Coraline Tattoo Ideas


Coraline Tattoo Ideas

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Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline” is a stop-motion animated horror movie for kids featuring a young adventurous girl. The storyline revolves around a girl who discovers a secret passageway to enter a completely new world, a magical portal where she unveils some spooky secrets and characters. 

The movie gained immense recognition among people of all ages. Followers of the movie start expressing their love and fondness for this timeless piece of art by dressing up their favorite characters. And their love and crazy adoration don’t stop there. It leads them to discover new ways to make Coraline part of their lives. 

And that’s how Coraline tattoos become one of the hottest trends. Movie fanatics started getting themselves tattooed with their favorite characters or symbols in admiration. If you are that crazy adorer of this fantastic movie, get one of its themed tattoos because it looks gorgeous and trendy. 

We have listed below the best Coraline tattoo ideas to figure out the best tattoo design for you. Choose the one that appeals to you the most!

Tattoo Inspired By Coraline Heron

This Coraline tattoo idea is for the true adorers of this dark animated movie as it features the leading character of the movie. This tattoo idea is inspired by the Coraline heron, who found her button-eyed doppelgängers in the other world. 

Though the tattoo is inspired by the button-eyed doppelgängers, it features a slightly modified version. And this particular version doesn’t include buttoned-eyes. Nevertheless, the detailed shading with black dots makes this tattoo out of this world and a favorite of many. 

Monochromatic Artistic

It’s another Coraline rag doll-inspired tattoo idea that will create a monochromatic artistic look. The visual allure of this tattoo will leave others to say WOW!

Creating an artistic look, it features a somewhat coloured portrayal of Coraline with one eye closed. One eye closed and one eye focused with the hand make it more mystical and a perfect Hawoline tattoo. Try this unique Coraline tattoo idea this Hawoline and leave others awestruck!  

Dainty Tattoo Theme

The next Caroline tattoo idea is no less than heart for dainty tattoo lovers. This dainty-themed tattoo is inspired by the main storyline of the Coraline movie as the movie features buttoned eyes for everyone in the other world. So, the tattoo underlines a human hand giving a button to a mystical hand whose formation is quite contrary to a human hand. 

So, if you are up for some dainty small tattoo designs inspired by the Coraline movie, this tattoo can be your go-to option for denoting deep meanings. 

Caroline’s Realistic Portrait 

This Coraline tattoo idea is for those who don’t want to compromise on anything less than incredible. This tattoo is incredibly beautiful and creates a unique camouflage of spooky and artistic looks. 


Also, this tattoo design portrays the most realistic portrayal of Coraline as it’s the master copy of her outlook in the movie. Everything about this tattoo, from her hair color to her clothes, is just perfection.

This Caroline tattoo idea is an absolute love to get ink with. 

Shaded Coraline Tattoo

We got you yet another fantastic Coraline tattoo idea to appease your love for a spooky and enchanting piece of art. This particular tattoo design is inspired by specifically one scene from the movie – that’s also the most loved scene of Caroline movie lovers. 

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The design particularly emphasizes the facial expression of Coraline. Even the expression will surely fix the gaze of people for a while. Also, the highly detailed spiral-themed background takes a little time to be done, but we can assure you it’s going to be worth it.  

Mother/Daughter Artistic Duo

This elaborated tattoo idea features Carolin and her evil mother, the character of Beldam and the lead antagonist of the movie, who must give you all some chills and creeps.  


Like her character, her portrayal in this tattoo also portrays her spinster plans. Also, Coraline holding a box containing a few buttons adds to the tattoo’s meaning. The design will take a little more time than expected with all this elaborated detailing, but it’s worth getting. 

Black & White Coraline Tattoo

This black and white mural will surely win everyone’s heart. The tattoo features a full portal of the smash-hit animated character – Coraline. 


The beautiful detailing alongside her portrayal adds to the glory of this tattoo idea. Get this Coraline tattoo idea anywhere on your shoulder, front arm, or just behind the neck. – and you will thank us for this beautiful tattoo design. 

Eerie Coraline Button Tattoo

This Coraline tattoo idea is surely out of this world and the best piece of art to embody on the shoulders. Featuring a creepy hand holding a button, it beautifully hints at the movie’s storyline. 


Though the design will look fantastic anywhere on your body, the vibe it creates on the shoulder is beyond any expression. Have fun creating this creepy Coraline tattoo today, and everyone will love it!

