inspirational piece that showcases your resolve for change. Gather up your courage and face the challenges head-on. You are bound for greatness. Success is just around the corner. Soon enough, you will be someone else’s role model.

11. Back Bicep Sword-Inspired Cross Tattoo

A sword is a weapon of the past. Many battles clashed using this. It is a sign of bravery, loyalty, power, and authority. At present, it is no longer a part of the artillery but remains as the symbol of courage and honor. A Back Bicep Sword-Inspired Cross Tattoo is a lovely addition to your collection of body art. It is a reminder of how you faced all the challenges of life. And in the end, you emerged victoriously.

12. Tiny Behind Ear Girly Cross Tattoo

If you are yet to conquer your fear of needles, getting a small tattoo is advisable. How about a Tiny Behind Ear Girly Cross Tattoo? It is very subtle and simple; it is good for a beginner who has just started appreciating the art. This design is also suitable for people who have jobs that require strict dress codes. The image is well hidden. The bearer can easily get away with it.

13. Cross and Heart Tandem Tattoos

Are you looking for a design that shows religious belief and affection? Then Cross and Heart Tandem Tattoo is your cup of tea. The design features a cross with a heart in the middle. The heart is decorated with a crown. It is held by two hands. It shows that love is given full authority. The whole image can be interpreted as the Creator or God who governs all things and shows His love through the cross. If you are a believer in this concept, then this tattoo idea is for you.

14. Cross and Gentle Lion Tattoo

Are you a person that takes pride in the foundation of your faith? If yes, Cross and Gentle Lion Tattoo will describe you well. The cross and lion both have spiritual meanings. The cross stands for redemption, and the lion is a sign of majesty and justice. Sometimes due to individual beliefs, people are criticized for it. However, be determined like the lion in defending your principles. Having this inked on your body is a declaration that you are willing to stand up for your faith.

15. Small Cross Tattoos with Sprouting Leaves

Are you at the crossroads of your life? Then celebrate by turning the new leaf with this featured Small Cross Tattoos with Sprouting leaves. The mark of the cross can symbolize that a part of your life has concluded. But as it ends and you move on, the sprouting leaves are an indication of a fresh start. Having this on will give you hope. It serves as a reminder of the big decisions you made. Continue to be brave and move forward. You got this under control.

16. Lady Cross Tattoos in Underarm

Women have a lot of beautiful qualities. They work hard to achieve equality and appreciation. This Lady Cross Tattoos in Underarm has an inscription of the words “Fio Por Mim.” It is a Portuguese phrase that translates to “It was for me.” This whole design is a sign of hard work and sacrifice. Not everything in life is on a silver platter. But even if things are tough, remember that there are things you need to do for yourself. It is an ink piece that reminds you that you have to be kinder to yourself. Go ahead and do what you must while considering your well-being too.

17. On Foot Cross Tattoos for Females

Are you a person who loves sports and exercise? Engaging in this activity requires discipline and dedication. To be great at something, a huge amount of time will be spent. There will be instances when you have to give up certain things to make them work. However, once you triumph, the feelings of victory are tremendous. Celebrate it by getting an On Foot Cross Tattoos for Females. It is a tribute to the feet that have carried you throughout the journey. Getting this drawn on you is a nice souvenir that reminds you of wonderful memories.

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18. Meaningful Cross Tattoos on the Back

Are you the crafty and creative type? How about taking the challenge of having colorful and Meaningful Cross Tattoos on the back. You can start off by picking vibrant colors. Next, choose a message that resonates with you. Arrange the words in a way that it forms a cross. Has it drawn that way on your skin? Then add the lively colors around the cross made o of words. The back is a good area to have because it is spacious. Plus, during summer, when you wear your hair in a bun and clad in a swimsuit, people can read it. Who knows? Maybe someone else will get inspired by it too.

