14 Best Chanel Perfumes For Women


14 Best Chanel Perfumes For Women

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When a brand has been around for over a century, staying relevant and at the top of the market can only mean doing something exceptionally right. In Chanel’s case, they are doing a lot of things perfectly. From the classic evergreen scent of Chanel No. 5 to the fresh, long-lasting scent of the Coco Mademoiselle or Chanel No. 5 L’eau for young women.

Over the years, Chanel has become one of the most sought-after brands for exciting and distinguished scents. Their reputation in providing either a line of themed scents or a distinctive one-off that has you taking deep breaths has been very well deserved. Every accolade or recognition they get is due to their portfolio of great products.

In the fashion world, you may not be able to dress head to toe in purely Chanel fashion. However, you can get a Chanel scent for every occasion. Whether you want a mist that comes light as a feather on your skin or you are the type to go for a velvety dab that smells like wealth, there is a Chanel scent for everyone.

In case you have chosen to go Chanel but don’t know where to start considering their vast array of products, we have selected the best 14 fragrances for you to pick from.

Best Chanel Perfumes:



This particular scent is a timeless classic. After its launch in 1921, it was followed by a million imitations, making it one of the most iconic perfumes of all time. The scent is a combination of the distinctive flavours of the neroli and bergamot, which gives way to the flowery decadence of the jasmine, iris, rose, ylang-ylang, and the lily of the valley.

The brand’s signature vanilla and sandalwood scents effortlessly closed the deal on this perfume with a classic dash of charm. Altogether, the perfume is a bottle of classic elegance, sophistication, and alluring sensuality rarely made for a special type of woman.

Chanel No. 5 wasn’t made for everyone. Its scent is reserved for the matured women who show their high-end taste, class, and sensuality in the most elegant way. Women who step out every day smelling like a million bucks without shouting it in dress or accessories.



This was another big market hit for the Chanel brand when it was launched in 2001. It was quick to make a considerably huge wave in the generation of younger women.

A sweet blend of the conflicting citrus and patchouli flavours resulted in a superior combination that was different from the traditional signature of the brand but still carries the excellent, detailed, rich, and timeless values that the Chanel brand is known for.

The Coco Mademoiselle is a scent known for its boldness and sensuality, a perfect scent for date nights, private evenings, and special outings. This is a bottle that is of a dynamic and vast appeal. Its uncommon combination of strong flavours and intense use of high-concentration oils makes it an enduring perfume that is certain not to disappoint you.

This is the scent for the woman who wants to turn heads effortlessly. A dab of it gives off a strong and rich scent that shows another side of the “dear woman” that is generally believed to be just sweet and dandy.

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This perfume made a lot of waves in the market for a wide variety of reasons. First, it was the first of the brand’s perfume in a round bottle, which made it very enticing. Also, it is a stunningly exciting blend of freshness, flowers, and spice in a brilliant measurement of perfumery and balance. This makes the scent a good choice for women of all ages and generations and a wide range of occasions.

With the Chanel Chance, you’ll discover inviting, tempting major flavours of lemon, sweet pineapple, and piquant pink pepper, crowned with an exotic array of luxurious flowers. The base of this scent gives off the top warmth and sensuality, giving off an inviting allure of amber, white musk, and patchouli, all blended together in the most elegant mist.

What you get with the Chanel Chance is a sexy scent that is subtle enough for everyday use yet distinctive enough to be noticed in hot, intimate date nights, unforgettable celebrations, and special occasions.



One of the hallmarks of greatness is the ability to reinvent a product and make it a hit. That is what Chanel did with the Les Exclusifs De Chanel 1957. Coco Chanel found a way in Les Exclusifs De Chanel 1957 to seize, remodel and magnify rarity, and she did it while effortlessly maintaining the classic and timeless spirit of the brand.

The bottle contains a majestic assemble of white musk, exquisitely fashioned with the floral flavour of neroli, bergamot, iris, accents of powder, some drops of honey, and the woody flavours of cedar.

