50 Angel & Demon Tattoo Design Ideas


50 Angel & Demon Tattoo Design Ideas

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An angel and demon tattoo is one of the best tattoo arts you can have on yourself. After all, other than being great designs alone, these tattoos also include deep meanings behind them. Whether you want realistic art styles or minimalistic designs, angel and demon tattoos work well no matter what style you go for. 

Besides, we all know how wonderful opposite ideals work when depicted in art, and it’s the same for tattoos. And of course, the classic duo of an angel and demon is among these popular forms that are opposite in nature. 

After all, angels symbolize goodness or the light. On the other hand, demons pertain to all things evil and darkness. Pair them together in a tattoo, and you have compelling imagery right before your eyes. This imagery often displays an impactful statement between two clashing sides no matter how this tattoo is drawn. 

Although most angel and demon tattoo illustrations are usually inked at the back, chest, or limbs, there are many other tattoo designs of this art that could go well on any part of your body. Overall, angel and demon tattoos placements are flexible, and it’s really up to your preferences as to where you want this design inked on yourself. 

With so many options to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find the best design that could go well with your story and preferences. Therefore, it’s definitely understandable if you haven’t set your eyes on a particular angel and demon tattoo as of now. 

But don’t worry, because we’re here to help you out. So, if you’re considering having this contrasting duo inked on yourself, here are 50 angel and demon tattoo design ideas you can pick from if you haven’t fully decided on a particular design yet. 

1. Fighting Angel and Demon Tattoo

Let’s start the list with the classic fighting angel and demon tattoo. This classic design is best done with realistic art styles and works well as huge tattoo designs. Fighting angels and demons could also represent your inner battles or your two personalities clashing together. 

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Depending on your story, you can even include subtle details to let others interpret your tattoos. For example, your tattoo art could show signs that the demon is losing to the angel and vice versa. It’s really all up to you and the story you wish to tell. 

2. Angel and Demon Wings Tattoo Designs 

Another classic option among many tattoo enthusiasts is the angel and demon wing tattoo design. After all, this tattoo design works well when inked at a person’s back. Just like the fighting angel and demon tattoo, a combination of an angel and demon wing can also represent a person’s dual personalities. 

Moreover, these tattoo designs also work well on other body parts. For instance, you can have small angel and demon wings tattooed on your wrists, arms, and even your neck. Additionally, you can even separate the wings and put them on either side of your arms or legs. 

3. Half-Angel, Half-Demon Tattoo Designs and Ideas

The half-angel and half-demon tattoo is another beautiful angel and demon tattoo choice. After all, it’s a tattoo that effortlessly portrays a person’s evil and good side. However, the meaning of this tattoo can still heavily depend on the owner’s interpretation. 

Besides, another meaning could also pertain to one’s struggles within. To further elaborate, this tattoo could symbolize a person who has felt drawn to both good and evil due to their several experiences related to their mental health and such. In addition, this half-angel and half-demon tattoo could also represent a person’s yin and yang, but in an angel and demon form. 

4. Angel and Demon Tattoo Sleeves 

Next in our list of angel and demon tattoo design ideas are angel and demon tattoo sleeves. They’re another classic choice and look fantastic in traditional tattoo art styles. Besides, traditional tattoos are well-known for their black color schemes. Combine it with a realistic art style, and it will significantly emphasize all the details in an angel and demon tattoo sleeve. 

Whether you want your entire limbs or just have a small portion of them covered, angel and demon tattoo sleeves are often bold in design and use strong lines. Therefore, they are ideal for those who want to go for an intimidating tattoo look. 

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5. Angel and Demon Chest Tattoo

The chest is another excellent body part where you can place your angel and demon chest tattoo. Whether you want a full-blown angel and demon tattoo illustration or just a small portion inked on yourself, the chest is a perfect canvas for many realistic tattoos just like this design. 

Furthermore, tattoos placed on the chest could also signify a deeper meaning. After all, this area is where the heart is located. So, tattoos inked on this area could pertain to events or parts of yourself that you hold close to your heart. Therefore, an angel and demon chest tattoo could also mean that you cherish all your good and bad parts. 

6. Angel and Demon Back Tattoo

Like the chest, the back is another great area where you can have huge tattoo illustrations inked on yourself. Furthermore, this is also a popular body placement choice for large angel and demon wing tattoos. Besides, open angel and demon wings tattoo art looks neat at the back of the body. 

Once again, traditional art styles would also go well for large angel and demon back tattoos. The same thing goes for large angel and demon wings at the back as well and will look as if they will spread out of your skin at any point. 

7. Angel and Demon Ear Tattoos 

If you want to go for a unique angel and demon tattoo placement, you should highly consider getting yourself an angel and demon ear tattoo. Popular designs of tattoos in this body part include illustrations of an angel and devil looking like they’re whispering to us. Again, this depicts how humans have both good and evil among them. 

Most of the time, angel and demon ear tattoos are small in size. But if you’re daring enough, you can have large angel and demon ear tattoos that start at the back of your ears and ends somewhere on your neck. 

8. Angel and Demon Neck Tattoos

Let’s now move on to our next recommended angel and demon tattoo idea. The neck is another ideal place to place your angel and demon neck tattoos. More importantly, the neck is a great spot if you don’t want a big tattoo but want to put one in an easily visible area. 

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Great angel and demon neck tattoo choices include demon and angel wings as well. To your liking, you can even add a full illustration on your neck. After all, it all boils down to your preferences. 

9. Kissing Angel and Demon Tattoos

Here’s another angel and demon tattoo you may want to consider: a kissing angel and demon tattoo. Besides, there’s nothing else that screams poetic than two opposite creatures found in an embrace as they kiss.

A kissing angel and demon tattoo could mean many things depending on its owner. They also work great in traditional art styles, modern looks, or even with simple line art. 

10. Simple Angel and Demon Tattoos

Now, if you’re not into visible, realistic tattoos at all but still want an angel and demon tattoo, you can go for simple styles of this particular design instead. Besides, even with the most straightforward techniques, you can still quickly tell that these tattoos symbolize an angel and a demon. 

Therefore, if minimalism and small tattoos are your things, these simplistic angel and demon tattoos are made just for you. Furthermore, these tattoos work well on your wrists, arms, and even on your shoulders. Overall, they’re not too overwhelming compared to other tattoo styles but can still depict a deep meaning and provide fantastic aesthetics. 

Wrapping Up

This marks the end of our ten angel and demon tattoo ideas. Angel and demon tattoos portray rich meanings and imagery, which is why it’s no surprise they’re a tattoo staple among both women and men. Besides, no matter what design, tattoo placement, and style you go for, an angel and demon tattoo design is a great tattoo choice. 

Once again, there are so many tattoo placements and designs that you can choose from. And these are just some of the angel and demon tattoo designs you can take inspiration from if you’re considering getting yourself this specific tattoo design. 

More importantly, it would be best to get yourself a skilled tattoo artist who can execute the job well for you. Whether it’s an existing design or a budding idea on your mind, a professional tattoo artist will ensure that you get your desired results, especially for something that will permanently stay on your skin.

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