Coloured Realistic Coraline Doll

Of course, everyone’s preferred choice to get a Coraline tattoo would be ink a realistic Coraline tattoo, just like this design. Featuring the exact ditto of her movie’s character representation for this particular design adds an element of drama and creepiness to your tattoo. 


Please note that this design will require a little more time like it’s no less than perfection – a highly detailed and precise tattoo that captivates almost everyone.

Aesthetic Coraline Tattoo

This Coraline tattoo idea is for those who love colors – mainly a combo of blue and purple. This unique combo of colors captures an important scene of the movie. If you’ve watched the movie, you’d know the similar color tones that appear when Coraline travels from this world to the other world.


Symbolizing a universal mutation for this design is a timeless piece of art. Plus, the circular patterns resemble a lot of the masterworks of the great Vincent Van Gogh. So, why not get this piece of timeless beauty. 

Sketched Coraline’s Doppelgänger 

This super cute Coraline tattoo idea features a unique portrayal of the movie’s leading character – Coraline, as she moves to the other world by unlocking a door in the kitchen of her home. While entering her new magical portal, she finds her doppelgänger with buttoned eyes. 


This tattoo design hints at her spooky experience of transferring from this world to the other one. The girl in the tattoo has one normal eye and the other one buttoned, which creates a creepy look. 

Elaborated Coraline Inspired Tattoo

Suppose you are the one who’s in love with dark fantasies and elaborate tattoos. This design will surely be your irresistible inclination. 


This Coraline tattoo idea offers a lot more than your imagination. It’s a beautifully designed, well-elaborated, and highly detailed tattoo. Get this tattoo along with getting inked with a key, and this will further enhance its gothic aesthetics. 

Angelo Parente Inspired Coraline Tattoo

This is yet another well-elaborated Coraline tattoo idea that features a portrait of Coraline with a nicely designed and detailed background. 


The detailed background adds to the creepy yet aesthetic look of the tattoo. Further, it is illustrated with fine floral patterns filled with defined dotted designs. Simply, this tattoo idea is for those who love to have extraordinary things no matter what.

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Minimalist Coraline Tattoo

This minimal Coraline-inspired tattoo idea is for those who always crave something unique, exquisite, and rare. It features a half portrait of Coraline that is beautifully encircled. 


Probably, this encircled tattoo depicts her instinct to go to some magical portal or another world. Also, the key within the circle maybe suggests her unlocking a door to the new world. Whether our interpretation is wrong or right but one thing is inevitable – the appeal of this beautifully designed tattoo. 

Black &White Coraline Doll Portrait

This tattoo is for the true admirers of the movie Coraline. It creates a spooky yet cute look demonstrating a black and white portrait of the Coraline doll. 


The buttoned eyes of this doll add the elements of mysticism. And the beautiful shedding will surely fix people’s gaze wherever you go. Get this tattoo and say a beautiful throwback to this animated movie’s ultimate doozy! 

Coraline Cute Little Key Tattoo

A Coraline key can be your go-to tattoo if you love a simple and light-hearted tattoo. Though simple yet super mystical, this tattoo is full of meanings. Apart from its undeniable symbolization, you won’t get over the appeal and allure of this spooky Coraline tattoo idea. 


Also, it plays a pivotal role in unfolding the movie’s plot. The design offers an abundance of meaning and placement options. Plus, you can pair it up with other spooky tattoos to rock the gothic look. 

Coraline’s Trio Tattoo

If you want a Coraline tattoo but a twist of vibrant colors, this Coraline tattoo idea is your thing. It’s an exquisitely designed tattoo featuring the cat, tree man, and Coraline. This trio and the vibrancy of colors make this tattoo one of the most sought-after Coraline tattoo designs. 


And the most spooky part about this tattoo is the expressions of the Coraline and the fine fusion of reds and blues in the background. 

Cute Little Mouse Tattoo

If you want to get a Coraline-inspired tattoo yet totally different from the portrait of a ragdoll or other leading characters, this tattoo idea is going to be your weakness. 

That’s because it features a cute little circus mouse who denotes an important message of the movie – the fall of this world. 


Get this tattoo if you are fond of these cute little creatures and the vibrancy of colors. 

Coralline Doped Tattoo

This tattoo idea is an ultimately Coraline inspired tattoo design featuring a beautiful and vibrant portrait of Coraline – the movie’s heroine. It also includes fine floral patterns around Coraline’s portrait. 