19. Angel Wings with Cross Tattoo

An angel and the cross are symbols of divine providence. These are believed to give guidance and protection. So why not have Angel Wings with Cross Tattoo for the best of luck? Incorporate your personal style by choosing the color of the cross. Then based on what you fancy, choose the structure of the wings. You can have it big or small. Put in a dash of color or stick with the traditional black ink. The featured image shows a lot of personal touch on the final product. If you find it appealing, then have your way of getting this inked. You can also have it on another body part if your back won’t do for you. This design is also suitable for the upper arm, thigh, or leg.

20. Lovely Cross Bracelet Tattoos

Tattoos once drawn to the skin are like body accents already. If you are a fan of accessories, why not make a tattoo look like one? Check out these Lovely Cross Bracelet Tattoos. The image shows the cross as a pendant linked to a chain of small beads. The bracelet itself has two strands instead of one. It adds to the stylishness of the overall design. This design is suitable for ladies who are bold to express their faith. Showcase your fabulous sense of style with this piece. It is a minimalist option that matches any kind of look. It goes well with casual, business attire, and formal outfits.

21. Delicate On Hand Cross Tattoo

The hands are vital parts of the anatomy for a person to function. Imagine how can a person live without utilizing their hands? Show how much you appreciate your hands by getting a Delicate On Hand Cross Tattoo. Four different pointed shapes take the form of the cross. The design is imaginative and unique. The dot in the center emphasizes the intersection of the connection. This attractive image is a charming accent to your lovely hands. Make sure to value and take care of it always.

22. Sweet Cross on Shoulder Tattoo 

Do you love to wear off-shoulder blouses, halter tops, and spaghetti strap outfits? Sweet Cross on Shoulder Tattoo will suit you best. It is a design that will flatter your shoulder blades. The cross is adorned with a vine where flowers grow. It is a sign of continuous growth and maturity. Make the style more lively by incorporating your favorite color. The tattoo is supposed to describe you as a person. Make sure to add heavy hints about your character in finalizing this body art. Feel free to show some inked skin that is colorful and lovely.

23. Watercolor-Inspired Side Cross Tattoo 

The cross is often depicted standing in an upright or vertical position. However, there is also an orientation called a side cross tattoo. It is simply in horizontal placement. To have this effect, you can have a cross drawn on your forearm. When it is resting parallel to the surface, you can get the side cross image. Add a dash of modern art to this style by incorporating watercolor hues. Splatter color to this design to make the simple image trendier. Mix and match various hues for a glamorous appeal. Observers will surely complement it too.

24. Finger Cross Tattoo

The rosary is a religious item that is a symbol of faith. If you are devout in faith, a Finger Cross Tattoo is a nice body accent. The rosary beads look like a ring wrapped around your finger. The dangling cross shines as proof of devotion. It is a design also suitable for fashionistas who want their digits to have a distinct vibe. You can put this image on one or multiple fingers. Pair it up with some lovely manicure, and you are all set to show the world how lovely your hands look.

25. Bouquet Cross Tattoo

Flowers are a symbol of femininity. They are delicate, beautiful, and fragrant. As decors, they are the centerpieces of every occasion. It is the reason that there is an industry dedicated to flowers. It includes farming, arrangement, marketing, and selling; it is a hot commodity. If you are a fan of florals, a Bouquet Cross Tattoo is most suited for you. The featured image not only shows one but multiple flowers forming a cross. Having this inked is like receiving a bouquet every day. It is lovely right? The mixture of hues is mesmerizing to the eyes. It gives a light and pleasant feeling whenever you look at it. To add happiness to your life with this body art.

26. Celtic Cross with Love Knot Tattoo 

A Love Knot in Celtic tradition takes the form of two interlocked hearts enclosed in an oval. The shape is said to signify two people in love. According to some sources, the Celts used to exchange love knots as a sign of commitment in a relationship. A Celtic Cross with Love Knot Tattoo is a mix of vintage art and symbolism. Even if you don’t have Irish roots, this body art idea is open for all to adapt. Creative minds who love detailing and patterns will rave about this design. If you are into nostalgic fashion finds, this tattoo idea takes the cake.

