Chicago Themed Tattoo Ideas


Chicago Themed Tattoo Ideas

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The state of Illinois has a famous city named Chicago.

The area is home to popular sports teams like basketball, baseball, and ice hockey. Chicago is also an inspiration for a broadway musical.

The play also has an adaptation into a major box office film. The majority of Chicago tattoos incorporate these into their themes.

Here is a list of Chicago tattoo ideas that can fit your fancy.

The suggestions vary from silhouettes, multicolored, and simple black and white.

1. Chicago Broadway Tattoo

Musical lovers can express their love for the craft with this Chicago Broadway Tattoo. The design is from the lyrics of “I can’t do it alone.” In the 2002 film adaptation, this song is in the line-up.

2. Chicago Bears Tattoo Ideas 

The Chicago Bears are the professional football representatives of the city. This team has a big following which includes celebrities and other prominent personalities.

3. Chicago Cubs Tattoo ideas 

In the field of baseball, the Major League representative of the windy city is the Chicago Cubs. This dramatic tattoo design shows the logo drawn on a brick wall enclosed by vines.

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4. Chicago Flag on Foot Tattoo

Do you want to offer your every step to Chicago? How about getting an Illinois state silhouette decorated by the Chicago flag tattoo on your foot? Show dedication to your favorite city.

5. Chicago Sleeve Tattoo 

Sports fans of Chicago-based teams like the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, and Chicago Blackhawks will love this tattoo idea. It features the logo of the three teams in full color. It will make your arm look vibrant.

6. Chicago Skyline Tattoo

The Chicago Skyline is full of high skyscrapers. It is proof of how progressive the city is. Turn it to be a piece of yourself by getting this Chicago Skyline Tattoo.

7. Sweet Home Chicago Tattoo

There is no place like home. Make this declaration by having this Sweet Home Chicago Tattoo inked on you. The design includes the skyline, a gust of wind, and the Chicago Cubs logo. There is no place like home.

8. Watercolor Chicago Tattoo

Watercolor hues make any kind of look fun and vibrant. This combination of state silhouette and state flag tattoo has a different flair.

9. Chicago Bulls Tattoo Idea

Basketball lovers are all familiar with the iconic Chicago Bulls team. It is where the legend Micheal Jordan spent his prime. This Chicago Bulls Tattoo Idea features the red raging bull mascot. Above his head is the city of Chicago.

10. Chicago Forearm Tattoo 

People born and raised in Chicago would love this forearm tattoo idea. It features the name of Chicago in large lettering. Nobody will miss reading it. It also comes with the Chicago flag and an inscription of the day you are born. Every proud citizen of Chicago should have one.

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11. Chicago Back Tattoo

Body art enthusiast dedicates their back to the theme closest to their heart. For Chicago locals, it will most likely be a Chicago Back Tattoo. This big tattoo has the name of Chicago written. On top of it is the famous skyline adorned with clouds.

12. Chicago Chest Tattoo

If the city of Chicago is close to your heart, then this chest tattoo idea is for you. The image shows the progressive city overlooking body water. The gusty winds are blowing. It is the trademark of the city of Chicago. The words “born and raised” are inscribed to make the message of the body art more personal.

13. Chicago Flag Tattoo 

The Chicago flag comprises four red stars on a white background with a single light blue horizontal at the top and bottom. Each of the four stars represents an important event in Chicago’s history. This design is popular because it is easy to recognize and versatile. If you love to wear symbolic flags on your skin, this idea is for you. 

14. Black and White Chicago Skyline Silhouette Tattoo 

Less is indeed more. People who prefer no-frills can choose this Black and White Chicago Skyline Silhouette Tattoo. The image includes the centennial wheel and the trademark skyline. Both of these structures are important to Chicago’s rich history.

15. Chicago Blackhawks Tattoo

The Chicago Blackhawks are the official ice hockey team of the city. The iconic team, since its debut, has won multiple Stanley Cup Championships. No wonder loyal fans loved to get inked with a Chicago Blackhawks Tattoo.

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