What makes people drool over this Coraline tattoo idea is the beautiful camouflage of different colors that adds to the allure of this tattoo. Also, this particular design fits any part of your canvas – body.  

Two-toned Coraline Inspired Tattoo

It’s yet another beautifully crafted Coraline tattoo idea but not similar to the typical ones. It’s unique as it features a grayscale key along with some accessories doped in striking colors. 


The fusion of colors, vibrancy, and impeccable shedding bring an irrefutable gothic aesthetic to this design. And that makes this design one of the best Coraline tattoos. 

Geometric Coraline Tattoo

This unique piece of art and a rare species of dark fantasy world looks best on the ankle of your leg or corner of your wrist. It features a different captured portrait of Coraline that makes it an eye-catching tattoo design. 


This erratic head of the Coraline with meaningful expressions makes this tattoo one of the best-liked Coraline tattoo ideas. Also, the tattoo looks trendy, cute, and spooky at the same time. 

Creepiest Caroline & Black Cat 

The famous duo from the movie comes here to give you chills once again. The design includes a portrait of a ragdoll with a black cat who is giving creepy expressions. 

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And we are all aware of what the black cat symbolizes in the dark world. This tattoo will bring the utmost spooky impact that you will find hard to handle. 

Coraline Sketchy Tattoo

This sketchy tattoo idea is no less than a piece of heart for many. It shows a little Coraline coming out of her pink palace apartment – her new home in the movie. We can see her holding a bed in a cross position as if she is shifting somewhere else. 


In addition, the tattoo also captures the two versions of Coraline – one as a human figure and the other one as a little ragdoll with buttoned eyes.

Caroline Tattoo with a Creepy Hand

It’s yet another Coraline’s portrait tattoo but in a different version. In this particular design, the Coraline seems to be pulled by some supernatural force presented by a creepy hand. The hand is pulling her from her back. We can relate this tattoo with Coraline’s shift from this world to the other world. 


This super mystical tattoo is also designed on grayscale, and it will make others ask where did you get this tattoo. 

Spooky Coraline Inspired Tattoo

This tattoo will surely make you amazed with its gothic charm. Not just you, but its allure and spookiness will fix the gaze of everyone around you for a little longer.


Of course, the design is inspired by the plot of the Coraline movie, but there is no doubt that this design’s creepy effect would leave the movie behind. 

Coraline’s Mother’s Tattoo

This Coraline tattoo idea is just the ticket for those who are fond of the sinister or the dark world. The tattoo features the creepy portrait of Coraline’s evil mother – the lead antagonist of the movie. 


Her mother’s expressions and overall look of the tattoo are no less than the perfect visualization of her character. Also, she is wearing a flower pin on her head, which symbolizes her creepy intentions to hide her creepiness and frailty. So, why not get inked this spinster to make her memorable. 

Detailed Coraline-Themed Tattoo

This tattoo is for gothic lovers. People who are fond of dark and gothic art would definitely fall in love at first sight. That’s because of the creepiest impression the tattoo creates. The impeccable shading throughout the design amplifies the allure of this Coraline tattoo idea like none other. 


 Please note that the tattoo may take a Lil more time due to its minute details, but once it’s completed, you will thank us for suggesting this idea. 

Well-elaborated Coraline Inspired Tattoo

This tattoo is more of a short storyline of the movie. Featuring the leading characters to the tattoo intently hints at the creepy plot of the movie. What makes this tattoo the most sought-after is the illustration order of characters and their expressions.  


Also, the design features four main characters in a vertical frame that makes it just the perfect tattoo for your forearm. You can also get it elsewhere on your body. 

Coraline’s Home Tattoo

Looking for a Coraline-inspired tattoo design but not wanting to be a typical Caroline tattoo? If yes, then this tattoo is your thing. It’s the house of the adventurous girl – Coraline. 


The most intriguing part of this tattoo is its grayscale detailing, which totally contributes to enhancing the tattoo’s creepy effect. In addition, the impeccable shading makes it a one-in-a-million tattoo design. 

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we have shared many fantastic Caroline tattoo ideas. So, if you are fond of the dark world or an adorer of this smash-hit animated movie, you must have loved many of the above-displayed tattoo ideas. That’s because each one of them is more mystic and fantastic than the previous one. 

What are you waiting for? Check the list mentioned above and get inked with your favorite one. 

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