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27. Cross Tattoo on the Tummy

Are you the type who spends hours in the gym to get fit? Or maybe you run every day for miles to preserve muscle tone? By keeping a healthy lifestyle, you are most likely rewarded with a flat belly. Do you want to decorate it? You can do it with a Cross Tattoo on the Tummy. Allow your strong core to gain more attention by getting it inked. The design runs from the upper abdomen until the belly button. It is drawn in different shapes and twists until the form of the cross is completed. Show your summer-ready body with this tattoo idea, and you will be the talk of the town.

28. Big Christian Cross Tattoos for Back

Getting a tattoo is like giving a permanent declaration. It is important to choose the piece that will be drawn since it will be hard to have it erased. That is why a Big Christian Cross Tattoos for Back is a popular choice. The image here shows a cross at the tip and the message written along the spine. The inscription could be your favorite bible verse or other religious quotations that inspire you. This design, in a way, is very sexy and sensual because it is like you imprinted a path that fingers or eyes can trace. 

29. Cross Tattoo On Forearm for Women

The forearm is a frequently exposed body part, except when wearing long sleeves. If you want a tattoo that is often seen, this is the ideal location to have it. The featured design shows a cross adorned with leaves and colored flowers. Personalize it by having your name inscribed and the date you got it done. It will be fond memorabilia of your journey toward the world of body art.

30. Back Tricep Floral Cross Tattoo

The tricep is the upper part of the arms. It is also a popular area to get inked. One of the basic designs you can consider is a Back Tricep Floral Cross Tattoo. The image shows a cross drawn in simple straight lines. It is made to look like a stem that supports some flowers and leaves. It is a simple design that is suited for ladies who want to start small first. This image may not be flashy, but the concept of a growing flowering plant with a shape of a cross is cool.

31. Single Rose Floral Cross Tattoo

A rose is a famous flower that is often given as a present. In the flower language, it means deep passionate love. And a single rose depicts strong admiration and feelings. Getting this blossom inked on your body is a form of acceptance and self-love. Be proud of your body and who you are. Remember, girl, you are beautiful, inside and out.

33. Love, Laugh, and Live Cross Tattoo

Positivity is key to happiness. Invite it to your life by having a Love, Laugh, and Live Cross Tattoo. The message talks about the motivator that is love. It mentions laughter is the best medicine for the body and soul. Putting them all together, you will live life to the fullest. Small red detailing is added to give zest to the design. You can have this inked on your back, forearm, thigh, or leg. It will look marvelous.

34. Dainty Cross Tattoo

Dainty is a word used to describe small and pretty things. Take, for example, the featured tiny heart and cross design. This image will look good on your foot, wrist, ankle, or even behind your ear. This Dainty Cross Tattoo proves that pretty things can come in small packages. The concept symbolizes that love can redeem all lost things. If you just experienced something like this, commemorate your victory by getting it drawn on your skin. Life’s best moments should be preserved and remembered always.


35. Infinity Cross Tattoo for Ladies

The Infinity Cross is a representation of an Eternal Being who is God. This symbol has become a sign of devotion to God. It is a design that is popular in religion. If you are a religious person, the Infinity Cross Tattoo for Ladies is a good option. It will say a lot about your character and beliefs. In this way, people can associate with you better since they have an idea of the things that matter to you. This is a good example of how your tattoo can describe you.

36. Cross with a Semicolon Tattoo on Wrists

The wrist is the body part located in between your hands and forearm. It may be small, but the structure is very complex. Getting this decorated with a Cross with a Semicolon represents how a person is saved due to his faith. Life is hard. There is a lot of negativity. But as long as a person has faith and hope, they can manage to love themselves and be redeemed. That is how powerful the sacrifice on the cross meant.

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