This 1957 scent makes the same statement it made then, a timeless luminous and exotic statement that says class in the most elegant way—made for the classy woman looking for an elegant everyday signature scent.



From time immemorial, scents have been defined by time. In the earlier years, you would find woody, earthly, and strong scents. In modern times, most people would opt for light floral or fruity scents. So, what happens when Coco Channel decides to make a scent that combines both the floral and fruity flavours with the earthly base?

Being the latest scent in the Chance collection, released in 2019, the Chance Eau tendre is a distinctive combination of grapefruit and quince fruits, in addition to the precious and dreamy jasmine and heart of rose flowers.

The combination of these fruits and flowers alone would have been a little too girly, save from the musky flavour in the base that increases the sensuality by a notch, making it the perfect scent for a sweet but unforgettable linger in special circumstances like a first date.



The original Chance scent was made to be a rich, thick and velvety fragrance that appealed to the much older, bolder, and more confident woman. Then Chanel brilliantly came up with the Chance Eau Fraiche, a lighter version of the original fragrance.

This 2005 scent is delightful, bright, and outdoorsy. The scent is flowery, sweet, and with earthly, seductive undertones that give off depth. It is made with the exquisite combination of major notes of jasmine and iris, with an addition of the sensual foundation from musk and patchouli.

The Chance Eau Fraiche is for the unapologetically young, bright, and yet subtly sensual audience. It has a lingering finish that endures long enough to be noticed. This is why it is perfect for a workday or an everyday scent.

7. CHANEL NO. 19


The story behind this scent was that it was her fragrance because it was created on August 19, her birthday. However, this couldn’t have been true, as it was created in 1971, a year before she died. No. 19 was created by the in-house perfumer, Henri Robert. He created this and a host of other scents.

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The scent of the No. 19 is like a journey from the soft, luminous, and brilliant flora scents of the meadow to the vivid intensity of leather and strength. Like the scent of a sweet rose caught in moss.

The chilling effect accentuates the elegance of this scent it seems to have in a world where women were expected to be just sweet and docile like moist chocolate cakes. Chanel No. 19 comes with a regal beauty that shows a stringer side to femineity such that if the floral luxury were absent, it would be appropriate for a man.



The best thing about the Chanel Allure is how it perfectly balances subtlety and audacity. It was made especially for the modern woman who wants to show that femineity isn’t all “sugar, spice and everything nice.” So, if you are looking to get a scent that works perfectly for a wok place scent, this is most likely the best you can get on the market right now.

The Chanel Allure was launched in 1999, a signature scent created from the citrus flavours of mandarin and lemon and so lightly softened by the peach flavour. In addition to these floral notes are the top fruity tones from freesia, honeysuckle, and jasmine, accentuated by the vanilla and sandalwood notes.

This is your best bet when looking for the most appropriate scent to wear for business meetings or everyday signature scents. It is for women who know what they want in life and are unafraid to go for it.



The Chanel Gabrielle Essence is an inspired scent, created after the woman who became Coco Chanel herself, Gabrielle Chanel. It was created intentionally for the woman who knows all of her needs and how to attend to them—a woman who cares about what she exudes.

The Chanel Gabrielle Essence is more shapely, opulent, and luminous. A classy scent for a classy woman. The floral scent of Chanel Gabrielle Essence comes from an exotic mixture of four elegant flowers: the exquisite jasmine, bright and youthful ylang-ylang, a burst of fresh and sparkling citrus of the orange, and the soft, highly feminine, and creamy grasse tuberose.



Imagine the vision of an exquisite flower that is intensely feminine, inviting, and sensual, and added to an elegant, stupendously breathtaking base gotten from a mixture of jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and grasse tuberose. The outcome would be extraordinary, romantic, and not-so-little seductive mist. Added to a musk and sandalwood base, you get all the tempting and sensual warmth a woman wants.

