27 Bum Tattoo Ideas for Females


27 Bum Tattoo Ideas for Females

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Tattoos are a form of expression and body art. If you are a fan of big prints, then butt tattoo ideas are suitable for you. There are many ass tat ideas ladies can choose from. Popular booty tattoo ideas include floral and animal designs. If you browse the butt tattoo female category, minimalist designs are also available. These art pieces can come in black, grey, or in a myriad of colors. It depends on what the individual prefers. What matters is it should represent the bearer’s personality. There should be a meaningful story behind it. Check out the 27 bum tattoo ideas for females and take your pick.

1. Cover up with Leaves in Black Ink

The best thing about having a butt cheek and thigh tattoo is it serves as an instant cover-up. The design in black ink takes the form of large leaves. The overall effect is it looks like you are wearing a sexy leotard. The body side profile will look fierce and elegant with this drawing.

2. Feminine Lady Side Profile

Tattoos should tell a story. It should depict the personality of the individual wearing it. Stylish ladies having a Feminine Lady Side Profile tattoo design is flattering. The image shows a pretty woman with her hair decorated with a flower. A huge earring with eye makeup highlights her loud fashion choice. It is a tattoo option for women who love to look trendy.

3. Symbolic Colored Roses Butt Tattoo

Flowers are natural decorative pieces that bring positivity and calm. It is no surprise that it is a tattoo design favorite. The featured tattoo shows roses in different colors. The orange one stands for enthusiasm and passion. The pink one, on the other hand, is all about admiration and appreciation. While the red piece conveys passionate romantic love.

4. Roses in Full Bloom

The rose is one of the most well-known flowers. It is an inspiration in various fields like literature, perfumes, soaps, clothes, and even tattoos. A rose is known as an expression of love. It can be romantic or platonic. Roses in full bloom are a lovely sight to behold on special occasions like weddings. If you want the good vibe to remain with you, why not have it tattooed on your body? It is like receiving a rose every day permanently.

5. A Pair of Blossoms

There is power in numbers, even in the language of flowers. When somebody gives only one, it means you have strong feelings but are not entirely romantic. However, if you give two, it indicates that your feelings are deep and strong. As an advocate of body art, then instead of getting a single piece, make it two. It is proof of how much one loves tattoos. Be proud to have them on your body.

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6. Pretty Sunflowers in Black Ink

The sunflower is another popular flower design for body art. It is a peculiar flower whose blooms tend to follow the sun’s rays. This bloom is associated with good luck and vitality. Giving a sunflower would mean wishing a person good health and long life. If you want this positivity infused into your life, then choose a sunflower tattoo. If you prefer it to be less loud, then having it in black is just as lovely.

7. Peonies in Full Bloom

Peonies are flowers that bloom from shrubby plants. These blooms are very vibrant and often admired for their colors. The peony is a symbol of friendship and feminine beauty. If you have a bunch of gal pals, why not celebrate your camaraderie with a peony tattoo? Placing it on your backside can also represent that you all have each other’s backs. It is also believed to bring good luck. So cherish your sisterhood with this tattoo art.

8. Skull Wearing a War Bonnet

Are you an intense person but prefer to keep quiet? Express this wild side of yours through a tattoo. An applicable design is a Skull Wearing a War Bonnet. The skull symbolizes your boldness for adventure. The war bonnet is your intense feelings. Feel like a warrior heading for battle with this body art image.

9. Subtle Minimalist Tattoo

Are you contemplating getting your first tattoo? If you are on the fence, you will like it, why not place it on your butt cheek first to hide it from everyone’s view? Then choose a minimalist design to be inscribed on your behind. Why not choose the phrase “Live a little.” Having a tattoo is like venturing into an adventure. So getting one sure is a way to live a little.

10. Bite Me Mini Tattoo

Care for some laughs? Remember the popular illustrations of being bitten by a dog on the butt? That is the inspiration for this hilarious Bite Me Tattoo idea. This design is suitable for ladies with a sense of humor. Can you imagine walking around the beach in a bikini having this on? People will surely give you a second look and smirk. If you have that confidence to get away with it, be our guest and strut your stuff.

11. Large Assorted Blooms

Flowers are sources of inspiration. It is no wonder people like it as tattoo art. If you can pick just one type of flower, then why not have a bunch of it? As they say, the more, the merrier. Having this on your body is like receiving a bouquet. But this time, you don’t need to worry about these flowers wilting. They will always stay vibrant on your skin.

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12. Artsy Floral Design

Are you more on the creative side? If you prefer a more modern tattoo approach, then going for unique patterns is a good idea. Take a look at this Artsy Floral design. It does not depict a specific flower, but you know it is one. It is an intriguing design that will make onlookers think about what it is. The symmetric patterns also give a sense of Zen. So if you are into images that show balance, this option is for you.

