Top 35 Swimwear Brands To Wear To The Pool Or Beach In 2022


Top 35 Swimwear Brands To Wear To The Pool Or Beach In 2022

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We all know that summer is here, the sun is out and everywhere is looking colourful and vibrant, a break away from the blues and moodiness of the winter. So what is summer without a proper plan for spending long, hot afternoons on the beach or in the pool, swimming and soaking in the beauty?

Here is something to cheer you up, it’s time for swimsuit shopping, and we are here with you! Whether you are just planning to have a chilled time with your friends, family or lover, you would need new fancy swimwear that is of the moment.

Furthermore, if your plans involve travelling while heeding to the COVID-19 restrictions present in some places, getting some new swimsuits for yourself and the gram is a must!

Regardless of your style, whether you are a minimalist, someone who prefers bright colours, large patterns or tiny prints, there is something for everyone this summer! Of course, there are also options for the babes that enjoy layering a little too much without them.

So, if you rummaged through your wardrobe and not feeling very inspired by the swimsuit options you are seeing, or you are ready for a blazing new summer with all things new or someone who wants to add some elements of variety to their excellent swimsuit collections, we are here for you.

We have compiled a list of the best 35 brands you can get beautiful and high-quality swimsuits that are good for everyone regardless of their colour, shape, body size and individual style.

1. Raq

The awesome people at Raq have stated on their website that their allegiance lies in designing inclusive swimsuits. They are focused on making swimsuits for all kinds of big boobs beyond the D-cup. This includes hormonal boobs, pregnant boobs, augmented boobs, and any other big boobs.

The Raq site makes provision for over 40 different swimsuit sizes, thereby ensuring that there is something for everyone. Most people who have rocked their pieces at one time or the other have declared the ultimate comfort they feel while oozing every chic, trendy, and sexy shade.


ASOS is already a household brand with their trendy, affordable, and fabulous fast fashion that has something to offer everyone from tall to pregnant to short. However, most people don’t know that they have an entire line made for the babes with heavy bosom.

Oh yes! The brand has a collection of over 800 swimsuits, bikinis and one-piece that are specially dedicated to the D-plus community. This collection is called the Fuller Bust Swim collection, and they go the extra mile to make sure that the designs offered to this community aren’t the regular alter tops that are just there.

Instead, their pieces are delicately designed to make the wearer feel so good and sexy that they want to hop on to the next car to the beach.

3. Bravissimo

The Bravissimo brand is another brand that has dedicated the entirety of its design to the DD-plus community of hot babes. Not only are their pieces beautiful and trendy, but they also have supportive lingerie and sports bras that help achieve a comfortable and wholesome swim

If you are ready to start experimenting with any of their pieces, you can get on their site and pick out your choice of design and style. Alternatively, you could also decide to have an online fitting with a professional who can guide you towards picking the perfect fit for your body type and needs.

All of this you can do without giving a moment of worry to any slipping, pinching or popping out.

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4. Cuup

The Cuup brand, unlike the others mentioned above, is one great brand that makes provision for every available size, shape and style you can imagine. Although they also pay special attention to the babes with more enormous bosoms with their sports bras and swimwear that go as high as H cups, which is something that you don’t easily find out there.

The CUUP comes with a different sizing system where you are required to input your band size, after which you would be asked for your cup size in picking out the best fit and design for you.

If you are uncertain about the size, you can opt for the handy fit questionnaire or schedule a virtual fitting session. As a result, you get beautiful and chic swimwear that is very comfortable, supportive and flattering to your size.

5. Heidi Klien

The Heidi Klien is a UK-based beauty brand that has grown to accommodate a large community of loyal followers, including celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss.

For the people with larger bosoms, the brand makes provision for with their focus on designing pieces that looks like bras and corsets, offering such fantastic support that the consumers keep coming back year in and year out.

The design team considers every factor and part of the fabric that needs to be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit instead of simply increasing the measurement or the amount of material used.

