Best Wrist Tattoos for Men


Best Wrist Tattoos for Men

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Getting tattoos is a permanent change; if you are reading this, it means you are ready for it. Most men opt for the wrist to get the most meaningful inkings as it is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. 

A wrist tattoo needs some sacrifice and the spirit to bear extra pain. Moreover, the wrists are the most visible places to wear a tattoo. 

Men like to wear various types of tattoos; some of the best wrist tattoos for men are as follows:

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Small Wrist Tattoos For Men

Men wear tattoos to flaunt their closest moments, people, ideas and sayings. Small wrist tattoos for men are traditional and evergreen; they have been widely used for centuries. 

Wrist tattoos for men are trending, and they have been for quite a while now. Even in the historical eras, men used to wear tattoos by getting stamped from the burning iron. 

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Celtic Wrist Tattoos For Men

Most men prefer Celtic tattoos on their wrists; they are the most renowned of all Celtic forms of artwork. They symbolise destiny, power, wisdom, endurance, strength and leadership.

Celtic wrist tattoos tend to bring hope to many men, and it is a ray of encouragement to men in hard times. Men wear Celtic wrist tattoos to remind themselves to stay strong, determined and firm footed whenever they feel low and think of giving up.

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Religious Wrist Tattoos For Men

If you are craving meaningful and charming ink, wrist tattoos are always a particular choice for men. 

The most well-known wrist tattoo ideas have always been religious symbols, initials, quotes, tribal art, geometric shapes, bracelets or bands, and other religious designs.

Moreover, tattoos on the wrist can have multiple meanings and depict journeys of life, and every tattoo becomes a part of every men’s personality, and most men are known by the tattoos they wear. 

Many men are close to their faith and want to be reminded of the traditions. Customs their religion hold, so religious tattoos on the wrist are the best way to be reminded of the responsibilities levied by religion. 

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Tribal Wrist Tattoos For Men

Men belong to certain clans and tribes, and every tribe has a particular symbol to be recognised for. Men wear their tribal tattoos on their wrists to get recognised by other clans, which is an ongoing tradition. 

Nowadays, people wear tattoos on the wrist in the memory of their forefathers and their ancestral belongings.

Tribal wrist tattoos were a mandatory option for every man born into a clan, and these tattoos were embodiment and a symbol of pride for them. 

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Geometric Wrist Tattoos For Men

Shapes construct our world around us, and people who appreciate this idea are also big fanatics of geometrics.

Geometric tattoos are not unusual but are a favourite tattoo design, mainly for men, because they can frequently be significant while not having to visualise much.

Simple geometric tattoos are commonly made from single-coloured traces and dots with equal thickness making up a flattering shape.

These can vary from being figurative or as much as someone’s interpretation, and people do love to go for geometry tattoos as the patterns are always resplendent. 


Lion Wrist Tattoos For Men

Many people love to wear a lion as a tattoo on their wrist, as it symbolises bravery and courage, so many men portray themselves as brave enough to deal with multiple circumstances.

Men love the lion tattoo, as the king of the jungle is associated with might and strength, so men love to be depicted as the dominant part of the society. 

Men are the prime creatures who enjoy the most privileges in this world, just like a lion in the forest. Lion wrist tattoos are unique and catch your eye in an instant. 


Compass Wrist Tattoos For Men

Compass and men have the oldest relation. Sailors and pirates in the past used to have compass tattoos on their wrists and the other parts of the body. Besides that, the compass wrist tattoo is trending nowadays.

Men love to portray their love for their ancestors and depict the worth of the navigation in old times through the compass wrist tattoos. Most men who have special relations with the sea and sailing prefer to engrave a compass on their wrist.


Skull Wrist Tattoos For Men

Skulls are just another way to depict the deadly nature of a human being, and skull wrist tattoos are the most common inking among badass people. Men ink skulls on their wrists to display the furious and otherworldly nature they have. 

It might be a frightening tattoo for the kids, but mainly the night riders and bikers are fond of inking skull wrist tattoos. Skull wrist tattoos are also very common among the culprits and criminals who love to break the rules and laws. 

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Family Wrist Tattoos For Men

Though man is always thought of as a hard-natured creature, it is not true every time. 

Most men are family-oriented, and they love their families the most. Many men love and affection to wear family wrist tattoos to show their love and affection. 

It is heart-warming and an awing moment when you see a family tattoo on a man’s wrist. And rightly so, men own their families, and men are always there to sacrifice their lives for their families. 

Family wrist tattoo for men helps them go with the flow and put in an extra strive. 


Wolf Wrist Tattoos For Men

Wolf is a furious animal; it’s wild and hunts in packs. A wolf wrist tattoo for men is ideal for portraying the wild beast residing inside a man. Many men portray wolves on their wrists to show their strength in them.

Most of the time, a group of friends endeavour to get a wolf tattoo on their wrist to show the coherence among them. A Wolf wrist tattoo for men is an enlivening form of artwork, and men mostly opt for this particular design.


Bible Verse Wrist Tattoos For Men

Christianity is one of the oldest religions found on this earth, and it is still one of the most populated religions in the entire world. 

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Most men ink Bible verse tattoos on their wrists to acknowledge the teachings of Jesus and to show that they are utter followers of the faith. 