13. Fox in the Wilderness

Are you a vixen adjusting to the ways of the world? Then express this by having a Fox in the Wilderness tattoo. The fox is a symbol of adaptability, cleverness, and protection. It is also famous for its swift and cunning personality. These are the traits that you need to survive this life full of challenges. Get a head start by having this body art on you.

14. Realistic Roses Bum Tattoo

There is nothing wrong with being peculiar with details. For those who like a realistic touch on things, then this real-life sketch of roses is your thing. The detailing is intricate; it looks like the real thing. When you wear a bikini or denim shorts, it looks sexy as this design peeks out of it. The color may be in gray and black; however, due to the impeccable design, it looks so real.

15. Butterfly Goddess

People interested in mythology are probably aware that there is such a thing as a Butterfly Goddess. She is in the character of Psyche, the goddess of the soul. The image depicts Psyche’s influence as an ethereal being. The planets are at her fingertips. Her hair has moon images for a headdress. She has luscious full lips with eyes covered by butterfly wings, her precious symbol. The tattoo art symbolizes power and prestige. It is something every confident woman should have.

16. A Dripping Single Rose

A single rose has a special meaning. It symbolizes admiration toward a person. Getting this Dripping Single Rose tattooed on your body can be considered a form of self-love. If there is someone who should admire and appreciate your body, it should be you. So express your self-love by having this body art on your skin. Be your number one fan.

17. Tropical Flowers

Would you like to have a splash of color in your life? Celebrate it by getting inked by Tropical Flowers! It is a zesty addition to your growing tattoo portfolio. The sprightly colors give off a lot of positive energy. When you this on your body, every day is a summer holiday. This world needs more people with bright personalities. Flaunt it with this colorful butt tat idea.

18. Mandala Booty Tattoo

Inner peace is something everyone thrives to achieve. A popular and effective way to reach is through meditation. Attracting calming aura is an effective trick. A Mandala Booty tattoo drawn in a big proportion is related to the amount of positivity it can bring in. Never settle for less; get it large amounts.

19. Donut with a Bite

Let’s admit it. Some booties are just delicious to look at. For ladies who are confident with their bodies, it cannot be helped if they want to do some teasing like this Donut with a Bite tattoo art, for example. It is hilarious, colorful, and irresistible. If you have this on your body, somebody will take notice. Maybe you should have more sprinkles to make it look sweeter.

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20. Vibrant Yellow Florals

Colors are symbolic expressions. Yellow stands for optimism, energy, joy, happiness, and friendship. Pink, on the other hand, means harmony, affection, and inner peace. Add a dash of green; it signifies hope and renewal. These hues express thankfulness for life. Celebrate it by getting inked by Vibrant Yellow Blooms.

21. Fully Opened Blossom

This tattoo is a combination of a closed bud and a fully open blossom. Both are attractive, but the mature one is prettier. Flowers are best when they are in full bloom. It is something everyone anticipates every spring. It is a truth in life. Youth is a beautiful time, but adulthood has weight and significance.

22. Red Rose and Butterfly

Are you in the process of moving on? Or have you triumphed in getting over a previous relationship? It must have a lot of learnings you should not forget. Engrave it to your memory by getting a Red Rose and Butterfly tattoo. It is a symbol of growth and transformation. This booty piece is a sign of your growth and depth as a person.

23. Blooming Carnation

Mothers are a fundamental part of an individual’s life. To show gratitude to your mother with a bit of humor, why not have a Blooming Carnation inked on your bum? Carnations symbolize maternal devotion and love. It is the body part that she used to scare you with spanking. It is tough love, but you cannot imagine growing and learning without it.

24. Fierce Dragon

Unleash your fearsome side by getting a Fierce Dragon tattoo. It symbolizes power and might. And in Asian culture, it also means good luck and prosperity. Magnetize this positivity by having this butt tattoo female idea inked on your booty.

25. Fearsome Snakes

Snakes have venoms. It is the reason why they are feared. Due to their natural ability to shred skin, they represent rebirth. The Fearsome Snakes design is suitable for personnel in the medical field. It is a badge of how passionate they are about their jobs.

26. Huge Flower Booty Tattoo

This Huge Flower Booty Tattoo is attractive body art. It is colorful and lively. People who ink this on their skin are fun-loving and cheerful people. If this description fits you, add this to your butt tattoo ideas. It will compliment your personality and body at the same time.

27. Spider Lily and Peony

The combination of a Spider Lily and Peony is odd. A spider lily signifies a final goodbye in the Buddhist tradition. On the other hand, a peony is associated with love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty. Putting them together may mean you are saying farewell to a part of your life. A sign of moving on is getting these ass tat ideas inked on your booty. Go for it.

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