6. Swimsuit For All

The name of this brand is telling enough of what they stand for. Swimsuits for all offer a wide range of swimwear and cover-ups available for every size and body type.

Their plus-size collection has collaborations with different in-house celebrities like Ashely Graham or the owner of the GabiFresh blog, Gabi Gregg, in providing fantastic pieces for everyone.

When looking to shop from the swimsuit for all sites, you can search by your precise needs, including tummy tucking, underwires, and other features like specific styles and designs.

7. Adore Me

Adore me is already a popular name in the lingerie industry, but they also make fantastic swimwear pieces for all sizes, including sizes as big as 46DDD.

Most of the Adore me plus size line pieces are made with bright colors, large, fancy patterned one-pieces, and a host of bikinis. One of the best parts of this fantastic brand is the affordability they make sure to provide.

Most of their pieces cost less than $50, meaning that you don’t have to break the bank to look and feel beautiful on the beach. If you are the type of person who prioritizes sustainability, the Adore me brand has also started releasing some suits made with eco-friendly materials. You can identify them by the handy stamps placed on them.

8. Kitty And Vibe

There is always something special about brands that go the extra mile in creating the best possible swimsuit for the market. The Kitty and Vibe brand comes with a distinct way of sizing your bottom that involves measuring your waist line and your bum size.

This different measuring system is a most fitting swimsuit that hugs your bottom perfectly, regardless of the size. In addition, none of their swimsuits comes with the ugly bunching or unflattering bagginess that you see around.

Instead, Kitty and Vibe offer a two-way print design with many bright and vibrant colours under the $100 price tag. Add a mix of colourful prints, many of which are reversible, and the fact that every piece rings in under $100, and you’ve got yourself a new favourite swim brand.

9. Torrid

Torrid is a one-stop-shop fashion label with a fantastic swimsuit collection. With Torrid, you get a host of different black swimsuit designs, but they also offer a wide range of colourful and exciting patterns.

Some of the designs you will find with this brand include spots, bright florals, and rainbow fest. Their swimsuits are also designed to deliver maximum comfort and support, regardless of who is wearing them.

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10. Coedition

CoEdition is a clothing fashion brand that caters to the styling needs of everyone within the size range of 12 and 32. They offer a vast array of plus-size swimsuits known for beautiful styles, colours and cuts.

With the Coedition brand, there is undoubtedly something for everyone. So whether you are the colour blocking type, a lover of stripes or a floral pattern kind of person, you are sure to find something that would fit your body perfectly while reflecting your personality.

11. Andie

Andie is another brand that makes dynamism in the swimsuit industry something to love. There are so many different beautiful styles of swimsuits available with this brand. However, they have a limited number of their new swimwear with long torso designs. 

The Long-torso design the Andie brand offers makes them a long way ahead of their rivals in the industry. After taking a test by experimenting with the long torso one-piece swimsuits design, more and more people are now expecting a lot more from the brand.

In answer to the cries of their consumers, the brand has now created every single design available in the long torso style, most of which are under the %100 price range. The most expensive swimsuit option this brand offers is the Amalfi design at $125.

12. Land’s End

Lands’ End isn’t the most popular place to get a cute swimsuit for most people. It might not be one of the first options that occur to you when you think of shopping for swimsuits. However, they have a stunning collection of cheerful minimalist silhouettes available in plus-size and tall plus sizes.

They offer a wide variety of swimsuits, and they also have a lot of designs that are less exposed to your body. If you are not a massive fan of baring it all, you can find board shorts and skirts great for water activities like tubing and surfing. Most of their collection is affordable and costs less than $150.

13. J.Crew

J.Crew is a brand that has been around for a long time and has been loved for just as long. They are most people’s favourite brands of swimsuits because they offer high-quality and affordable pieces that are classic.

However, they have since expanded the scope of their designs to offer so many other options in so many different colours, designs and style patterns that are specially designed for long torsos.

One of their most beautiful designs is the ruched design with a detachable strap and a low neckline with large straps. If you are looking for a chicer option, you can check out the shoulder-tie design in beautiful floral prints.