Bible verse wrist tattoos also work as an enlightening path for those who read them, and some people might get to the right path after reading these verses. 


Cross Wrist Tattoos For Men

The cross has always been a symbol of sacrifice made by Jesus to pay the debt for the sins of the human being. 

Cross wrist tattoos for men are the ones that portray compassion, sacrifice and love for their dear ones and always have a soft corner for the people even though they are not particularly right. 

The cross wrist tattoo is just another tribute to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that has been an epitome for men to be at their best. 

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Tree Wrist Tattoos For Men

Most men are fond of nature and the blessings that the Creator has bestowed in the form of nature. Trees are a man’s best friend, and tree wrist tattoos show love and affection towards the perseverance of nature.

Tree wrist tattoos look cool, especially when the pinch of green hue is added to the tattoo. Moreover, tree wrist tattoos also embody life, and everything relates until we are alive. 


Anime Wrist Tattoos For Men

From Cowboy Bebop to Naruto, Death Note to Gundams and Pokemon, and everything in between, anime has been a poignant impact on many men’s lives in view of adolescence. 

Men go for anime wrist tattoos to showcase their attachment to those characters. The compelling imagery accompanying those messages makes them the ideal foundation for incredible, symbolic tattoos. 

Just similar to anime is full of nuance and creativity and all forms of human emotion, and so can the anime tattoo. 


Badass Wrist Tattoos For Men

Some people consider minimalistic tattoos like a serpent’s head or an old anchor pretty badass. In contrast, others prefer a more profound approach like a flaming skeleton or a raging bull. 

A rose is considered the opposite of strength, but it can undoubtedly be badass by encapsulating its petals and thorns. All types of tattoos can be badass.

Generally, a tattoo symbolising power and strength is considered badass, but even a character from a tv show can be made badass if done by a master tattoo artist.

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Big Wrist Tattoos For Men

Tattoos can be very personal depending on the person, but some people like to articulate their interests and identity through them entirely. The wrists and arms are turned into a canvas, more like a tattoo sleeve.

These big wrist tattoos become much more than just art but convey a person’s journey and ambitions. But the bigger the tattoo, the more expensive it gets. So, getting a big tattoo from a known tattoo artist can cost you a lot of money.


Crown Wrist Tattoos For Men

The crown has been displaying authority throughout history. All the kings and queens wore expansive crowns to symbolise power and glory, as crown tattoos were quite popular. 

Some people get the three-point crown tattoo due to their religious affiliation; the three points depict father, son and the holy ghost. In contrast, on a much unholier side, a five-point tattoo is considered the tattoo of a Latin king’s gang, making it a prison tattoo.

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Eagle Wrist Tattoos For Men

In several traditions, an eagle tattoo is considered to symbolise freedom, and in some references, it represents the apostle of God as the enemy of all evil.

Eagle tattoos can also mean that a person is highly adventurous or loves to travel. At the same time, some say that an eagle being a predator signifies an alpha in society.

Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean had his fair share of adventures, with its actor Johnny Depp having an eagle tattoo near his wrist. 


Maori Wrist Tattoos For Men

Making up only fifteen of the population, Maori are indigenous people of New Zealand. To Maori, tattooing is connected to mana and, for them, is an excellent source of an hour and prestige. 

Unlike regular tattoos, Maori tattoos carry great significance among its people and are considered sacred. Known as ta moko, these tattoos depict the Mari people’s status, abilities, and even marital status.

Many wrist tattoos are derived from the Maori’s ta moko; even the Rock has Maori tattoos. 

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Name Wrist Tattoos For Men

A person’s name is their identity, whereas a nickname is considered a term of endearment. Names have a powerful influence on our being, and it makes sense to have them tattooed. 

People generally get nicknames tattooed on their wrists and arms; however, most people tattoo the names of their lovers and departed family with heart emoticons.


Rose Wrist Tattoos For Men

Being the most prominent flower rose translates a duality in one’s nature where on the one hand, it shows a delicate side, and it represents a strength on the other.

The rose tattoos were first popular among sailors who set on long journeys showcasing their bond of love and trust with a rose in full bloom inked on their wrists or arms.

Furthermore, different coloured roses can refer to different connotations, like a red rose tattoo represents love or passion while a black one represents grief and sadness.


Traditional Wrist Tattoos For Men

Traditions are there for a reason, as through natural selection, they have been set in stone forever in the pages of history. Just like these traditional tattoos have beautiful bold designs seen throughout the ages. 

These tattoos originated in America and are also known the old school tattoos. Some people might call these cliches, while some will argue that they might be practical, but one thing is for sure these traditional tattoos are timeless.


Viking Wrist Tattoos For Men

Vikings were curious humans who set sail for exploration, but their voyages didn’t take long to turn into raids and colonisation. 

When the Vikings set out on an expedition, the Viking tattoos—also known as the Wayfinders—were thought to help them find their way back home.

These tattoos represented great strength and very strong devotion to family; the Viking tattoos might sound like other tattoos, but they are pretty unique and capture a lot of detail.

Final Word

Wrist tattoos for men offer a unique medium of encompassing one’s life story and expressing one’s beliefs.

Men from all walks of life have all kinds of tattoos. Some carry a lot of history, whereas other tattoos are of a much more timeless nature, but most of all, the critical thing is the freedom of expression that tattoos offer.

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