10 Best Yves Rocher Perfumes


10 Best Yves Rocher Perfumes

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Yves Rocher, a French businessman, founded the prestigious perfume brand, also named Yves Rocher.

Inspired by the gardens in the village of La Gacillu in the Brittany area of France, where Yves Rocher was raised, the brand has incorporated botanical ingredients into most of its scents.

Yves Rocher described this fusion between the botanical and perfume creation as ‘botanical beauty.’

From early years in a laboratory in Rocher’s attic, the company soon expanded around the world into 88 countries.

This guide will discuss and describe the key flavors in 10 of the best and most loved Yves Rocher fragrances, including popular fragrances from the Secret d’Essences Collection and the So Elixir range.

Best Yves Rocher Perfumes:

Vanille Noire

Launched in 2010, Vanille Noire is a refined amber scent created for women. Designer Jacques Cavallier has truly created a perfume with a unique spicy, woody texture. Vanille Noire is a member of the luxurious Secrets d’Essences Collection. Wearers describe this subtle scent as sensual and refreshing and the ideal daytime perfume. Included in the intricate layers of this perfume are three types of vanilla: Tahitian, Bourbon, and Uganda. Base notes of Tahitian vanilla, leather, and bourbon vanilla are gentle with impenetrable depth, whilst the top notes are floral and fresh.

Comme Une Evidence

A beautifully floral fragrance, Comme Une Evidence, was first launched in 2003, and the ingredients were blended by Annick Menardo. The base notes are rich in nostalgia and reminiscent of the forest floor, with notes of oakmoss, patchouli, and musk. The sweet, floral heart includes rose and Lily-of-the-Valley, whilst the top notes are a tart burst of violet leaf and rhubarb. This is a truly unique perfume, bursting with energy and feeling.

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Introduced in 2008, Naturelle is another delightful floral creation from Yves Rocher. A celebration of youth and spontaneity, Naturelle instills feelings of energy and motivation for life in the wearer. A simple, understated fragrance, Naturelle is a good daytime perfume. The heart is a succulent mix of Egyptian jasmine and peach blossom, softened by musk, amber, and cedar base notes. The top notes of lemon, bergamot, and green apple are fresh and stimulating to the senses. The intense floral flavors in this scent are ideal for the spring season.

So Elixir

Created with the audience of mature women in mind, So Elixir is a glamorous and sophisticated scent created by an elite trio of perfume designers; Olivier Cresp, Marie Salamagne, and Jacques Cavallier. Elegant and refined, So Elixir is a wise choice to flaunt for a formal occasion. Woody and floral, this is a highly sophisticated scent. The keynotes in So Elixir are aromas of bergamot, and Damask rose, jasmine, incense extract, patchouli essence, and Tonka bean.

Voile d’Ambre

Launched in 2005, Voile d’Ambre has key aromas of amber and woody notes and boasts the title of winner of the FiFi Award for Best Packaging Women’s Popular Appeal 2007. The top notes are a soothing, aromatic blend of myrtle, mandarin leaf, mandarin orange, and cardamom. These complex flavors contrast well with simple, pure base notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli. At heart is a mythical core of myrrh, incense, and opoponax. The darkness of this scent makes it ideal for a formal evening occasion.

Moment de Bonheur

Sophisticated and delicate, Moment de Bonheur is another wonderful floral scent from Yves Rocher. Launched in 2011 as this fragrance is graced with a starry key ingredient, Rosa Centifolia from Grasse is recognized as the most precious rose globally with a uniquely complex aroma. Perfumer Annick Menardo of Firmenich designed and crafted this scent. The heart of this fragrance is blooms of rosebuds, symbolic of femininity. The base notes are warm with the essence of patchouli and cedar. Luminous notes of greeny and spiced accents make up the top notes. The vivid glass perfume bottle of this scent, in green and pink shades, is inspired by the transition of a flowering plant. Romantic and sensual, this is a perfume to consider wearing for a romantic event.

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Tendre Jasmin

Containing a sacred ingredient of jasmine Madurai from India, Tendre Jasmin is an exotic yet gentle perfume. Launched in 2008, Tendre Jasmine is a member of the Secret d’Essences Collection. The heart glows with notes of orange blossom and the luxurious jasmine Madurai. The top notes are sharp with the essence of mandarin, citrus, and jasmine, whilst the base notes are an intoxicating combination of jasmine Sambac absolute and mimosa absolute.

Yves Rocher Secret d’Essences Neroli

A member of the exquisite Secret d’Essences Collection, Secret d’Essences Neroli Yves Rocher is a perfume that perfectly balances emotions of innocence and dark seduction. Top perfumer Veronique Nyberg created this stunning scent, encased in a striking and unusual white bottle. This perfume pays homage to the ingredient of orange blossom, accentuating the strengths of the fruit. The top notes of orange are bitter and rich, contrasting with gentle waves of musk in the base notes. The heart is a bouquet of neroli and orange blossoms.

So Elixir Purple

The So Elixir collection of perfumes is colored in an intense purple shade to reflect the purple references in the perfume name, So Elixir Purple. A powerful scent instilling energy in the wearer, So Elixir Purple has dominating fruity, sweet, and herbal notes. Woody base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli, frankincense, and benzoin offer longevity and depth, whilst a luxurious fusion of tuberose and vetiver fill the heart. The top notes of bergamot are stimulating and refreshing and have been said to inspire a mood of positivity and optimism.


Launched in 1977, Ispahan is a rich, heavily nuanced amber spicy scent with a multitude of complex and refined layers of aroma. The base notes are a heavy infusion of nutmeg and benzoin, soothed with touches of tonka bean and vanilla. At heart are exotic chords of ylang-ylang and mimosa with floral accents of rose, jasmine, and Lily-of-the-Valley. Mandarin orange and bergamot dominate the top notes. This perfume is ideal for wearing in the cooler autumnal and winter months.

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