14. Aeire


The Aerie brand is another popular favourite for shopping for the best swimsuits. Most people consider this brand a place for just teenage girls or young adults. However, it is for anyone looking to purchase eco-friendly and sustainable pieces that are inclusive and gorgeous.

With the launch of the Real Good Swim collection, the brand presents a beautiful collection of over 30 eco-friendly pieces made from recycled plastic bottles and nylons.

If you wonder about looking for something that fits you perfectly, they offer so many different gorgeous styles. You will find something for yourself. In addition, all Aeire pieces are affordable and cost less than $75.

15. Zaful

When you come across a brand offering complete bikini sets and swimsuits for less than $40, you are likely to be as skeptical as possible. That’s most people’s initial reaction to the Zaful brand. However, once you take the risk to make an order, you might get the most affordable, beautiful and fancy swimwear for your summer

The kick that comes with this brand is that most of the pieces come in pairs, so you cannot get different sizes. Also, it doesn’t offer much support for people with bigger bosoms.

Then again, with $20, one or two imperfections aren’t too much to handle. Also, you can order pieces from the brand on Amazon on a very last-minute kind of shopping.

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16. BillaBong

Most had known the treasure of the BillaBong brand since they were teenagers and young adults looking for where to get the fanciest swimwear when it was time for a swim.

Well, it turns out that they still offer so many fantastic pieces even now, especially if you are looking to get the most affordable and classy options available.

Of course, they still have a lot of their bikinis with the strings and sexy designs, but now you can also find more adult patterns, activewear designs, high-waist and full bottom coverage. Although a few pieces cost over a $100, for the most part, their collection cost below $80.

17. Cupshe

The Cupshe brand offer a distinct collection of mismatched pieces that shows you the best ways of combining solid colours with patterned tops or vice-versa.

However, if you are not one for the mixing and matching of sets and pieces, they also offer complete sets and full one-pieces to select from. Although most of their pieces come as a unit, they also sell several separate pieces that allow you to play your stylist.

In all of your purchasing, you can order your perfect sizes according to the measurements offered by the brand. Oh, and all of their pieces cost less than $50. 

18. Summersault

The Summersalt brand can be categorized into as many different lists as possible, including affordable (less than $100), plus sizes, sustainable, full coverage, long torso, etc. You will not find as quickly as all these other categories is a maternity swimsuit that is comfortable for every bump size and still absolutely stylish and gorgeous.

Although most of the collections from this brand are designed with solid colours, Summersault’s maternity swimsuit lines also offer a range of colour-blocked pieces for people who like something a little more trendy and edgy.

No matter your size and choice of style, you are sure to find something perfect for you based on a large amount of fit testing that has been done and formula gotten from over 10,000 women.

19. Motherhood Maternity

If you are not one for exposing your big bump, the motherhood maternity brand offers a host of beautiful one-pieces that are comfortable and will accommodate your growing bump.

Suppose you are worried about the number of bathroom breaks you might need and how to navigate that with one-piece spandex. The motherhood maternity brand also offers several tankini styles. Most of their pieces also come with UPF 50 for protection from the sun.

20. Hatch

The Hatch brand offers an adorable collection of minimalistic maternity swimsuits, easy-to-wear and classy design. Most of their pieces come in solid colours and are more expensive than the others. They cost between $188 to $218.

All their pieces are made of soft materials that are incredibly comfortable and breathable while offering support for your body, curves and bump without making you feel suffocating.


There is no better time to start shopping for new bikinis and swimsuits than now, and in case you have looked through your closet and can’t seem to find anything quite as exciting or colourful or trendy, then you know it’s time to hit the shops!

We hope this exhaustive list of the best brands to check out if you are looking for where to begin your shopping. In case you are looking for more options, you should check out other brands like:

All of these brands have something unique to offer you. It doesn’t matter your choice of design, style, body type or colour, and you are sure to find something perfect for you. Happy shopping and happy summer to you!

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