This signature scent was created by Olivier Poge and has become a major hit amongst women who now use it as an everyday. Originally, the Chanel Gabrielle a summer scent. However, the woodsy and spicy foundation allows it to be worn in cooler climes for light evenings out for cocktails and business settings.

This is the perfect scent to make a strong, but soft sensual, and even romantic statement where necessary, be it a special or casual occasion.



It’s not often an extension of an already successful line of scents that comes and is still a big hit. However, with the Chanel Coco Noir, Coco gives you a good reason to spend your money on another Coco scent.

The Noir scent was launched in 2012, inspired by the high-end love for everything black and Venice, an inspiration from the dynamic fashion world. This is an affair for the classy, oriental, and extravagant.

The scent comes with an opening of bergamot, the exotic citrus from orange blossom and grapefruit, giving a fresh but unmistakably seductive scent. The rose is very quick to reveal the romance in the scent. This is a scent for the sensual woman, who can also be strong and hard when necessary.

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Chanel launched a new line of perfumes in 2018, the Les Eaux. Exotic cities inspired the three fragrances: Paris-Venise, Paris-Biarritz, Paris-Deauville, while the Paris-Riviera was added in 2019.

The Paris Riviera is inspired by her life’s exciting and joyful time on the Côte d’Azur. The gentle mist perfectly illustrates this, that doesn’t heavy-handed or ill-fitting.

The fresh burst of this scent comes from petitgrain and orange peel flavours. This is what gives the mist its softness. A special kind of neroli is blended with jasmine to add brightness. All of this flows smoothly into the base notes from sandalwood and vanilla-ish benzoin balm.



This is a great pick from the Les Eaux collection in that it captures all the vibrance, brilliance, and burst of excitement you feel in the city itself.

The Chanel Paris Venise is a bit of a detour from the classic signature scent of the Chanel brand. However, it maintains the core values and certain essentials of the brand. This is a different scent with some familiarity.

The tops notes of this scent are gotten from an exquisite mixture of tonka bean, neroli, and vanilla. The mix has an excellent citrus flavour, iris, and violet powder, making it fresh and perfect for the summertime.  

The scent opens the floral, citrus, and ylang-ylang flavours. It then progresses into the lighter, creamier tones. A perfect blend of hard and soft that is certain to turn heads.

14. CHANEL 1932


The Chanel Les Exclusifs features some of the most intense and concentrated scents produced by the fashion brand. An exquisite taste created by the brilliant perfumer Ernest Beaux, the perfume has proven timeless, as the line continued in development under Jacques Polge.

The perfect blend of inviting, enthralling, and enveloping flavour of the heart of white jasmine, pear, and grapefruit, mixed with an earthly, woodsy and soft flavour of iris and vetiver, making it an everyday signature scent.

The Chanel Les Exclusifs is an inspired scent birthed from Gabrielle’s fascination with the stars and the pure brilliance of the most precious stones that she created a bottle of celestial mist. The perfume is made to burst into an everlasting shimmer of diamonds and all things glitter.


When considering the wide range of rich, luxurious, distinct, and brilliant fragrances that the Chanel brand offers, picking a signature scent that works can be a bit of a task. You must pick a scent that matches your class, style, preference, and personality.

One of the first things to understand is that there are different kinds of fragrances available and what it takes to find the best option for you. Parfums are usually the ones with a strong scent. They are highly concentrated, last more on the skin, and are almost always the most expensive.

Eau de parfums are usually with a lighter consistency. They would normally come in spray bottles. They are also heavily concentrated and can stay up to eight hours on the skin.

Eau de toilette tends to be of a much lighter concentration. They are usually lighter and fresher, very appropriate for daily use.

In picking a good fragrance, other things that must be considered includes themes like floral, fresh, woody, or oriental scents.

Once you know what you want to smell like, picking a signature perfume would be easier, and we have selected the best fragrances to help your choice. Happy choosing!

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